Superfoods Seasoning | Organic, Pre-biotic Fiber, Bio Available, Turmeric Based | Nutritionally Dense & Digestive | Keto, Paleo, & Plant-Based | 1.9 oz (Cinnamon Kiss)

Price: $10.99
(as of Nov 16,2020 10:06:01 UTC – Details)

“Food is THE medicine! Superfoods Seasoning is a revolutionary new product that combines disease fighting herbs, spices and foods along with Pre and Probiotics for digestive health and gut rehabilitation. It’s easy, sprinkle-on approach is a fantastic alternative to ordinary salt and pepper, as well as other spices, and is a quick way to super-charge your food on a daily basis for optimal health. It’s not a high dose pill or drop, it’s a custom blended seasoning: the ideal way to ingest “bioavailable” plant based food and a delicious way to boost the flavor to everything you eat. A little Superfoods Seasoning is a sure way to feel better about what you eat at home, or on the run. Carry it in your purse or backpack, keep it on the dinner table, stash it in your car or luggage, give it to someone headed to college, or starting a home. Superfoods Seasoning is an easy way to make your ordinary food instantly extraordinary. Use Superfoods Seasoning daily for it’s gentle, proactive heath benefits that are great for the whole family. High in Fiber for your MICROBIOME health! Kick start your day with the power of spice! Featuring the blood sugar balancing benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon along with anti-inflammatory Turmeric and antioxidant cocoa. Try in your oat meal, muffins, and pancakes. Sprinkle on your toast. Great on squash and sweet potatoes. Add to smoothies, coffee, or tea for some extra cinnamon kisses. Perfectly satisfying when added to warm milk for a night cap that’s detoxifying and curbs a sugar craving.”

NUTRITIONALLY DENSE | No salt, sugar, GMO’s & Gluten free. This blend is anti-inflammatory and super detoxifying with the added benefit of the blood sugar balancing properties of the Organic Ceylon Cinnamon. Enjoy 8 incredible benefits of turmeric. Sprinkle & Thrive
CUSTOM ORGANIC BLEND | A blend of nature’s best organic herbs and spices, which have been used for their benefits around the world for centuries. Featuring Ceylon Cinnamon, our herbs and spices are high in vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes
TRANSFORM ORDINARY FOOD | Turn your food into extra-ordinary superfood! Use Superfoods Seasonings daily for its gentle, proactive health benefits that are great for the whole family. All of our spices are high in Fiber for your microbiome health
FOOD AS MEDICINE | Enjoy the natural healing power of plants. Our blends are an easy and delicious way to be proactive about health. Recommended for those who struggle with food born illnesses, looking to reduce inflammation, or reboot digestion

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