Door Knob Wall Shield, White Round Soft Rubber Wall Protector Self Adhesive Door Handle Bumper Pack of 2 (Large Round Style 3.54″, White)

Price: $8.69
(as of Nov 21,2020 03:58:08 UTC – Details)

This product helps protect the wall from damage to the door handle, while reducing the impact of noise, care of sleep in the family .
(Large round features: arc design, the middle thickness is 0.24 “(8MM), edge thin 0.03” (1MM), can effectively eliminate the impact of the door handle. On the one hand to play the purpose of saving materials and costs, on the other hand, thin edge of the design, so that this product will not be easily deducted from the wall down, greatly extending the service life.)

Product Specifications:
Material: soft rubber
Color: White
Diameter: 3.54 inch / 9CM
Thickness: middle is 0.315inch / 8MM, edge thin 0.039inch / 1MM
Mortar: strong adhesive
Applicable temperature: -94-536 degrees Fahrenheit / -70-280 degrees Celsius
Applicable wall: glass, wallpaper, wood, tiles, metal, lime wall, etc
Scope: closet door, desk, toilet cover, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, cabinets and so on
Package includes: 2PCS door knob wall shield

How to use:
1. Clean the wall first;
2. Tear the protective paper ;
3. Find the door lock corresponding to the wall position, press it several times and then can use.

A. Wet and Dusty wall adversely paste, you can first clean and keep dry.
B. When the temperature is low, you can use the blower to preheat the glue face and then paste it.
C. When removing the self-adhesive backplate, be careful not to remove the adhesive layer.
D. After the glue sticks, please press it several times and then use it again.

FEATURES: Large round white style, lightweight, 2PCS door knob wall shield
USE EFFECT: to prevent the wall and the door handle collision caused by damage, you can also hide the wall has been slightly damaged
EASY TO INSTALL: peel the protective paper to paste (keep the wall clean and dry before use), no tools required. And apply most of the surface
FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE:Environmentally friendly soft rubber material, good elasticity, can slow down the contact surface impact noise;The case of cold does not hard, long-term use is not easy to break;At the same time using strong adhesive, good viscosity, will not easily fall off
WHITE AND CAN BE PAINTED:Neutral white material matches most walls,can also be coated with decorative pigments

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