Get Response The Best Autoresponder of All Times

Deliver relevant emails and experiences – automatically

Visualize your desired customer journey and bring it to life with marketing automation that grows with your needs.


Easy setup – lasting results

  • Save time and resources

    Use pre-built automation workflows for your specific goal or build your own with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

  • Capture and convert new leads

    Use marketing automation tools to react to the actions your contacts take automatically. Apply tags and scores for precise segmentation.

  • Sell more
    with less effort

    Reach cart abandoners, website visitors, and customers every time they buy something from you – set it, and forget it.

  • Win your customers’ hearts

    Add a personal touch to every message and create paths designed for the specific needs of your customers.

GetResponse: Amazing Email Marketing Automation

GetResponse has an exceptionally natural and propelled email editorial manager with great formats to make our messages. For the most part, we use it to make special messages. You can likewise deal with your contact records and conceivable clients. We’ve seen quantifiable increments in our site traffic, commitment, and abbreviated deals cycles.

Philip Hudson, 5-star G2 Review

Set the rules and visualize your automated customer journey

GetResponse Marketing Automation searches your email list for contacts that meet one of the dozens of conditions you can specify, then takes desired actions. You can communicate with your audience with even greater precision through filters.

  • Conditions

    Create automation events based on user behavior

    • Clicked
    • Cart abandoned
    • Subscribes
  • Actions

    Take actions based on selected conditions

    • Send email
    • Score
    • Tag
  • Filters

    Apply filters and add precise targeting to your actions

    • Amount
    • Range
    • Dynamic segment

Reach the right people
precisely when they want to be reached

With built-in email marketing automation and advanced segmentation features, you can build personal and lasting connections with your customers.

Track and rate customer actions

With lead scoring you can build individual contact profiles based on behavior.

Assign points to each action, or deduct for inaction, and use these insights to build personalized automation workflows. Then estimate your contacts’ engagement and value automatically.

Highly engaged customers

Simplified our automations

The drag and drop interface made creating rather complex automation trees very easy. It allows us to really measure an interest before kicking our campaign over to our audience. We’ve seen measurable increases in our site traffic, engagement, and shortened sales cycles.

Felipe Godoy, 5-star G2 Review

Automate your sales and marketing
with powerful ecommerce tools

Put our advanced ecommerce tools to work and squeeze the most out of your inbound traffic. Use our API, native ecommerce integrations, or our JavaScript code on your site and get tracking.

Turn your website traffic into sales

Visited URL

Understand your contacts’ interests based on the pages they visit and create targeted email marketing automation campaigns.


Learn your customers’ buying habits and nurture your relationship with emails designed for their needs. Track key page visits and make informed decisions supported by rich data.

Track and rate customer actions

With website visitor tracking in place, engage with those who haven’t finished their online purchases in your store.

Run a sequence of abandoned cart emails through your marketing automation workflow to follow up with abandoners immediately.

Cart abandoned

Take the guesswork out of marketing automation with workflow templates built for you

Use prebuilt, powerful automation templates to welcome, win back, retarget, and engage your customers. Tech-tested, marketing-approved, and loved by thousands of customers.

Close more sales

Sell more products, more often, with less hassle. Use automated email sequences to get people coming back to your store for more.

First 20 clickers of:
“30% off promo” link

Foster engagement

Want to keep your audience hooked? Launch an online course or host a webinar and nurture your leads. One email at a time.

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Marketing automation explained

What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is a technology that helps you automate various marketing and communication activities. For example, you can automatically welcome and nurture your prospects with personalized emails or segment your contacts based on their activity on your emails and landing pages. GetResponse Marketing Automation features a suite of powerful conditions, filters, and actions. You combine them to create workflows that reflect a subscriber’s journey or experience. When building a workflow, you can use one of our predesigned templates or build a workflow from scratch.What is website visitor tracking? Website visitor tracking lets you take steps once someone visits a page of your choice. All you need to do is enter a URL that we need to track. For example, if someone on your email list visits a particular product page, you can trigger an email that tells them more about that product. With this data, you can learn your visitors’ habits, interests, and preferences. Use it to deliver content and offers tailored to your audience’s needs.What are abandoned cart emails? Abandoned cart emails are simply follow-up messages to customers who placed something in their online shopping cart but left your website without placing an order. You can create a workflow to automatically send emails that display the contents of their online shopping cart. It helps to reduce the number of incomplete orders and increase your sales.What are automation templates? Automation templates are ready-made workflows that help you get started with a particular marketing automation goal or strategy. You only need to customize them with your own messages, lists, links to track, etc. Plus, they can serve as an inspiration for your automation strategy and subscriber journeys, especially if you’re just getting started with marketing automation.

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