Best ways To Promote Software Product In 2020

Affiliate marketing is an ever changing game.

And as affiliate marketers we must constantly evolve alongside it.

How then, do you stay relevant in a space that changes so rapidly?

You must always be searching for knowledge. You must always be curious about the cutting-edge. You must always be seeking the next best affiliate program. You must always be willing to learn from leading influencers within the industry.

There are a ton of general marketing blogs out there (think; social media and content marketing). What we need to learn from are the blogs and publications that offer actionable resources and tactics that drive real results for affiliate marketing professionals.

With that said. Here are 25+ affiliate marketing blogs you should add to your reading list this year.

1. Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker BlogPhoto Credit: Authority Hacker

Actionable online marketing education – that’s the premise behind Mark and Gael’s Authority Hacker. On this site, they share everything they’ve learned from building and running a portfolio of authority sites. Including how they sold an affiliate site for mid 6 figures in only 18 months. An impressive feat that’s worth a follow.

Check out: How We Sold An 18-Month-Old Site For Mid 6 Figures

2. Alpha Investors

Photo credit: Alpha Investors

From affiliate beginners, to veteran investors Alpha Investors is there to help. Covering topics from niche selection and marketing myths, to acquiring and flipping affiliate websites, founder Andrej Ilisin and his team share a refreshingly honest view of affiliate marketing.

Follow along as they look to showcase their skills by growing a site to $150,000 in value in 18 months or less.

3. Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo Blog

Starting out in a new venture can quickly overwhelm your senses. First, you’re excited about the new idea but you quickly get bombarded with info and start floundering around. Charles Ngo’s blog is focused on building systems and automizing the processes involved in affiliate marketing. This helps clear things up and allows you to build some structure into your everyday actions so you don’t lose sight of the end goal. His weekly email is full of business advice and affiliate marketing tips and provide a good perspective of what it’s like being an affiliate marketer.

Check out: Throughout the site you will find multiple eBooks, downloads, and guides all free if you sign up to his email newsletter.

4. ShoeMoney

ShoeMoney Affiliate Blog

The ShoeMoney blog started as the lifestyle blog of Jeremy Schoemaker and now has numerous contributing writers adding posts on a regular basis. This blog covers most things internet marketing – from Search Engine Optimisation to email marketing.

Check out: Jeremy’s inspiring story on how he ended up as an affiliate marketer.

5. High Paying Affiliate Programs

High Paying Affiliate Programs Blog

As the name suggests, this website is a great resource for identifying a bunch of different affiliate programs suitable for further inspection. There is also a blog section which contains some great articles. A key one to look out for is the State of Affiliate Marketing 2017 which gives indepth insight into the affiliate marketing industry, focused on the year ahead.

Check out: In addition to the post above, a great resource provided on this site is a free 7-day program to get started in affiliate marketing. You don’t even have to enter your email address.


Zac Johnson Affiliate Marketing Blog

1,000 real life, experienced based articles is pretty impressive. That’s what Zac Johnson has accumulated on his blog and what you can access just by visiting his site. His posts have a strong focus on adverts, as well as the sharing of new trends and resources to help grow your own company.

Check out: the infographic on how top bloggers make money. It’s fairly simple but an interesting read nonetheless.

7. Sugar Rae

Sugar Rae Blog

Although there’s no new posts since July 2016, SugarRae’s blog still has some interesting content in past posts. You’ll find articles covering SEO, blogging, and of course, affiliate marketing.

Check out: their glossary of affiliate marketing terms.

8. Finch Sells

Finch Sells Affiliate Blog

New posts ended in early 2016 with the author stating that he was not going to carry on creating new content. After scanning through this blog we decided it was still worth an honourable mention for some of the posts and resources available. One key feature about this blog is that it was targeted at ‘paid traffic’ affiliates, so is a bit more niche than many of the other ones out there.

Check out:  his explanation of the difference between paid and free traffic affiliates – it’s an important distinction you need to understand.  This article also gives a very real insight into the potential of affiliate marketing and what you actually need to put in.

9. AM Navigator

AM Navigator Affiliate Marketing Blog

From the perspective of an affiliate marketing management company as opposed to affiliate marketers themselves, this blog offers a lot of the same content (trends, stats, product reviews) but from a different angle. 

There are often interviews or comments from well know industry managers which can provide you with insight into how they think and where they’re planning to move in the future – which all adds up to your advantage.

Check out: the Affiliate Program Management section of the blog to get a really good look into the other side of the affiliate marketing world.

10. ClickNewz!

ClickNewz! Internet Marketing Blog

Follows the life of Lynn Terry who’s a professional blogger, super affiliate, and full-time internet marketer, operating for more than 18 years. Her blog is full of marketing ideas, tips, and reviews aimed at helping her readers succeed in their online businesses.

Check out: the Hot Topics section which is packed full of ‘how to’ guides – from becoming a professional blogger, to choosing your niche, and writing product reviews.

11. Affiliate Tip

Affiliate Tip Blog

Shawn Collins, the writer of this blog, is an industry expert and co-founder of one of the leading industry conferences for affiliate marketing – the affiliate summit. His blog has very regular updates and for those who prefer visual content, you can check out his affiliate tip TV channel on youtube.

Check out: the course to Learn Affiliate Marketing where Shawn has laid out 12 chapters for you to work through.


Missy Ward Affiliate Marketing Blog

The other half of the co-founding duo who created Affiliate Summit back in 2003 – now a privately held, multi-million dollar media company that produces conferences, tradeshows, and a bunch of other content (FeedFront magazine and Missy Ward has a blog that covers a lot of general marketing advice as well as some personal insights.

Check out: her free affiliate marketing materials which include quarterly issues of the affiliate marketing magazine FeedFront as well as all the internet marketing podcasts you could ever need at GeekCast.

13. Adam Reimer Marketing

Adam Reimer Blog

Providing content suitable for affiliates, bloggers, and SEO professionals in their daily marketing activities is what Adam Reimer’s blog excels at. He is another of the well-known industry figures who regularly speaks at Affiliate Summit, Pubcon, and Think Tank – amongst others. As well as being published in a variety of magazines and news sites.

Check out: the blog for regular reviews on specific new affiliate programs that might suit your niche.

14. FMTC

FXTC Affiliate Blog

These guys specialize in “aggregating affiliate content and making it available to affiliates and bloggers through a series of services and tools.” Basically, they compile all of the info you need as an affiliate into one easy to use platform. Their blog offers lists. Lots of lists.  From market trends and future predictions, to hundreds of new merchants you can become affiliates for. They started out by creating a software to fix and categorise the coupons and deals for their own site and FMTC grew from there.

Check out:  their affiliate tools section – it’s ideal for those who are already established and looking for the next advantage. Newcomers could also gain some value by seeing another type of affiliate strategy/software that’s available.

15. Tricia Meyer

Founder of cashback site, Tricia has been involved in the blogging and affiliate marketing industry for at least a decade and has the awards to prove her expertise. The articles on her site are easy to read and full of useful affiliate marketing information for all levels of reader.

Check out: her recommended resources for further reading.

16. AffiliateXFiles

Affiliate X Files Blog

Targeted at beginners, Ron Cripps site AffiliateXFiles is full of free content to help those starting out find their way around the affiliate marketing world. You can find information on all the basic matters – how to find niche markets and opportunities, how to optimize content, and how to find keywords that will convert.

Check out: the complete set of info for new marketers. It’s in an easy to navigate page by page format.

17. Work in my Pyjamas

Work in my Pajamas Internet Marketing Blog

Every affiliate marketers end goal, no? A reality for Kim Rowley whose coupon clipping hobby in 1999 became a full time job as companies started to pay her for promoting their products on her site. She now has multiple business websites and started her blog to create a space where she could answer all the questions from other budding affiliate marketers looking to get out of their suits.

Check out: her free shirt Friday series which is a quirky idea to generate extra backlinks to her site whilst slipping a few affiliate links in front of her readers.

18. AffPlan

AffPlan Affiliate Marketing Blog

This all-rounder in the affiliate marketing field offers advice and solutions for merchants, established affiliate marketers, and newbies. There’s plenty of content for those looking at getting started in affiliate marketing.

Check out: the top resources for a list of all the software, platforms and items used by AffPlan.  Even more interesting, take note of how each of these items is also an affiliate link, earning AffPlan income whenever someone purchases.  Affiliate links really are everywhere!

19. Amazon Associates

Probably the oldest online affiliate program around, Amazon Associates kicked things off way back in 1996. You’ll get the most use out of their blog  if you’re already signed up as an affiliate as they share a heap of affiliate discount codes and special product offers. It’s an easy way to stay on top of the latest deals and items you can be sharing with your audience.

Check out:  just take a look at their blog to get an idea of what promotions are available when you become an Amazon Associate.

20. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income Blog

More of a lifestyle and online entrepreneur motivation site, Pat Flynns blog is still a great resource for affiliate marketers. Some articles relate specifically to affiliate industry while others serve a more general purpose and might be a nice break from all the marketing content you’re consuming. His Smart Passive Income podcast is a great on the go motivator as well.

Check out: the free ebook Affiliate Marketing – the Smart Way for answers to a bunch of Pats most frequently asked questions.

21. Matthew Woodward   

Matthew Woodward Affiliate Marketing and SEO Blog

Matthew Woodward tackles the affiliate marketing industry from the blogging perspective and as such, you’ll find plenty of great articles to increase your affiliate activities through blogging. Like most of these blogs, you’ll find a bunch of interesting free resources to help you make tracks in the world of online marketing.

Check out:  the roundup of monthly income reports. This is probably the most exciting feature we’ve drawn your attention to across all these blogs.  Every month, Matthew does a report on 15-20 different blogs and tracks their monthly revenue with a short write up about what’s been happening. It’s super interesting and covers an extremely broad range – from those losing…


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