Best Ways To Promote Cpa Sweeptakes Offers

How important is a press releases to an online business? Mucho, mucho. I need to work on my Spanish. Creating a press release for your business will bring tremendous traffic to your website. If you don’t know how to create a press release, go to for an online pr template.

Those of you who know how important one is may not use it as much to promote your business because you don’t know what’s newsworthy.

Here are the top 10 reasons to write a press release:

  • A new, complete or revamp website
  • A webinar or blog talk radio event you are hosting
  • New or revised products or services your are offering on your web page.
  • A free e-mail newsletter you are publishing (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Products or services you are giving away
  • A new online membership site on your website
  • A new E-Book you wrote (even if it’s free)
  • A fundraiser even your are doing on your website
  • A new contest or sweepstake you are having on your website
  • A joint venture you are doing with another business.
  • If you know of any great reasons to write a press release, please share.

I started this blog to give tips to those looking for ways to drive traffic to their website. I want to share tips and advice that I have learned over the years. I will also keep you updated with new and exciting ways to make money online.

I have spent a lot of time studying and purchasing material on getting tons of traffic. I have been able to figure out some of the most best kept traffic techniques that gurus do not want to share with you.

Source by Teresa Clark

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