30+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs to Generate Good Income in 2020

Overall: I invested in ClickFunnels after launching a new business. I needed a funnel in place. In the past, I’d have just built it in WordPress but I kept hearing such amazing things about ClickFunnels that I figured I’d check it out. And at the end of the day, I’m impressed. I may spend half my time in ClickFunnels cursing the software and how unnecessarily complicated they make almost every step of any process (and how honestly inexcusably glitchy it is), but it does more than any other tool I’ve used. Honestly, if I knew what I was getting into before I started with ClickFunnels, I probably wouldn’t have done it. But now that I’m in, I wouldn’t go back.

Pros: ClickFunnels feels like it CAN do just about anything. It’s funnel-builder is robust, the templates are incredibly helpful, and their email server (with or without Actionetics) is fairly powerful. I think my favorite feature, however, is that you can share funnels. As a coach, a big part of my job is teaching network marketers how to build an online presence. Most of them have never heard of a funnel before, so this can be an uphill battle. I love the fact that I can create a fully-featured funnel template, then just share that link with my students.

Cons: ClickFunnels feels about 10 years outdated. The interface is fairly ugly, and the whole user experience just feels … Clunky, is probably the best word for it. I think, more than anything, ClickFunnels suffers from massive feature bloat. Over the years, they’ve added SO MUCH functionality that it lost accessibility. Sure, you CAN do just about anything with ClickFunnels … But it’s not gonna be easy. Expect to spend a TON of time on the (very outdated and incomplete) help pages, in the Facebook group, and talking to support (which has been surprisingly much better than I’d heard) … And for a lot of the answers to be, “Oh, well, that’s weird. That should work. I don’t know why it isn’t.” All-in-all, it just feels patched together and what seems like a simple processes just become unnecessarily difficult and frustrating. Honestly, I’ve thought a couple times about quitting and rebuilding everything somewhere else. Somewhere more user friendly. But the fact of the matter is, while there may be tools that are easier to use, none of them are as powerful or as versatile as ClickFunnels.

Alternatives Considered: WordPress, Kartra and Kajabi

Reasons for Choosing ClickFunnels: I think it mostly comes down to the cult following ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson have been able to build. As soon as I started watching their trainings, I was hooked. And I’ll admit: Their trainings are incredibly high-quality. They make using ClickFunnels look easier than it actually is, for sure. But nevertheless, they reach incredibly valuable marketing theory.

Switched From: WordPress

Reasons for Switching to ClickFunnels: I just kept hearing a ton about ClickFunnels, and I wasn’t a fan of the limited functionalities of the WordPress site I’d been using.


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