DROP Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3 — Compact Ortholinear Form Factor, Programmable QMK PCBA, Kaihua Hotswap Sockets, USB-C, Anodized Aluminum Case, (Purple)

Price: $155.00
(as of Nov 13,2020 10:25:33 UTC – Details)

A MECH KEYS FAVORITE, NOW EVEN BETTER: The original Preonic keyboard was praised for its build quality, compact form factor, and intuitive layout—and the new version is no different.
V3 UPGRADES: Now offering five unique color choices, a new ARM STM32 processor that provides more power to the PCBA and the USB-C connector. Another upgrade? The new Preonic has Kaihua hotswap sockets (which support grid 2x1u, 1x2u, and 2x2u bottom row layouts) so you can swap out your switches whenever you want without even picking up a soldering iron.
THE THEORY BEHIND IT: The Preonic is made for efficiency, the layout is similar to the Planck but with an additional row for easier access to the numbers, and function keys. And even with an extra row, the keyboard still maintains a very compact form factor for portability.
NEW PLATE, NO PROBLEM: Now we’re offering an MX plate which supports the 1 x 2u, 2 x 2u, and Grid layout. The plate design even allows you to swap out switches on the fly. Thanks to the Kaihua hotswap sockets, replacing switches is completely plug and play.
BEEPS & BOOPS: The PCBA is outfitted with a small speaker, which is driven by the MCU. This version also has pre-populated bottom-lit LEDs and allows for exapanded functionality with footprints for things like DIP switches, power adapter plugs, Qwiic connectors, and more.

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