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Texting Cuffs Thumb Cuffs for Serial Texting
Just say “NO” to serial texting!
Have you ever looked forward to a lunch date with a friend or family dinner with those you love and been disappointed by the lack of conversation because someone would look up from her phone? Finally, we have a solution that will help you just say “no” to serial texting – Texting Cuffs Thumb Cuffs for Serial Texters! Slap those thumb cuffs on the texting addict’s fingers and enjoy some actual verbal conversation for once!
Declare NO TEXTING Zones
Not only will these handy texting cuffs help silence the never-ending clicking, but we include three “Serial Texting: Just Say NO!” decals perfect for sending a clear signal that a serial texter has entered a NO TEXTING ZONE. Proudly display these stickers in locations known for being texting hot spots: the dinner table, toilet, and car. Failure to comply just might lead to some fancy new thumb rings!
You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Our hilarious thumb cuffs make a funny gift for teens and tweens. They come with a handy keyring clip and two keys for quick release. Send the message that their texting is driving you crazy in the funniest way possible, a funny cellphone gift!

STOP THE TEXTING MADNESS – There’s nothing worse than sitting silently while watching someone text through a get-together or family dinner. Stop the clicks and dings with Texting Cuffs for Serial Texters!
EVERYTHING YOU NEED, ANYWHERE YOU GO – Serial texting happens everywhere. Clip the Texting Cuffs Thumb Cuffs to your belt or purse with the handy handcuff keychain clip and release the texting addict with the two keys included in the set.
FREE BONUS STICKERS – Post your no texting zones quickly and easily with the three “Serial Texting: Just Say NO!” included with this funny gag gift for teens and tweens.
FUNNY GIFTS FOR TWEENS, TEENS, AND PARENTS – Nobody knows the frustration of texting addiction like parents of teens and tweens! Give them an unexpected laugh with this silly gag gift!
FOR NOVELTY USE ONLY – It’s just a gag gift, folks!

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