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Or how about the situation were in now with the Coronavirus. Imagine if you had started a small company making medical grade masks, gloves and related safety gear a few years ago.

Any one of these things would have made you a millionaire many times over.

Unfortunately, unless you have a time machine like Bill & Ted had, you can’t get rich this way. But you can get in early on the next ‘big thing’.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what’s coming.

In the late 1990’s I had a buddy in the mortgage business that persuaded me to jump into that market because business was booming. Real estate values were increasing at record levels and interest rates were reaching all-time lows. It was a perfect storm to make big bucks in a hot market.

As a loan officer I could hardly keep up with all of the demand. I had an endless stream of paying clients without ever having to pick up the phone to solicit new business. Nearly every person I knew working in that industry – including title insurance companies, real estate appraisers, banks, private lenders, and investors was making a six figure income almost effortlessly. Things continued like this for over a decade with seemingly no end in sight.

Then, almost literally overnight, the party was over.

The real estate market had ballooned to unsustainable levels and when it popped, like every inflated market bubble eventually does, it took down the entire industry.

It was a red hot market trend. But like most other trends, it came to an abrupt end.

What’s Trending Now In Affiliate Marketing?

  • Longer Authoritative Contentaffiliate marketing trends future image

    affiliate marketing trends future image

  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Mobile-First Technology
  • Push Notification
  • Marketing Bots
  • Compliance
  • Retargeting

If you are an early adapter of an affiliate marketing trend, as I was in the mortgage industry, you can make a killing online.

Take for example the white-hot CBD market right now. Many of the early adopters in this field, who knew how to effectively market those products online, made huge profits fast.

You want to get rich online?

Follow the money.

Or, look for current opportunities and follow the demand.

For example, look for commercial robotics to take off in the coming years. The global pandemic has exposed the impact on the work force when people start to get sick on a mass scale.

Robots don’t get sick and they don’t take time off to avoid getting sick. 

Potential Affiliate Niches To Watch

My advice to new internet marketers has always been to choose an online niche that’s already generating income rather than trying to tap into a new one. The reason for this is simple: it eliminates the lengthy and often expensive process of testing whether or not money can be made in that niche online. When you enter an established market you already know that money is being made in that space today.

But what if you are a risk-taker or an established and experienced internet marketer looking to get in early on the next big thing? After all, that’s often where the really big bucks are made. If you’re prepared, and can afford to take some risks here is a list of industries to watch that will likely boom in the next decade:


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