How To Build Authority Affiliate Marketing Website 2020

What kind of website should I build to make money?

Which type of website is the best for earning?

Which website would be the best for a startup in 2020?

Simple websites that make money

The best options to create a new website this year

Here are some creative and unique website ideas that will actually work in 2020. As you can see below, we have jotted down some really great ideas for those looking to offer something unique through their websites this year.

Web development is an ever-evolving industry. You can no longer expect to make it big in the online space with the same old ideas. If you are looking for some unique money-making website ideas to get success in 2020, you can find some here.

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This guide doesn’t tell you how to create a website or anything like that. What you will find here is – the perfect idea for your next website.

110 New Successful Website Ideas 

We will take them by category (industries).

Website for Business

If you are looking for a business website idea, here are some:

#1 Online affiliate sites: Affiliate marketing is a commission-based marketing system in which a person is paid for promoting and/or selling the products/services of another company. How?

You create a website, share reviews, and recommendations about products on Amazon, provide a link to the product page on Amazon, and get paid for each conversion you make for the e-commerce marketplace.

#2 Create a fashion brand: Another good idea for an online business is to create your own unique fashion brands, such as stickers or printing, and sell brand products online through a website.

Not a bad idea!! Right??

fashion brand

#3 App development: Smartphones are here to stay and so are mobile apps. You can make good money by selling your app development skills through a website.

#4 Domain buying and selling: Develop a website where users can find and buy new domains as well as their existing domains, easily.

#5 Stock Trading: If you have any interest and experience in stock and forex trading, you can earn good money by starting the service through your own website.

#6 Advertising business: Google ads, Facebook ads, and various other advertising platforms are just waiting for businesses like you to explore the earning opportunities.

#7 Online Marketing: This is not a new business idea but it is also not old. If you have good skills, you can start your own online marketing business with a simple website idea.

okay awesome

#8 Your Company Website: If you already have a physical company, you should immediately create a website for it, even just for information purposes.

#9 Wedding website: Start a website to dedicate a recently married couple with customized photos and sweet wedding moments. You can even make a business out of it.

#10 Survey business: Create a website where people can take surveys on behalf of the various online business, e-commerce marketplaces, and more.

#11 Website about companies: A website about popular companies and inventions, including their history, important people, and more.

#12 MLM website: Become an expert in this marketing niche and train others through your website or start an online company.

#13 Fishing business: More like a blog where you can share your passion for fishing through tips and tricks. Alternatively, you can consider selling fishing equipment online.

Worrying about costing? Here’s a complete guide How much does it cost to build a website?

Website Ideas for Students and Teachers (Education)

#14 Online School or Classes: It is a nice website idea for senior students and teachers who want to share their knowledge with more people and earn money through that.

#15 Drawing/ Art Website: If you have an interest in art or painting, you can start a website to share tips and knowledge and also to sell your paintings online.

spongebob artist

#16 Money-saving: Money-saving and finance management tips for college students and tips for earning money online.

#17 Tuition help: Teachers can start websites to help students with their usual academic problems and questions.

#18 Learn a Language: A website where people can learn new languages through guides, videos, and other tutorials and with the help of real instructors.

Learning a new language is always fun. *wink*

Learn New Language

#19 Kids Education: Create an e-learning site that teaches kids to learn through fun practices.

#20 Singing lessons: A help website to teach students to sing and/or play various musical instruments.

#21 Career Guides: Start a career guidance platform online and provide career consulting and tips to those who need it.

E-commerce website/business ideas

Creating and running an online shopping website is now easier than it ever was. With the help of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce, you can easily create an online marketplace within minutes and earn by selling specific products.

Most of the users are preferring to buy stuff online rather than in stores. Take a look at the ratio here –

Global online shopping preference 2017

Don’t we all just love online shopping? Here are some great ideas you can choose from, for your business startup.

#22 Theme-based goods: Theme based merchandises are becoming quite popular among shoppers. You can have your own unique theme and sell products based on that.

#23 Drones: This may sound weird, but they are quite popular. Drones can be used for fun and transport. And there is good money in it.

Python Websites (Bonus Point): Websites powered by python are best for e-commerce stores.


Because python-based websites offer high performance at high speed. It helps to load big e-commerce data fast. Most of the big organizations are now using python on their websites. What are you waiting for?

Python Development Company

#24 Food: It is something that will never go out of trend. You can sell specific food items, spices, packaged foods, and other related things or start a cooking website/blog.

#25 Fitness Equipment and Gadgets: Gadgets like fitness trackers and smart bands were trending the last year and will continue to be this year as well. Sell the products by creating a dedicated website.

Ecommerce website

#26 Handmade artwork: You can create a website to sell handmade wooden artwork or other art things such as picture frames, designs, drawings, kites, and many more.

#27 Gifts: Be it New Year, Christmas, or Valentine, people love to exchange gifts. You can give them a simple website platform to select, buy, and deliver gifts (and flowers) online.

#28 Second-hand products:  Website like letgo, Craigslist. The demand for old items is even more than for new ones. You can build a platform to buy and sell old products like books, furniture, vehicles, etc.

#29 Fashion on rent: Create a website where users can rent fashion items, dresses, shoes, wedding jewelry, etc. on rent from other users.

This will be dreams come true.. for many of them *wink*

Website For Fashion on rent

Want to start own business but running out of ideas? Here are the top 50 Startup Ideas that you can use to start your own business.

Personal Services Websites

The personal service market is booming right now. If you already have a service in mind, you can start right away or take a look below for some interesting yet simple website ideas.

#30 Babysitting: The demand for qualified and experienced babysitters is always high, which you can benefit from by providing the services through your website online.

#31 Repairs: Hiring a mechanic, plumber, and other related services in a particular location. This can also be made into a mobile app.

#32 Lawn Mowing: A dedicated lawn mowing and care business website which may include lawn cleaning, mowing, landscape design, snow removal, and related services.

Lawn MowingSee… Easy Right!!

#33 Cleaning Service: Through a basic website, you can start a cleaning business to provide services like home cleaning, pool cleaning, and more.

#34 Event Management: Event making and management is an evergreen business. You can take your event skills to a new height by creating a website online.

#35 Mass Cooking: Creating a website and providing cooking and catering services for events, meetings, organizations, etc through it is a nice way to earn handsome pay online.

Niche Websites

What are niche websites, you ask?

niche website
These are the sites that are based on a specific niche or industry, such as a medical website or health website or travel website, or so on. The best thing is that you can create a website based on your own interest or expertise in a particular niche.

Here are some more ideas for niche sites in 2020.

#36 Job Search in a specific niche: You can create an online platform for people to search for jobs and for employers to find the right talent in specific areas.

#37 Price comparison sites for Transport and Travel: Through your website, you can give people a platform to compare and find the best price for freight and travel services in an area.

#38 Search for Helpers: A search platform for services like helpers for basic housework, driving, repairs, washing clothes, home improvement, and more.

OKAY!! This is the best idea… Imagine finding someone online to do your house chores 

house chores

#39 A niche forum: An online community for people who have a common interest. This can be anything, including your own interest or hobby.

#40 Search for Healthcare: A website to search for healthcare services, ambulance, medical stores, hospitals, etc.

#41 Ask a Question (Question-Answer) site: Create a website like Quora where users can ask questions and find answers.

#42 Resource list for a specific niche: A list of resources to various things in a particular niche.

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#43 Money-making guide: Share tips, guides, videos, tutorials, and more to help people earn an income online or start an online business.

#44 Donation/Charity website: A website to allow people to make donations and reputed charities to receive donations for important causes.

#45 A place for confessions: Create a website or forum to give people a place to confess and discuss their darkest secrets anonymously.

#46 Niche news website: A news website for a specific industry, region, or for all niches and global market. Make sure to choose a nice theme.

Entertainment and Leisure Websites

There are so many options in this industry and you’ll have amazing earning potential if you manage to pick a business successfully.

#47 Ticket booking website: Website like BookMyShow? Create a website to allow users to check availability and book online tickets for movies, shows, events, sports, and more.

#48 Sports website: A complete or niche-specific sports website where users can check the latest match scores, read about teams and players, upcoming matches, etc.

#49 Online Video Game: An online platform where users can play all their favorite video games for free.

#50 Online Gambling: A place for gamblers to play and bet online, for real cash or not, depending on the betting rules of your specific region.

Also If you’re into startup app development, why don’t you check out these 110 mindblowing app ideas… This will surely help you a lot.

#51 Movie site/blog: Write about a specific movie or show or movies in general, including the new launches, collection, best movies, etc.

#52 Video sharing and hosting: A place for users to create and host their own videos for the world to watch.

#53 Book sharing website: An online…


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