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Being a successful in affiliate marketing is about working smart, not just working hard.

Learning to be more efficient and more effective in the day to day running of your business can pay dividends.

To help you become the super affiliate you know you can be, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best affiliate marketing tools that will help you monetize faster, and pave the way to greater success!

These tools will help you at every step of your journey, from planning your campaign through to the optimization process, while being able to track your performance like a pro!

In a business where time equals money, it’s important to know how to save on both with these awesome affiliate tools.

Here’s what does it mean to be more efficient and effective in affiliate marketing:

“Efficiency is doing things right and effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker, the father of modern management

That’s easy to say, but in reality this is easier said than done.

The tools you’ll find below will show you how to achieve this optimal performance in your own work, so you’ll be able to make brass with annoyingly cool class!

Our hope?

That you’ll get some great insights and boost your ROI by using these awesome tools for affiliate marketers!

Let’s put this in perspective for a moment.

If we can save you just 20 seconds per one hour of your work, this will basically mean that we’re gonna help you save an extra day in your work life per, just by working smarter!

You then get to enjoy all the amazing revenues this industry can provide you with!

That’s something to think about, right?

This was with only 20 seconds. Now imagine what you could do with your time if you managed to save a whole minute per working hour!

But first things first, there are two important objectives you should tackle right away:

You need people to sell to (traffic sources) and you need something to sell (the offers).

Let’s review the top affiliate marketing tools tools!

List of the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Knowing your competition is at the heart of any good affiliate marketing strategy.

Identifying industry trends and gaining insight about competitor campaigns, along with top performing creatives and traffic sources, is essential if you want to make sure you can hit the ground running.


Spy Tools

Ad spy tools are a huge advantage nowadays when compared to the beginning of online advertising, when the only way to know what your competitors were doing was to visit the website where affiliates would promote their offers and just check what appears.

Spy tools come in handy in case you don’t know much about designing creatives.

Thanks to these affiliate marketing tools, you can now keep-up with a whole lotta things that’ll simply blow your mind.

You’ll be able to know which offers, pre-landers, and banners your competitors are using and even be able to download them like a super pro!

With spy tools and competitive intelligence tools you can analyze the stats and results of everything that your rivals are doing – from the carrier where the ad is running, to the conversion rate for a given GEO.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, you can also compare the performance of networks, find the best offers, and pretty much gather all the info you need to get that competitive advantage that’ll separate you from the slow-moving herd.

So, after all the hype created around these game-changing tools, here’s what we’re specifically talking about:

If mobile, desktop, e-commerce, native or push ads are high on your list, look no further that AdPlexity. This platform makes finding profitable campaigns a piece of cake and with support for multiple traffic sources, it’s an essential tool for the serious affiliate marketer.

SpyPush is the first ever tool to spy on push notification ads helps you dig in your competition’s funnels. Learn what works for them by accessing a database of over 200 000 ads in more than 140 countries.

SpyOver is very similar to AdPlexity, but it focuses on native ads only.

Tracking competitors Facebook ad campaigns and identifying black hat opportunities for your offers makes Idvert a strong contender in its category. Add to this the ability to view an impressive range of your competitors knockoff, COD and dropshipping data, and you’ll be able to find profitable campaigns in no time.

Tracking Tools

If you’re looking to optimize your ROI and keep your eCPC as low as possible, you’ll want to track your campaigns with a professional affiliate tracker.

It’s essential for keeping an eye on your balance. You see, a lot of beginners don’t pay regular attention to their stats and lose track of their ROI.

And if you don’t know where you’re standing, how can you get where you wanna be? You’ve gotta track everything and analyze the results.

How are you supposed to know whether or not your campaign is converting if you don’t have solid proof to look at?

Write every little shift, alteration, tweak and change!

It may be faster to ignore the tracking part, but it’s also a very quick way to lose money on advertising.

Now, when it comes to analyzing numbers, the storyline changes. Media buying isn’t just splitting profitable and non-profitable campaigns. You’ll actually need to retrieve the information through good tracking tools!

Below, we’re sharing the market leader in tracking tools, along with some alternative sites of equally good quality for new affiliates or those with medium to low volume campaigns.

It’s worth mentioning that not only are these tools worth their weight in gold, but as an affiliate marketer, you really can’t afford to run traffic sources without having at least a basic tracking solution in place.

So, which ones should you pick?


Pretty much the market leader in tracking software, Voluum is a powerful tool for marketers.Track ads for all your campaigns and manage your team all form one place at a starting price of $44!


This easy to use ad tracker allows you to keep an eye on the impressions, clicks and conversions of your campaigns. Packed with features and regularly updated, it costs just $28/mo for a starter package and up to $939/mo for an enterprise plan.


With 100,000 free events per month, BeMob is an excellent tool for smaller volume affiliates who are looking for a low cost way to track their campaigns. Their sixth sense tech can analyze your advertising campaigns for audience optimization and paid plans start from $25/mo to $499/mo.


A self-hosted tracking solution with blistering speeds that gives you full control over your campaign data. It has a 14-day free trial and the licence fee is only $69/mo.


If you’re looking to step-up your game with advanced tracking tools, AdsBridge is a perfect choice. The investment is gonna be something between $25 and $595 per month, depending on the package.


This tracker is designed for mobile and web media buyers and performance marketers, who are looking for a agile, real-time campaign management tool. Plans between $79 and $799.


As with domain registrars, when hunting for a hosting company, you really want to go with the top dogs.

The companies cited below have proven to be reliable for marketers and affiliates, and all have excellent support in a combo with a variety of features that will transform the hosting of your sites into a breeze.

Make sure to do your research to see which features are most suitable to your strategy. There’s no need to obsess too much on that tho – you’ll be in safe hands with any of the hosting companies listed below.


Consistently found at the top of many “Best hosting” lists, Bluehost is a service with a well-earned reputation. If you need reliable and affordable website hosting for your landing pages or WordPress sites, they’re the ticket! Bluehost also offers a free domain for those who choose their hosting services. Check our Bluehost review and see by yourself!


SiteGround is another great solution for expert hosting. It’s secure, affordable and packed with features that make it ideal for affiliate marketers. We found the WordPress and Joomla staging on the GoGeek plans to work particularly well and is perfect for creating a test environment for your campaigns.


Another big hitter in the web hosting space, HostGator offer packages from just $2.75/mo and you can choose yours with cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting or a dedicated server.

WPX Hosting

If you’re in the market for dedicated WordPress hosting, look no further than WPX. Fast, secure and with free built-in support, you’re sure to have everything you need to get your site up-and-running in seconds.

Domain Registration

Setting yourself up with a domain may sound simple, but it’s always a better idea to go through a reputable domain registrar, rather that using the hosting company.

A reliable domain registrar can save you fees in the long-term especially if you ever need to transfer your domain name, plus many offer additional services like private whois protection, customer support, ICANN Accreditation and SSL certification.

It’s usually better to go with a company that specialises in this area and has been around for a long time, rather than one who simply offers domain registration as a bolt-on service and-or doesn’t have a long track record.


Namecheap is one of the most reputable and long-standing domain registrars with discounted domains starting from just $0.98. They give free WhoisGuard on many new domains and have additional features such as trusted SSL certificates and private email support.

VPN Services

Having access to a VPN is essential for any serious affiliate.

Not only will it keep your information private in public spaces, such as cafes or while on the move, but you’ll also be able to check how your landing pages appear to people in various global locations.

Plus, you’ll benefit from the security, freedom and privacy that a VPN is all about.

There’s been an influx of VPN providers on the market in recent years, all of which offer fantastic services at a reasonable price.

To spare you the headache of researching, we’ve shortlisted the most trustworthy, so read-up and if you find a match – register your account!

You’ll be glad you did.

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