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There are 2 major reasons why you’re probably considering a self-hosted email service.

1. High recurring fees based on the size of your list and number of emails you send

The cost of email marketing services usually scales based on the number of subscribers on your list, or on the number of emails you send every month. And because of how quickly this monthly fee scales, it can feel like a significant expense.

Self-hosted autoresponders thankfully don’t come with these high monthly fees. Usually it’s just a one-time payment upfront, and then you’re free to use the software as required.

2. Lack of ultimate control over your email list

You’ve worked hard and spent considerable time and resources on building your subscriber list. It’s a revenue generating asset.

So, if you’re running your email campaigns through a cloud-based autoresponder service, you are at risk of losing it all if you ever get your account shutdown.

With a self-hosted autoresponder, you’re in full control of your list.

  • Number of subscribers
  • Importing of contacts
  • Frequency and volume of emails
  • Content of emails

You decide it all.

However, even if you’re in full control, you still can’t be completely reckless with your mailing, or else you can kiss your delivery and sender reputation goodbye. 

Now, most self-hosted emailing services give you full control over your list, as well as freeing you from the financial burden of a high monthly fee. However, when choosing the best one, you need to make sure it:

  • Is easy to use
  • Has excellent deliverability
  • Works reliably
  • Helps you get results

Which is why Sendy tops my list as the #1 self-hosted autoresponder.


Here are some of Sendy’s key features:


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