Traffic Bots – Quality Traffic and Ranking of Your Site in TopThe best Traffic Sources and Tools for Affiliate Marketing 2020

Organic Traffic Website

Do you have an online business, or online service site, but are your customers missing ?
Is your ranking in Google very poor? Thats is a problem for your business. If your site has attractive content for your customers, it is optimized for SEO and has an attractive design, but nevertheless, you have a shortage of customers or sales, you probably need organic traffic for your site.
However, why does this organic traffic help to rank your site?
Search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, yandex and others, are based on an algorithm to determine and position the best sites in the top of search results. Your traffic volume (that is, the number of people you can see in google analytics), this volume of traffic is one of the most important things for Google and other search engines.


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