Ansoko Walkie Talkies Rechargeable Long Range Two Way Radios 16-Channel with Earpiece Battery n Charger (3 Pack)

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(as of Nov 23,2020 08:33:29 UTC – Details)

Product Description

basic walkie talkiebasic walkie talkie

UHF(Ultra High Frequency) Walkie Talkies

UHF waves are shorter and can get around or penetrate areas of interference found in buildings.
UHF radios are better if you have any plans to use the radios indoors or indoors to outdoors.

2 Watt Transmit Power, Up to 4+ miles range

Actual range varies from different working conditions (eg. terrain, weather conditions, obstructions along the way.)

Ideal for indoor/outdoor group communication

They help you stay in contact with your travel mate or family, keep in contact in areas w/o cellphone reception.
Suitable for hunting, hiking, camping, road trips, cruise ship as well as warehouse, security team, around house communication etc.

Battery Performance

Standby Time: 5~7 days, Typical Use: 1~2 days, Continual Use: 8~12 hours, Charging Time: 4~5 hours

What if I had an issue with a purchase?

We are standing behind our products, send us a message through Amazon or our service email,
We’ll be there to help. You could find the service email address in the package 😉

Package Content:

3 × Walkie-talkies, 3 × Antennas, 3 × Battery pack, 3 × Charging base, 3 × Belt clips & hand straps, 3 × Earpieces, 2 × User manual + 2 service card.


Perfect size portable two-way radio.

Ultra-portable handy design, Easy operation,
Radio dimension: 4.72 x 2.16 x 1.2 inches,
Antenna length (detachable): 4.45 inches,
Radio unit weight (with battery & antenna): 5.5 oz,
Metal spring belt clips and hand straps included.
Working Temperature: -22 ~ +140℉
CTCSS/DCS tone: 105 CTCSS/50 DCS


Each radio has a US-plug charging base.

Each radio unit has a US-plug charging base,
You can put the radio in the base after using,
Or just put the battery in, then use the spare battery(sold separately),
4~5 hours to fully charge an exhausted battery,
Supports 8~12 hours continual use, longer if moderately use.
Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
Rated Voltage: DC 3.7 V


Long range basic walkie talkies.(0.6~4 miles)

UHF radio wave better penetrates wood, non-metal walls or concrete,
Giving you a better range and performance in built-up areas,
UHF waves have less interference between wireless systems,
Under most typical conditions you can get 0.6 to 1.2 miles range,
Reach 3+ miles if talking from mountain to valley or in open fields.
Frequency Range: UHF 400~470 MHz
Transmit Power: 2 Watt
Preset Channels: 16 Channels

16 Preset Channels, Easy operation, Use Right Out of the Box, Built-in 50 CTCSS Tones/105 DCS Codes
Ultra-Portable and PC-ABS housing, Long Time Battery Duration (8-12 hours under typical conditions).
Loud Clear Sound, English Voice Prompt, Built-in LED Flashlight, VOX capable, Emergency Alarm Feature.
What You Get: 3 Walkie-talkies, 3 Battery pack, 3 Charging base, 3 sets of earpieces, antenna, belt clips, hand straps, and 1 user manual.【Kindly NOTE that you will receive 2 retail boxes, 1 contains 2 radio sets, the other contains 1 set.】

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