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Website Development is not all about creating a good website, but it is more about your business and online marketing of your products and services. As more ‘n’ more businesses or organizations are getting into web development, it has become crucial for website owners to keep track of their site statistics to cope with constantly changing user requirements.

Website statistic and analysis has become an essential part of website development. It helps website owner to know various information like number of users or visitors, where they are coming from and what they do on your website. Based on the statistics, site owners can know whether their site is performing well enough or requires any modification in it.

Moreover, keeping track record of various site statistics would help you know lots more about your website. Let’s find out why it is so important to keep track of website statistic for your website.

  • Statistics and analysis of your website on a regular basis would help you know number of internet users visited your website. Knowing the total number of visitors will help you know whether the search engine optimization strategies or off site links are working or not.
  • It will help you know the number of times visitors visit your website again. It is very crucial for you as a site owner to know whether visitors visit your website again or not. Monitoring site statistics will help you decide whether to upgrade your website to enhance its performance or not.
  • You can identify pages that attract maximum users and pages which fails to attract users or visitors. By knowing this, you can easily identify pages which needs to be redesigned to attract more users.
  • Helps you know the conversion rate of your site! This is one of the main reasons why you should keep track of your site statistics. It will help you know the number of visitors turning into the customers.
  • Which are the keywords they used to come to your website? Keeping track of your site statistics will also help you know the keywords which are used by the target users or audiences and you can incorporate such widely used keywords while optimizing your website for SEO.

Also, you can know how much traffic you are receiving from search engines, a bounce rate of each and every page, traffic from referral sites and other stuff. This way you can work out on your website’s search engine optimization techniques or can redesign the web pages to improve site performance. Thus, website statistics play important role in website design & development.

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