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Web design package is a vital aspect of web design contract. Nowadays the business needs to maintain its presence in the conventional market as well as the internet. When the website is a need, the business needs to avail the services of a professional website designer. There are a number of web designers in the market. When deciding, whose services to hire, the web design package quoted by the service provide is of prime importance. The services included and the price quoted could vary from service provider to service provider.

Number of Pages:

First the business needs to decide what services it requires. The business should decide what information has to be shared with the visitors and what product or service it to be sold through the website. Depending on this the number of web pages needed is to be decided. The costing of the website design is directly proportional to the number of pages. The more the number of pages the more is the costing. It is possible that the purpose of website can be served with the least number of pages but at the same time it is also possible that a number of pages may be needed to convince the buyer about the product or service.


The business needs to decide what facilities are to be offered to the website visitor. It is only after this that the functionality of the website can be decided upon. The decision pertaining to this could vary from company to company. There could be websites wherein complex functionality is required. It is better to sit across the table with the representative of the service provider and clarify whether those functionalities can be provided through the website or not.


Maintenance and upgrading have become an integral part of the website development.

Does the web design service provider offer maintenance? Is it included in the package or excluded? How frequently do you want the website to be updated? Maintenance is needed but its inclusion in the package should be clarified. If it is not included ask the service provider about the expense for including it in the package.


An attractive website can prove to be useless if there is hardly anyone to visit it. The traffic to any website can be maximized through deployment of search engine optimization strategies. Ask the service provider is SEO services are included in the package and if not included what would be the extra expenses for the same.

Before placing the order with any professional website design service provider one needs to not only compare the prices but what is included in the package too. One also needs to check out whether the service provider offers the listed services in the package directly or through outsourcing the requirement to third party.

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