Active Campaign Top Email Marketing and Autoresponder

Reach & Engage

Use precise targeting to find the right prospects and grow your audience. Capture their attention with messages that match who they are.

Nurture & Educate

Grow your relationship with your audience by providing tailored guidance. Help them learn what’s available to address their needs.

Convert & Close

As their confidence in you grows, provide individual audience members with well-timed calls to action to take the next step with you.

Support & Grow

Delight each customer by knowing what they want, when they want it. Make them so happy that they buy more and tell others why they did.

One-on-one training, free migration, and a helping hand whenever you need it

ActiveCampaign’s Customer Success Commitment is a set of promises from us to you. Across value, service, and trust, these 14 promises (unique in the industry) guarantee that you’ll always be able to get what you need, when you need it. You won’t find an offer like this anywhere else.

  • Value

    • Easy subscription management
    • 2-year price lock
    • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Service

    • Free implementation & migration
    • Free online training & support
    • Community access
    • Accessible in-person training
    • Value-added templates & guides
    • Pre-built automation recipes
    • Certified ecosystem of consultants
  • Trust

    • Quality compliance standards
    • Uptime is high priority
    • You own your data
    • Expert deliverability
Personalized Email Marketing

Send exactly what your contacts want

Beautiful email marketing is only the beginning. Send newsletters and messages targeted to each contact’s interests. Make every campaign you send feel personal.

Popular Features

Be personal


Automation gives you back your time

Make it easy to run your marketing. Set up a welcome series with email automation, segment your contacts, or use simple workflows to automate the marketing no one has time for.

Popular Features

Get back time


Sales automation helps you sell more

A CRM with email and sales automation keeps all your customer data organized in one platform. Manage your pipelines, update deals, and always follow up at the perfect moment.

Popular Features
  • CRM
  • Lead Scoring
  • Win Probability
  • Automation

Sell more


Message your customers when it matters most

Make meaningful connections with your customers. Answer questions, recommend products, offer sales, or ask for feedback at the exact moment they’re most engaged.

Popular Features
  • Site Messaging
  • Engagement Tracking
  • SMS
  • Segmentation

Make connections

It doesn’t stop at email marketing…

We’re constantly refining our product. Adding new features. Working to help your business grow.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Find out what’s working and what’s not. Dig into your data to find opportunities to grow.

    Check results

  • Integrated Forms

    Create custom forms to collect emails, get more customers, and start your automations.

    Make forms

  • Site Tracking

    See what people do on your website. Use that info to turn them into customers.

    Track behavior

  • Training and Support

    Get fast, 1-on-1 support and training. Access our library of tutorial videos and help guides.

    Get support

  • Migration Services

    We’ll help you move everything from your current software for free. Yup, free.

    Migrate free

  • Gmail Extension

    Work out of your Gmail account and manage your contacts from anywhere online.

    Use Gmail

  • Email Segmentation

    Group your contacts by location, age, and almost any behavior with advanced segmentation tools.

    Target contacts

  • Automation Goals

    Measure your marketing by creating customizable, automated goals.

    Measure marketing

  • iOS CRM App

    Access your contacts, send emails, check tasks, and update deals on the go.

    Go mobile

See it for yourself

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Team up with your favorite apps

ActiveCampaign plays well with your favorite software. With 280+ integrations in our app marketplace like Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier available, you’ll have all the marketing tools you need to succeed.

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