Best Ways To Promote Cpa Sweeptakes Offers

At any point in time you care to look, there are literally thousands of sweepstakes, instant win games and contests on the Internet that are giving away prizes. Here is a quick summary of why you should participate to get your share of these prizes, why some of your fears might not be warranted, and the best way to go about winning these prizes while spending the least amount of time and money.

First things first. Why should you play these games?

Because these games give away real prizes and lots of them. Automated rating engines like provide statistics often showing over $9 million dollars in prizes available to be given away at any given time. And these are just for the top several hundred that are tracked.

Quite often people don’t play these games because they have some fears, they have some misinformation or they just don’t know how to go about it without spending a lot of time or money.

First to address the fears. United States laws govern, monitor and protect these games very carefully. If you look at any of these games you will always find a link to the “Official Rules”. If you click on this link, you’ll see that every last detail of the game must be declared in writing before it even starts, including when it starts and ends, what the prizes and their associated value are, when they will be given away, and even a mailing address for anyone in the world to ask to see a winners list in order to verify that they really were given away.

In common circumstances these rules must have been filed with several states and the states follow up on them to make sure all the prizes were given away in accordance with the rules as stated. If not, they will be faced with heavy fines and embarrassing news stories.

Also, the likelihood of getting on spam lists from playing these games is overblown. There is a national law called CAN SPAM which prevents any of these companies from using your email address for anything other than the purposes of the game without your express permission.

You’ll notice that often they’ll ask for this permission when you register, presenting a checkbox that says something like “I would like to receive emails from…”. Even if you check this, you will only receive related offers in the mail, not the kind of random spam that we all try so hard to avoid.

To see the reason why, you need to think of why this games exist in the first place. Virtually all of them are sponsored by a product or company that wants to get people to know more about them and like their products. The last thing they would want after spending all that money on prizes and running the game would be to have any positive feelings they’ve built shattered by being associated with spam.

Now, very rarely there may be the disreputable (or careless) company that could leak your email address, so it’s good to only enter reputable games. Once you get good you can feel them out but in the meantime using a Sweepstakes Directory and Rating Engine like will keep you pretty safe. They only present well screened games to you. You might want to create a separate Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account for your gaming just in case.

So now that you’re feeling less stressed about entering, it’s time to start. But who has time to enter a few thousand games every day? This is where you really need a service like It not only provides you the tools to make it easy to play each day, but even more importantly it calculates a pretty accurate estimate of your chance of winning. [If you’re curious how, check out their blog at

So now armed with this tool, you can simply start at the top of the list each day and click through to the top ten, fifty, or however many games you have time for, and know you’re chances of winning are already higher than if you played 100 or 500 randomly selected games.

There are multiple levels of subscription at But even the full fledged Premium subscription is only two or three dollars a month so the payoff in saved time and additional prizes makes it an easy decision. So what are you waiting for? Get started winning interesting and valuable prizes right now.

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