How To write Affiliate Marketing Product Review In 2020

Do you write persuasive product reviews on your blog, and want to boost conversions?

Then, this post will help you for sure.

If you are an affiliate blogger, most of your revenue will come from the product review posts you publish on your blog.

Writing effective product reviews on your blog posts accounts for more affiliate sales and more revenue.

For any good product on the internet, there is no shortage of reviews.

There is a shortage of in-depth and authentic reviews, that truly help people make a well-informed decision.

In this guide, let me give you some solid insights on how you can write a great product review that sells.

Principles of influence in writing web copy

Principles of influence in writing web copy

Robert Cialdini, an author of the award-winning book – influence, describes the 6 principles of persuasion that is invaluable for you to know prior writing any web copy.

Just read the explanation thoroughly, and while reading the next sections of this blog post you’ll be astonished by realizing how easy is it to adapt these in your product reviews.

Here are the principles:

#1. Reciprocity: This refers to the tendency of people to return a favor done to them. If you present someone a gift on their birthday, chances of them gifting you on your birthday will be more.

Marketers use this all the time.

For example, offering free samples while selling supplements, ice-creams, etc. Or perhaps a free consultation session.

#2. Scarcity: People tend to make quick favorable decisions when there’s scarcity. This can be attributed to our cognitive bias called “loss aversion”, where the pain of loss is more than the pleasure we get from equivalent gains.

This is the reason why sales like “limited time”, “get while it lasts”, are extremely persuasive.

#3. Authority: People have the tendency to comply to authority. We are conditioned from birth to do so, compliance to teachers in schools, to politicians while paying taxes, and others.

If you are an authority in your field, chances are there that people comply with your recommendations.

#4. Consistency: This refers to the feeling that people have that their outer actions and deeds should remain consistent with their inner or core beliefs.

When we make any buying-decision, we tend to justify this commitment by coming up with logical reasons or asking others whether we made the right decision.

#5. Liking: People like people who are similar to themselves in appearance, behaviors, core values, beliefs, etc. This is the reason why building rapport and getting to know your prospects is very important before a sale could happen.

#6. Consensus / Social proof: This refers to the tendency of people to rely on what their peers or people like them are doing, when uncertain about taking some action.

This is the reason why testimonials work great.

Researching and outlining your product review

Research and outline process for product reviews is quite different than the generic research you do before writing your blog posts.

Make sure you read this section with utmost attention.

Organize Undraw

Use the product

Researching and outlining your product review

In order for you to deliver in-depth product reviews, you need to use the product before hand.

Before writing a review you can do one of the following things to use the product:

  • Search for the demo version of the product
  • Ask the product creator for a free trial
  • You may also ask the product creator to give away the product in return for the review.

Using the product in hand, gives you an idea about the ground-reality of the product – the practical problems and benefits. It helps you a lot to craft a very good product review.

But, I understand.

Not every-time you can own the product you review. Especially, if you are reviewing physical products.

In case of writing reviews on products you don’t own, you may consider being more upfront with it or you include the features and specifications of the products comparing it with other similar products.
You need to review the products in the style of unbiased researcher where you collate scattered information around the web to make the purchasing decision easy for the prospect buyer.

Get to know your readers

know your readers

Before writing your review it’s highly essential to know the nature of the audience of your site.

Your goal with product reviews is to convert as many people as possible to buyers.

For that, you need to write a product review by understanding that “ideal buyer” in mind.

  • What kind of products your readers are willing to buy?
  • Prospect buyer avatar – like their demographics, behaviors, etc
  • Their pain problems (Analyze how your product can solve their problems)

For finding out the burning problems in your niche you can consider browsing the niche forums or asking your readers directly about the problems they are facing via newsletters.

Understanding this also helps you to frame the content on your review posts, so that you build a rapport with them and make use of the “liking” aspect of the principles of influence I described earlier.

The best places to get to know more about the people is browsing through the forums, groups, etc.

Browsing through the forums, groups, etc.  Browse some of the forum and get information regarding review

Like this, you need to browse some of the forum threads that have discussions related to the product you’re gonna review.

With this, you’ll get a clear idea about the kind of readers who will be visiting your blog.

You can also research what are the concerns of the people by browsing the comments on other blog posts related to the product that you are reviewing.

Make a list of reasons why people won’t buy

reasons why people won’t buy

The goal of your product review is to combat all the objections and excuses that people have when it comes to buying your product.

When people have no reason to not buy your product, they’ll buy.

You as a content marketer, before writing any review, need to make a huge list of reasons why people won’t buy your product.

I know it might sound counter-intuitive, but hang on…

When you have all the possible reasons why people won’t buy, you can formulate the combat mechanisms to negate each of their excuses.

So, how to come up with the reasons why people won’t buy?

  • Browse through the forums, groups, and analyze.
  • Browse through the other blog comments.
  • Analyze the features that the product’s competitors offers
  • Use the product in hand
  • Do the brainstorming process wearing the shoes of your prospects.

Come up with at least 10 objections and excuses that your prospects may come up with before buying the product you review.

Please do remember that objections are different from excuses.

List the questions people have related to product

List the questions people have

There are certain answers that your prospect buyers will be searching for before buying your product.

So, how to know them?

For this, you need to make use of tools like AnswerThePublic. This tool allows you to discover all the common questions people have, when it comes to the product you’re reviewing.

Use AnswerThePublic to get questions

By analyzing the results that this tool returns you, it’ll be easier for you to determine what are all the information your audience are looking for when it comes to the product.

It’ll also help your review to be a lot more insightful than your competitors and helps you fill the missing gap of information that your visitors find nowhere.

These are the keywords that you need to include in your review outline and address in-depth in your review.

How to write a perfect product review

No matter how good your writing skills are, writing content that sells is quite different.

It takes a great understanding of your target audience and their problems to write great reviews.

Man With Laptop Undraw

Show your face

I bet you are a human.

Why not be a human?

Show your face

It is a well-known fact that including a smiling photo of yours on your blog increases conversion rate. Readers trust you because they are seeing your face.

You can consider including some of your images and videos in the sidebar of your blog to add a humanly touch to your blog.

“People buy people, not products”

Trust is hard to come by in the online world. So, showing your smiling face on your blog via images, videos, helps a lot of creating that trust.

I highly advise you invest in a good professional photoshoot, as it can increase the conversions on your website rapidly.

Build authority

Build authority

If you’ve read the Cialdini’s principles of influence that I described earlier in this article, you know what I’m talking about.

People tend to trust the information and the statements from authority people, influencers and also deemed trustworthy sources.

It’s very essential to build authority and credibility in the eyes of your readers.

A single professional pic of yours in the sidebar will make a great difference when it comes to building credibility.

You may also consider having a series of testimonials in your sidebar and even the landing page of your blog.

Even, having a professional design with color psychology in mind also adds to building authority in the minds of the audience.

Be conversational

Include a humanistic tone in your article

Include a humanistic tone in your article.

Address your readers as “you” and “your”

Incorporate more and more story-telling in your articles.

In this case, include your personal story related to the product you are reviewing, Describe about the results you got using the product, a story about how you solved a problem, etc.

Write as if you are having a conversation with your friend.

This helps you build likeability with your audience more quickly – provided you’ve crafted your message considering the psychographics of the audience.

Empathize with the readers

Empathize with the readers

Empathy means the the ability to wear the shoes of another person, and understanding/sharing the feelings of others.

While writing any copy, you need to empathize with the problems that your readers are facing. You need to be able to describe the problems that your readers are facing than they themselves would.

Empathizing is best done in the introduction of the article, to make sure that you set the frame, build rapport quickly, and further let them read the review.

Having an empathizing introduction is important for your every blog post. But for your product reviews and important landing pages, it is very important.

Speak their language

Speak their language

You need to know what your prospect language is like and speak their language i.e using the similar words and phrases they use.

People like and trust people who are like them, it boils back down to the likeability concept of Cialdini.

Similar to the concept of matching and mirroring in NLP and body language, using the same jargon your prospects use helps you to build instant rapport and empathy with them.

So, how to know their language?

Browse the forums browse through Quora for your topic

You can browse forums, FB groups, blog posts, etc. You can also browse through Quora for your topic.

After browsing through a couple of threads, you can easily figure out the language of your prospects.

I would like to emphasize that speaking the audience’s language is important. Because when…


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