The Real Secret To Affiliate Marketing How to become super Affiliate in 2020

Sorting through the chaos of misinformation around affiliate marketing can not only completely exhaust a newbie in this industry, it can also send them down a very complicated road that only ends in failure and frustration.

What I am going to share with you today is going to prove to be a total game changer for you. Because by the end of this article, I have one simple goal for you: give you the secret to generating countless leads for your affiliate business, at a conversion rate that others will drool over.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, make sure you read THIS article first…

But if you are aware of the mechanics of affiliate marketing, you know that your core function is to generate leads. When you truly distill it all down, that is the job. Get people on a list, and market to that list.

Now if you are a pro, you know there is more involved if you want to maximize your return on ad spend and boost life-time value (LTV) of each lead. Because let’s face it, if you are not earning more than you are spending…you don’t have a business. You have a money pit.

Generating leads is pretty straight forward, right? Find a problem that causes pain in people, provide a solution for said problem. Simple enough, right?

But have you ever seen an advertisement that felt completely out of place? Or have you ever clicked on a link that said it was for one thing, and when you the page loaded, it was completely different?

This used to happen all of the time in the early 2000s, and the phrase, “clickbait” was coined. We have all seen these articles, or ads out there. You are promised one thing, then you are delivered something else all together. See below for a few examples:

This is the ad that engages the visitor. You are thinking that you are about to see some amazing luxury cars. So you click it!


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