5 Terrific Free Traffic Sources in Just 60 Minutes A DayThe best Traffic Sources and Tools for Affiliate Marketing 2020

5 Terrific Free Traffic Sources in Just 60 Minutes A Day – Guaranteed! Plus a Bonus Resource! 

When we first started out, we struggled to generate any kind of traffic save from the people we knew. We wondered whether there are any Free Traffic Sources and how/where do we find them? We soon learnt there is NO shortage of traffic, there was simply a shortage in creativity to attract it to our online assets! 

So let us ask you a question…

Are you struggling with Traffic and Lead Generation? Then you are in for a treat as we got you covered with these Free Traffic Sources on the inter-web. 

As you know, the lifeblood of any business online or offline is traffic, footprints, sales! And for any business to succeed some sort of momentum has to be created and kept going to create those sales! The question then stays; how to get traffic to come to you as opposed to you chasing them! 

We decide to focus on the free. To Hit the ground Flying literally without paying a penny. This of course means finding some free traffic sources and of course getting it to your offers, which if targeted should equate to more sales.

We know that most of our loyal readers are interested in traffic generation sources. And that’s no surprise, knowing that it’s a game of numbers i.e. the more targeted traffic = money!

We believe that the well-known organic sources like SEO, video marketing, article marketing, have been covered before, So we’ve decided to take a fresh look at 5 completely different (untapped) types of traffic sources that are working very well for the discerning entrepreneurs.

So, if you are ready, let’s get into it:







Okay back to traffic getting and lead generation: 


5 Free Traffic sources You May not know About Below:



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1. e-Book traffic
If you are an avid blogger, a HBO or Affiliate, then why not consider writing a short e-book on whats working for you! You could give it away absolutely free as a lead magnet, which is as good a reason as any!

We have written an e-book and you guessed right, we gave it away free over ON OUR Home Page, so Grab Your Free copy and make sure to confirm via your email to get it! That has attracted a cool 385 leads!

The moral of this is, there are plenty of free and paid e-book sharing websites where you can upload your own eBooks, and of course get a shed-load of free traffic to Your Website, offers or links! Below we list some of them, in no particular order:

ebookjunkie.com (Free ebooks category)
ebookmall.com (Free ebooks category)
Amazon.com (Kindle version)


2. Document sharing sites
Okay we’ll let you in on another off the beaten track different traffic source…! You already know, that you can share .doc or .pdf files with your link inside the document on your website?

But did you know that document sharing sites gets a decent amount of traffic and can bring you a good flow of visitors to your site/blog in a short period of time? And of course you could share your “Free e-book” there as well. Here are our top 10 document sharing sites:

1. slideshare.net

2. Issuu.com
3. slidesix.com
4. scribd.com
5. powershow.com
6. docshare.com
7. wepapers.com
8. myplick.com
9. crocodoc.com
10. docstoc.com

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3. Image/photo sharing traffic.
Let’s talk about Photos, if you own a camera or a phone with a camera, you probably have taken a great photo or 100 with that gadget. But now you’re wondering what you’re going to do with the image/s and what have they got to do with free traffic, right?

You could even be thinking how does an image sharing site become a free traffic source for your business?

We say check this post out and you will not only get a complete list of photo/image sharing sites, it will begin to dawn on you how these sites are visited by millions of people. If your image has the right message and stands out, you will get lots of free traffic to your website! On sites like instagram and flickr.com, you can share your images (in any niche) and include a link back to your own site/blog or Facebook profile/fan-page…So now you get what we are getting across.

Make every photo count!

But guess what works a treat, when your posts have an image with text overlay of your URL! Now that can be extremely powerful, imagine if your image goes viral. People use memes… right! So if you want to use this method, definitely go for it, and don’t forget to make sure you repeat and rinse your results and of course Teach your team to do the same. Their success is Your success!

Talking about Image sharing, Are you leveraging Pinterest Traffic to your bank balance advantage? If you aren’t then I absolutely recommend you Grab this Free Resource Below Now! and to our next source…


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4 Massive Free Traffic from Pinterest

This is Our Favorite! For the simple reason that its a visual social search engine and Of course absolutely Free to join You can enjoy full unbridled access to all resources on this source of free traffic, and get your website ranking higher and faster on other traditional search engines! 

In order to maximize Pinterest you could do the following:

  • Optimize your profile and Show a professional front.
  • Check out other business owners, how are they using it?
  • Make sure to add keyword Rich descriptions to your pin boards and images. 
  • Commit to manually pinning at least 10 pins a day and you can also automate via Tailwind although that is not necessary.
  • Do the above and what we share in the Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap and the Art of Pinterest Profits and get a huge amount of free traffic, fast.



The Cherry on this cake and why its our favorite is, You get To track your actions and This Massive traffic is FREE!  It is also fun, because whatever the heck you want including your products, training, decor, fashion etc. you will find on Pinterest! Its a community of over 200 million monthly users, majority of whom are looking for your product, service or platform today or tomorrow. 

A community that is committed to looking at your adverts text, banner or image. Thus a guarantee that your advert will be viewed by lots of people, potential leads and sales. If it is professionally presented, you are guaranteed free traffic, optins, there after its down to your Follow up to get that sale.


Did you know that Yahoo answers is the biggest Q and A site #trafficsources #leadgenerationClick To Tweet

5. Free Traffic from Yahoo answers and CPA email submits
Did you know that Yahoo answers is the biggest “Question and Answer” site out there, and that thousands of people visit Yahoo Answers every day, making it a powerful tool anyone can use to get free traffic & make money?

Well neither did we until we stumbled on an article while searching for free traffic sources online a while back! Note that this method was amazing a few years ago until Yahoo got a bit strict. So today if used wrongly – yahoo will ban your account super-fast.

Done with finesse in a gentle way – you can generate a huge amount of targeted traffic to your offers esp CPA. Learn more details on how this was done in this article, which we frankly stumbled upon and started using the process, and we can tell you it works. Pauli and I are not ones to splash our earnings screen shots etc. it’s just not our style. So take it from us that this works! And to get you started with Yahoo Answers as a free website traffic source, Dive in below:

Get a free yahoo answers account
If you don’t already have an account, get a free Yahoo answers account.

Find questions related to the offer
Use yahoo answers custom search feature and find questions related to your niche and the offer you are promoting. You want to customize your search so the results will include only open questions. Obviously because a resolved question will not do you any good.

Answer questions
Answer questions related to your niche and of course your offer, and avoid over promoting. Like in any forum marketing, it’s always best to be really helpful, be genuine in answering and helping others, not just post links to your offers. When linking to your offer CPA or otherwise, use only the resource box to link. To avoid looking spammy, don’t include links in the body of your answer.

Rinse and repeat
And by all means repeat the process over and over again, can try different niches and different CPA offers to promote. Master this process my friend & you can really make good money. It takes a little time and work, but everything worthwhile does take time & effort; and for the best bit. It won’t cost you a penny and you will see results Guaranteed!


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Bonus Resource for the Serious Marketer: Generate Free Traffic with My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

While this is Not Free its got a 10 Days $10 trial and 100% iron clad money back no questions asked guarantee. This resource is a primarily untapped traffic generating resource for internet marketers and Home based business owners!

This is Where Industry Leaders are created, Most Pros and We too Learned Attraction Marketing, List Building, Lead Generation & so much more. It is an internet marketer and blogger Must Have Resource. Start a 10-Day Test Drive Here

MLSP is the world’s solution to Internet Marketing and Home Business Success since 2008: weekly lead-generation training, customizable website funnels that brand you, powerful affiliate products that pay 100%, and everything You Need to market your business like the pros all under one roof. This is where you go to not only Learn your Ongoing Masters Degree in Online Marketing, but also Earn while you do it! 

That’s it my friend…..

We’re  sure you are ready to drop a comment below & Let us know your thoughts, share with us your FREE Traffic sources, or share some love below. And by all means do pay it forward and share if you got value. Don’t forget to join our tribe of over 1k subscribers, so you never miss awesome business building tips and hacks!

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