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Financial bondage is something many of us struggle with, but what are God’s answers to financial burdens? Being on shaky financial ground can be one of the most frustrating, disheartening and overwhelming places to be. You may constantly be consumed with trying to maneuver the resources you have.

Examples of financial bondage can include:

  • Overdue bills. You might be suffering from late fees or phone calls from bill collectors, causing additional financial stress.
  • Get Rich Schemes. Do you constantly run after the next “Get Rich Quick” trend? Do you mail in sweepstakes forms or buy lottery tickets? If you do, most likely you’re in financial trouble and looking for a quick fix.
  • Unmet family needs. Does your family struggle to make ends meet? Are the family’s breadwinners unable to provide what they would like to provide for the family?
  • Pride. Is something holding you back from facing your financial struggles, or from telling others about them?
  • Seeking additional employment. In a family, if both the husband and wife work and are still unable to make monthly bills and payments, it can be a sign of financial bondage.
  • Self indulgence. People in financial bondage may find themselves without self-control when it comes to their finances, and they seek to satisfy every want and desire without discretion. This can lead them to be even more deep in financial trouble.
  • Worrying. People in financial distress may find themselves unable to surrender their financial burdens to God.
  • Greed. Are you continually in a state of wanting, without a need for it?

If you feel the affects of any of these symptoms, you are probably in financial bondage. However, there are steps you can take to master your money. You can keep a spending log in order to better determine how to “stay within the lanes” of your income, how to budget and where you can cut back on unnecessary spending. However, financial “tips” can only bring you so far – in the end, you’ll have to face the root of your financial problems.

If you ask the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth to shine light on your finances, God will! Pray this with me: “Father, bring me into your light, show me where I can save money and sow me the things I am doing to cause waste in my finances.”

Remember that the Spirit of the Lord is here with you to deliver you from your financial bondage. One of the most common forms of financial bondage is credit card debt. Credit cards, in and of themselves, are not harmful – but if they are used irresponsibly they can wreak havoc on your chances for financial freedom. If you find yourself in debt, remember this scripture:

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. – Proverbs 22:7

God does not want the borrower serving the lender. The best way to avoid this is not to give in to the temptation. If you are already in debt, then establish a debt reduction plan. Start snowballing, or systematically applying money that you now have from a bill that is paid off to the balance of a current bill, each time you pay a balance in full. Then, commit to no longer spending money in ways that don’t please God. Finally, seek help and pray for God to put someone in your life who can help you recover.

Source by Dorothea Bernique

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