The Best Cpa Affiliate Marketing Platform

Looking for the ultimate guide to CPA networks for beginners? Today, we’ll disclose the best of the best to help you through the process.

CPA affiliate networks provide great opportunity to make money online. The flip side of the coin is that it is quite difficult to get accepted into one.

There are some top-notch networks available where approval isn’t required though. All you need to is simply sign up to them and promote their offers to earn money through commissions.

Some networks don’t have a good tracking system and don’t pay their marketers well. However, there are some where you do not have to worry about losing your sales and leads.

Following are our recommended CPA networks for beginners to join:

1. AdsMain

Located in Brooklyn, NY, AdsMain is an affiliate marketing network. Their goal is to make your marketing campaigns a success and share their personal experience of the field with you.

AdsMain’ software provides all the marketing tools you need, and they provide excellent offers for you to promote and earn an income. AdsMain pays on time and is a great platform for a newbie marketer to kick-start their CPA career.

They treat their publishers as their partners, and with a helpful support team that is available 24/7, they help you pick suitable campaigns and promote them accordingly.

2. Adscend Media

Founded in 2009, AdscendMedia is one of the best CPA affiliate networks available for incentive traffic. Their lightweight AP, iFrame, and SDK allow you to plug their solutions quickly into your app, website, or game.

Their tracking system is up to the mark, and therefore they help their users by maximizing daily revenue, engagement, and their global reach. They provide excellent support that is available 24/7 to provide frequent campaign optimization and customized monetization recommendations.

Users can download apps, watch hand-picked videos, and take part in market research surveys that pay high. To become a part of Adscend’s network, all you need to do is create a valid account.

3. Advendor

If you are a newbie affiliate marketer seeking acceptance into a network, Advendor might be just the CPA network you need to get started. Operating globally since 2015, Advendor is known as one of the fasting growing platforms.

The company allows advertisers and publishers to perform in an extraordinary manner, and generate sufficient profits by providing the best conditions possible, as well as the highest payouts, and proprietary knowledge.

The account managers and committed support team at Advendor help you get settled in this affiliate network for beginners and they also assist you in launching your first affiliate-marketing campaign in a quick and seamless manner.

4. AdWorkMedia

Although AdWorkMedia is based in the US, it is a worldwide CPA affiliate marketing network and is known best for its ability to help individuals make money with their incentive traffic.

It is the ultimate platform of monetization solutions for website owners, app and game developers, and content publishers. With more than 3000+ advertising campaigns and 50,000 publishers from all over the world, AdWorkMedia provides monetization tools such as Product Locker, Link Locker, Content Locker, Offer Wall, and many more.

These tools can be easily integrated to protect private content such as credits, links, digital products, upgrades, downloads, guide and much more.

5. BizProfits

As a beginner in CPA marketing your best option to start your journey as an affiliate marketer is at BizProfits. Helping their publishers in promoting and earning as much money as possible, and providing their advertisers with traffic of the highest quality is their utmost priority.

BizProfits, one of the best CPA networks for beginners, has a well-experienced support team providing marketing excellence of the highest standards. Advertisers and publishers get to benefit from their arsenal of resources and exceptional service to maximize profits. Join BizProfits and move towards reaching your full performance potential.

6. CPATrend

In exchange for high-quality traffic, CPATrend provides quality service to their affiliates. They offer the best customer support services in the industry, and you can easily reach the account manager assigned to you via Skype/AIM, phone, email, and more.

They are quick and effective at addressing questions and concerns of their affiliates. CPATrend is extremely vigilant against corrupt or fraudulent traffic methods and affiliates.

Their tracking platform provides access to highly detailed reports and 100% real-time accurate tracking to help you maximize your campaign’s ROI. Like with every other network on this list, all you need to do is join this network of affiliate marketing and start earning money online.

7. CPAGrip

CPAGrip provides the best offers to promote to webmasters and beginner marketers.

They have 1500+ marketing campaigns from around the world, and they are known to make timely payments. Using CPAGrip’s ad technology tools, webmasters can put their websites to work and make loads of money online.

With a unique publisher panel, CPAGrip helps users generate more revenues, and you can get paid for each view on your content! Their monetization tools (Content Lockers, Video Lockers, URL and Download Lockers, and Offer Walls Virtual Currency) and performance network are the leading choice for app developers, web owners, and content publishers in the industry.

8. CPAlead

CPAlead has been ranked as the 40th fastest growing company in the world by Inc. 500. With CPAlead, you can display ads, promote more than 100 affiliate products, increase your iOS and Android app revenue with their PPC advertising solutions, and CPI mobile app installs; all without exceeding your budget.

This private lead generation network brings evolved traffic quality, and uses advanced custom tracking to provide unrivaled PPC advertising traffic and lead generation offers to publishers and advertisers. They also believe that targeting is important, therefore their PPC advertising support targets by country as well as by device.

Moreover, their in-house development team works 24/7 to support the latest devices on the market.

9. FireAds

Once you register an account at FireAds, one of the best CPA networks for beginners, you gain access to their informative user panel that contains all necessary instructions and tools for you to get started.

They help individuals in expanding their business and earn tons of money online. FireAds consists not only numerous advertisers, but also of publishers from around the world.

Their main aim is to provide advertisements of the highest quality that would bring extraordinary outcomes. They provide full support to their users and partners.

10. Mobidea

Based in Luxembourg and with 10,000+ affiliates, Mobidea is known as one of the world’s best mobile CPA affiliate networks. Presently, the network is running more than 2,000 offers to promote and earn money through them.

They help you optimize your media campaigns and take your media buying to a higher level from a single dashboard that is specially designed and developed for media buyers and to deliver fruitful results.

Mobidea’s mission is to find premium advertisers and negotiate the best mobile CPA offers with them to provide account management, personalized support, and set the standards for affiliate payments.

11. MGcash

MGcash Media, another rapidly growing CPA network provides monetization solutions for advertisers, publishers, and content owners from all over the world.

The company prides itself on empowering users who own digital businesses to earn higher revenue from web and mobile traffic, search, display ads, and content. They provide top exclusive offers, built-in performance bonuses, and high approval rates.

With exclusive affiliate marketing tips and powerful content lockers optimized specially for web and mobile, you’ll be good to go as a newbie marketer. You can expect 24/7 support and the highest level of quality service from MGcash. By using their innovative marketing tools, you can monetize more effectively.

12. NutraCash

Based in the US,  NutraCash is one of the best CPA networks for beginners to join, as well as an amazing partner to make money with.

Their anti-fraud system inspects each generated sale with a microscopic eye and they protect their esteemed affiliates from being ripped off. NutraCash provides high payouts, and that too, on time. They provide you with extraordinary support for anything you might need help in.

NutraCash delivers amazing conversion ratio and a constant stream of high-quality and fraud-free traffic.

We hope this list of CPA networks helps you get the results you want. If ever in doubt, know that getting into a CPA network might be hard, but it is well worth the investment.


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