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If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your business then this article might be helpful for you.

Before Diving in to the article let discuss some important things :

There are so many beginners and marketers who want to start their business online. But the main problem arises is budget and they are not capable of investing that much amount in the tools.

A you know tools are basic needs for any business to boost their productivity.

You need best sales funnels builder, funnels automation, webinar, best email marketing software etc. If you take this all tools from different services then at last total it will cost you around more than $500.

Why GetResponse Pricing is budget friendly are as follow : [ Comparison with other tools to show you power of one tool solution ]

Sales Funnels and automation-> If you go for best sales funnels system click funnels is the number 1 choice of every marketer. But if you see pricing starts from $99/month. Which is very expensive for beginners.

Page Builders -> There are so many best page builders available in the market and their pricing is also much higher. Average good page builder costs you more then $50/Month including all the features.

Webinar -> If you go separately for webinar then zoom call is the better option for best zoom webinar tool. But the important part is it allow rooms and participant as per your pay basis.

Zoom is considered one of the best online video calling software in terms of meeting. It gives you 40min free meeting. The average cost you $150.

Email Marketing Software -> Most of the marketer prefer to use ActiveCampaign for their marketing service. But if you compare GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign then you will get the difference.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software Pricing

GetResponse Email Marketing Software Pricing

There is a Huge difference between Gresponse and ActiveCampaign. As you can see in the above pic.

Lets Calculate the amount if you opt for all this services individually and how much you have to pay for monthly :

Sales Funnels and automation -> $99/month ( Basic plan of click funnels )

Page Builders -> $50/month

Webinar -> $150/Year

Email Marketing Service -> $30/month ( For 1000 sub from ActiveCampaign )


You will end up paying $329 Every month for all the individual services. Which is big amount for any marketer at the begging stage to afford this.

But wait!! What if I tell you, This all the features you will get in just $50/ month??? Shocked right?

GetResponse Pricing and its all in feature provides best services all over the globe. Which helped every marketer to scale their business from lower level to top level.

Not believing me right??? Check the testimonial of one of the greatest marketer in the world neil patel :

Neil Patel

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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a complete online marketing solution. It provides you services like

  • Designing landing pages and sales funnels.
  • Setting up sales automation service
  • Creating a mailing list which captures data.
  • Send Emails to the subscribers on your mail list.
  • Automate your mails via autoresponders.
  • View and analyze the statistics related to email campaign – open rate, click through, forwards etc

In recent years however, Getresponse has shifted its significance considerably: the product now aims be more of an ‘all-in-one solution’ e-commerce platform and marketing solution rather than just an best email marketing tool.

GetResponse has been in a business since 1998 with over 3 lakhs individual using their platforms for email campaign.

GetResponse is not big as mailchimp but it has provided large enough value and established confidently in the market.

GetResponse Pricing

There are four sections of Getresponse plans:

  • Basic – Starting at $15 for 1000 subscribers and you can send unlimited number of emails.
  • Plus – It is the most popular plan and for $49 for 1000 subscribers ( Including all the basic plans and it additionally provides features like Automation builder, webinars, contact scoring and tagging , work together, webinar funnels.
  • Professional — starting at $99 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers. In professional it provides unlimited automation builder, paid webinars, webinars ( max 300 attendees ) , unlimited sales funnels, unlimited webinars funnels, work together Upto 5 users , on-demanded webinars as well.
  • Max — You have to give a quote and negotiate for bigger plans and in this they provides more features like transactional emails, dedicated support, dedicated IP address, Deliverability, webinars upto 500 attendees, email campaign consulting.

There are significant discounts available if you pay in advance for 12 or 24 months of service (18% and 30% respectively).

In addition to paid plans, a 30-day free trial is also available, which you can access via this link.

Key differences between plans :

Getresponse plans almost all the email marketing basics needed – Core features inlcude:

  • It has the ability to grow your list
  • Endless selection of themes to use for your newsletter.
  • Autoresponder feature
  • Endless Responsive designs
  • A/b split Testing
  • Drag and Drop Landing Pages
  • In-depth analytics and reporting
  • RSS Blog feature to email functionality
  • Exhaustive Segmentation options.
  • Social sharing tools ( Getresponse tools )

There are a number of differences between the ‘Basic’, ‘Plus’ and ‘Professional’ plans, but for me, the keys are below:

  • Automation Builder – Possibly the standout feature of Getresponse, the Automation Builder (allowing you to create complex auto-response sequences based on user behavior) is available on the ‘Plus’ plan or higher (you can create 5 automations on the plan plus; or an unlimited number on the other plans).
  • Conversion Funnels – You get unlimited access to build automated funnels and define your value ladder.
  • Webinars: This functionality is not available at all in the ‘Basic’ plan and the number of attendees to the webinar is limited for the ‘Plus’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans to 100, 300 and 500 respectively.
  • Team management: you can only have one user account in the “Basic” plan; instead, you get 3 on “Plus”, 5 on “Professional” and 10 on “Enterprise.”
  • Ecommerce: The Abandoned Order Retrieval feature is only available on the “Plus” plan or higher.

Lets compare GetResponse pricing compare to its competitor

As long as you’re happy to use one of the entry-level basic plans, Getresponse pay-per-month plans are generally cheaper than those provided by many of your key competitors, especially if you have a reasonably large number of addresses from email in your database.

GetResponse Pricing is fairly competitive – You can own a database upto 10k email addresses for $15/month, compare to $29 per on aweber and campaign monitor. The pricing for mailchimp is broad high but you ont get as many features for this.

This works out better :

  • $4 per month cheaper than Aweber
  • $24 per month cheaper than Campaign Monitor
  • $34 per month cheaper than Mailchimp (Standard Plan)

Some other things to be aware of on the competitor pricing front:

  • Some competitors provide, notably Mailchimp and Aweber, offer free accounts for users with a small number of sign-ups (but these don’t offer the full range of features that you get on a paid plan).
  • Some solutions (Mailchimp again is a great example) charge you to host subscribed and unsubscribed contacts, which can turn into a significant hidden cost. Getresponse only charges you for your active subscribers.
  • If you’re willing to prepay for 1 or 2 years, you can take advantage of substantial discounts with Getresponse that other competitors don’t offer yet.

So the bottom line is that Getresponse compares well to the competition in the pricing department.

But wait!!! What about the features????

Key Getresponse features

By comparing all the email marketing tools out there in the market, GetResponse provides good set of features even in its basic plan.

Not only does Getresponse provide all the key things you would expect from an email marketing platform – list hosting, templates, autoresponders, analytics, etc., but as mentioned above, it has recently been expanding its feature set to the point where it has been transformed into an all-in-one e-commerce and marketing solution

The main question one company is providing so many features so it is maintaining its effectiveness on every feature or not?

Lets drill down in its key feature to find out


Autoresponders are he news letters that is sent to your subscribers at the regular interval time

Getresponse’s autoresponder feature is a key selling point – the product provides some of the most comprehensive autoresponder features available.

You can send time-based or action-based messages; Time-based options include cycles like the example above, and action-based messages can be triggered by actions or user input, for example:

  • opens
  • clicks
  • subscriptions to particular lists
  • changes in contact preferences
  • completed transactions / goals
  • change in user data

Marketing automation tools

In addition to the basic “Drip Campaign” style autoresponders mentioned above, Getresponse provides a more sophisticated option for automatically sequencing emails. This is called “Marketing Automation” and is available on the “Plus” or higher plans.

This feature allows you to create automation workflows using a drag and drop builders. Basically you create a flow chart in which you give instruction to getresponse what to when a users click, opens a particular link etc.

From this you can customize your customer journey and create a endless opportunity for you:)

For a quick overview you can have a look of Getresponse marketing automation funnels.

Getresponse email templates

To make things faster, explore our library of high‑quality, professionally‑designed email templates.

  • Browse templates by campaign goal – welcome, educate, promote, sell, and more
  • Build custom templates with your own content and branding

GetResponse Analytics

Getresponse provide indepth anayltics of your data for precise email marketing. You can improve your campaign when you have right contact behvaiour metrics.

Benefits :

  • Your campaign data is secure
  • Better understanding of your subscribers
  • Make data driven business decision
  • You can examine all of your growth

Split Testing

Split testing involves sending variants of your Newsletter to some of the people on your subscriber list, monitoring the performance of each, and sending the “best” version to the rest of your list.

Traditionally, Getresponse functionality in this area has been much better than that provided by various competitors, because it allows you to split the test up to five different messages from each other (using subject header, field, content, and delivery time as variables). Your key competitors usually allow you to work with 2 or 3 variants.

Landing Page Creator

In GetResponse you can create stunning pages in just few clicks

If you dont know web design also you can build your attractive landing page which convert your traffic into quality leads to bring more business

GetResponse Landing Page benefits –

  • Grow your contact list
  • showoff your products and sell them
  • promote your webinars

You can even keep your facebook pixel in your landing page to track the visitors and by this you can retarget them later.


You can connect your users through getresponse webinar anywhere in the world anytime.

Getresponse webinars are designed in such a way that it increase conversions and engagements.

Easy to setup and No installation is required!!

The price is also very competitive compared to established webinar solutions. For example, one of the leading webinar services, Gotowebinar, charges $ 59 per month to host webinars with up to 100 participants. In fact, you can do the same, and much more, with Getresponse for $ 49 per month.

Regarding attendee limits, the Getresponse ‘Plus’ plan allows you to host a webinar with up to 100 participants; the limit of the ‘Professional’ plan is 300; and the “Enterprise” plan limit is 500.

You can also purchase the webinar functionality as an add-on to the “Basic” plan: $ 40 per month buys you a limit of 100 attendees, $ 99 per month buys you a limit of 500 attendees.

To be honest, because I found some aspects of the Getresponse interface a bit clunky in the past (especially landing pages), I wasn’t expecting as much from the webinar feature.

But I was pleasantly surprised: both the interface and the functionality of the webinars are really excellent, and they are on par with any dedicated platform that you have used in the past for online meetings or webinars.

Despite these limits, webinar functionality is a very useful feature to have in your e-marketing arsenal and its inclusion as a feature gives Getresponse a very significant advantage over its key competitors. The fact that your email list is fully integrated with your webinar streaming tool should not be ignored, and the quality of this feature is very high.

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GetResponse Conversions Funnels

Another great feature that Getresponse has is “funnels”, and this represents a huge change for the product.

This is because, to some extent, it turns Getresponse from an email marketing platform into something that you can use to run an entire e-commerce business.

The idea behind this function is that you can do the following things without having to leave the Getresponse interface:

  • Create a product catalog
  • Create and run Facebook ad campaigns
  • Create landing pages
  • Add subscribers to an autoresponder cycle
  • Direct users to sales pages (also created in Getresponse)
  • Accept payment for the products
  • Send abandoned cart emails if necessary

In other words, and as the name of the function suggests, Getresponse aims to provide you with an easy means of creating sales funnels without the need for any other application. A wide range of templates is provided to help you with this.

You can access this feature on all plans, but you should note that the version available on the ‘Basic’ plan only allows you to create a funnel and does not allow you to make use of the abandoned cart recovery feature (which automatically sends emails to people who added an item to their cart only to not complete their purchase).

If you want, you can involve third-party platforms with this feature – Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Etsy can all be integrated.

As it stands, this feature is probably best suited for “individual entrepreneurs” or small businesses who want an all-in-one option to build all the assets they need to build a sales funnel, right down to converting subscribers into customers.

However, merchants with large product catalogs and extensive eCommerce requirements will probably be better off using a dedicated eCommerce platform like Bigcommerce or Shopify for the actual selling part of the mix.

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GetResponse Apps and integrations

If you want to integrate Getresponse with another platform or tool, there are about 140 integrations to help you do so.

You can use them to connect Getresponse to popular eCommerce solutions and content management systems, including Shopify and WordPress, as well as some CRM systems, such as Capsule and Highrise.

There are also quite a few useful Google integrations, which allow you to import a contact list from Gmail; add Google Analytics tags to an email campaign, and link your landing pages to Google Ads in a way that helps you better measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

Many of these integrations are “official” Getresponse integrations that work out of the box, but you should be aware that many involve using a third-party tool like Zapier for connection. (This can bring additional costs).

The other way you can integrate Getresponse with another system, assuming you have the development skills, is by using its API (Application Programming Interface). This allows you to send and receive data to and from Getresponse in a way that suits your application.

Data management and deliverability

There are two ways to add subscribers to a mailing list: You can use a “single sign up” or “double sign up” process.

If you use a single sign-up process, the person who signs up is added to your mailing list the moment they hit the Submit button on their sign-up form.

With a double sign-up process, the person who signs up for your list is sent an email containing a confirmation link that they must click before signing up.

The main benefit of a single subscription process is that it makes it easy for users to subscribe to your mailing list; It also generally increases the conversion rate, and thus the number of subscribers on your list.

A double sign-up process is better for verifying that the people who subscribe to your list are using real email addresses and leads to cleaner data and more accurate statistics.

Now the good news here is that Getresponse allows you to make use of any of the opt-in approaches; this is not the case with all competitive products. So a thumbs up to Getresponse for being flexible on this.

What’s the best value Getresponse plan?

As we discussed in this guided article “Plus plan” is pro and best.

This is because it unlocks most of Getresponse’s feature set while still being competitively priced.

Two key important features included in this plus plan are automation creation and webinars, make the upgrade from “Basic” worthwhile.

You can read more about this plan – Click Here

Data capture and forms

There are two ways of using a form in getresponse.

You can either add a HTML form that is styled by your own or you can design it from getresponse.

You can also add the form to your site using snippet of a javascript code to display your form, This forms can be present in different formats like inline, pop-ups or slide ups.

You can use both html and javascript format to collect data into standard getresponse fields. You can able to create both the versions desktop and mobile.When styling them you can enable a spam blocking CAPTCHE feature which helps prevent fake signups.

Customer support

Getresponse customer support is 5 star rated and company offered phone support alongside live chat support , email support and various online tutorials/ resources.

In terms of the quality of Getresponse customer support, The experience I have had of the live chat has been really good, and I haven’t had to wait very long at all to chat with an agent.

Overall I am happy with the getresponse support team!!

How good is the getresponse free trail?

Like many others competitor you can try getresponse free trail before using it. It will be really helpful for you to understand all features and benefits of it. Getresponse provides all the features and upto 1000 subscribers email list.

You can also host upto 10 people in the trail webinar offer!!

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GetResponse Review :

If I personally say GetResponse is the best email marketing software with all in one solution.

Everyone have different choice and priority but If you want to get succeed then Getresponse is the best tool in the market.

I have been impressed by the getresponse functionality and features thorughout this years. If you want give a try once!!

GetResponse Biggest Alternative :

Getresponse biggest alternative is aweber and activecampaign.

Both are the best tools but Getresponse is one step ahead because of its customer support and features plans.

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GetResponse – Click Here to start 30 Days Free Trial!!


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