Best Ways To Promote Cpa Sweeptakes Offers

An Introduction

The McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes game is based on the wildly popular board game Monopoly invented in the early 1900s by Charles Darrow. The purpose of the McDonald’s Monopoly game is to attract customers to its nation-wide chain of fast food restaurants.

How To Play

To play the game, simply collect stamp pieces on the back of the packages at McDonald’s. If the piece is an “Instant-Win” piece, you are able to collect the prize instantly. If it is a “Collect & Win” prize, then you must match the stamp with the corresponding property on the Monopoly game board. To obtain a game board, you can visit any McDonald’s restaurant.

It used to be that Park Place and Boardwalk were the grand prize, however, it has been changed to the four railroads this year.

Best Buy Bucks

This year, Best Buy has been an active participant in the McDonald’s Monopoly promotions. If you collected a stamp for Best Buy Bucks in denominations of $1 or $3, you are able to use it at certain Best Buy stores.

Big Scandal

Although McDonald’s was not directly involved itself, an employee of its partner for the McDonald’s Monopoly game Simon Marketing was. In 2001, Jerome Jacobsen, along with the other ones involved, were arrested for fraud operations from 1995-2001. Jerome Jacobsen had taken out the rare stamps with expensive prizes. He gave them to his family and friends to claim the prize since he was not able to being an employee of Simon Marketing and all. They would then split the share from there which was believed to be around $13 million. The FBI was tipped off by one of the people involved.


According to McDonald’s promotions page, there have been a total of 108,232,706 winners and counting.

Source by Wm Robinson

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