Get Response The Best Autoresponder of All Times

Overall: Get Response compliance department treated us with an inexcusable heaviness: We’d been using GR for years. Things went well. It was time to build a new segment. The new emails bumped us to the next $$$ level. So, we used ‘pay up front discount’ (BIG mistake). We emailed the new list. Got some negative tics, due to some less than perfect hygiene on our part. Enter the disciplinarians:. Get Response compliance offered 1 option: Kill the VAST majority of your emails. Then you can play again. We’d just paid them $X,000’s for an upgrade, & they hits us with the 500 pound hammer. Imagine a Dr. visit: Dr. finds a questionable spot on a big toe. Dr. offers one option: “Amputate BOTH legs now.” We asked for grace. GR Compliance response: It’s the 500 pound hammer or you’re off line. Only one list triggered this review. We said: “Remove just the 1 list with issues.” They would have none of it. GR would not be satisfied until they punished us irreparably. X,XXX of emails of individuals who are our friends and business contacts – all gone. (See above note where GR prevented us from exporting OUR emails which WE had put into GR) Then GR locked out the potential for adding emails back – including the hundreds of perfectly good, very solid, very clean emails we’d added, 1 by 1 – & had not yet even had the opportunity to email yet!! All the work we’d been doing to add and clean up our lists… GONE. Leader to leader: DO NOT do Get Response. Please heed our horror story.

Pros: Did seem to deliver. Gave decent tools for building newsletters. Liked several of their features. Landing pages feature is good.

Cons: There’s no easy way to add one email to several categories at once. Example: You have one a customer email. You want to place that email in three segmented lists (which happens quite often). Unfortunately, you have to enter that same individual email THREE times. It felt to me that Get Response was stacking the deck in their favor with this non-functionality. You have to put in more emails, you owe them more money. It’s possible that this was not strictly the case, (I never got out the calculator for this). From my experience, they could have made this option MUCH more user friendly. WHEN (not if) they place you, the paying customer, into a disciplinary review, they WILL lock your ability to export. You can follow the “it’s easy to export” guides all you want to… you’re not going to let you get YOUR contacts out of their system. (my experience) Get Response apparently believes that all those emails you’ve put into their system… those are not YOUR contacts…. you won’t get them out if they have reason to discipline you… which they will. They talk nice and have cheery messages. But import something they don’t like, they will, (with a smile), treat you as a paying customer like a redheaded stepchild. Is that the way you want to be treated? You might think that you’re a good rule-follower and don’t do things wrong… we paid them and used them for years. Then, one day they became punitive. It happened immediately after we paid them.

Alternatives Considered: Constant Contact

Reasons for Choosing GetResponse: A friend of ours used it and suggested it. This friend knew the platform, so we went with that.

Switched From: Mailchimp

Reasons for Switching to GetResponse: Felt like we’d have better receptivity with GR as opposed to MailChimp.


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