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Stefan James seems to have genuinely helped many people

Stefan James has built a large fanbase online, and it’s not hard to find comments from his followers saying they find his content to be hugely inspirational and motivational.

Here’s a popular video on Stefan’s YouTube channel:

You’ll find comments such as the following in response to that video:

stefan james praise 1stefan james praise 1 stefan james praise 2stefan james praise 2 stefan james praise 3stefan james praise 3 stefan james praise 4stefan james praise 4

Here’s another video from Stefan, this one about overcoming social anxiety…

Typical comments in response to that:

stefan james praise 5stefan james praise 5 stefan james praise 6stefan james praise 6 stefan james priase 7stefan james priase 7

Go to any of the 1000+ videos Stefan has posted on his YouTube channel and you’re likely to find similar comments.

Given that, it’s clear that Stefan regularly offers tips and strategies that many people find useful for living a better life.

He seems especially adept at motivating and inspiring his audience…

stefan james praise 8stefan james praise 8

Stefan has also used his success to help fund charity projects, like this one where he helped build a school in Kenya…

Decent introduction to digital marketing

If you’re looking for a broad introduction to digital marketing, Stefan’s AMM course will likely serve you well.

Note that I wrote digital marketing rather than affiliate marketing.

That’s because the course covers a wide variety of topics, many of them beyond what I’d expect to find in an affiliate marketing course.

Overall, the impression I get is that the AMM training is broad rather than deep.

As a student, you’re likely to come away having learned the basics of many different topics related to digital marketing.

Given that, perhaps a better name for the program would be Digital Marketing Competency.

(Also: I’m not convinced the price of the program justifies the level of training. More on that below.)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Affiliate Marketing Mastery has a 30-day refund policy, and I’ve found no reports of students being unable to get a refund.

Some affiliate marketing courses I’ve reviewed don’t give refunds – eg. Income School’s Project 24 – and others make it difficult to claim a refund – eg. Commission Hero – but AMM seems solid in this regard.

As far as I can tell, you just need to ask for the refund within 30 days of your purchase and they’ll give it to you, no questions asked.


Underwhelming Testimonials

A handful of AMM students seem to be making very good money doing affiliate marketing, but the vast majority of the testimonials for the course inspire little confidence that the training is effective.

At least 1,700 people have signed up for Affiliate Marketing Mastery over the years, but I’ve only managed to find 6 graduates who I’d consider successful affiliate marketers:

(I’ve seen screenshot proof of earnings from only one of those six, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.)

Every other student testimonial or earnings screenshot I’ve seen has been underwhelming.

For example, Stefan shows several screenshots throughout his AMM promo webinar, none of which can be considered impressive…

affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 2affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 2 Forgive the poor quality of these screenshots: this is how they appear on Stefan’s webinar, even while watching in HD. affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 3affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 3 affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 4affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 4

Upon close inspection of those low-quality images, you find students reporting such accomplishments as:

  • First $50 commission
  • $5000 commissions in 3 years (about $138 per month)
  • About to launch something, but no earnings yet.
  • First $1 in affiliate income
  • Starting to get traffic to their website
  • Affiliate earnings of about $1400 after a year
  • Earnings of $300 in one month via YouTube
  • First few dollars earned on Amazon

Hey, I like to celebrate small wins as much as the next guy, but are those really the best success stories Stefan has to show from his students??

Apparently so, because he hardly shows any better on the sales page for Affiliate Marketing Mastery…

affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 5affiliate marketing mastery testimonials 5

I found 16 testimonial videos on that sales page and researched them all.

My findings:

  • 3 are testimonials from non-students (Dan Lok, John Crestani, Mike Thomas)
  • 2 are from students who could be considered successful (Steve Raiken, Victoria Strong)
  • And 11 are from students who apparently haven’t had much success online.

Take Philip, for example:

Seems like a nice guy, but he recorded that testimonial back in 2016 and four years later I found his website almost empty and saw he had only 58 total followers across 4 social media accounts.

Then there’s Jenine:

She also seems nice, and her testimonial was also recorded back in 2016, but it looks like her website was abandoned that same year and the only social media account I found for her (Twitter) had a grand total of 5 followers.

Not sure about you, but the #1 thing I want to know about a course is if many students are achieving success with it.

Unfortunately, judging by the testimonials and screenshots Stefan James highlights in his webinar and on the course sales page, the vast majority of Affiliate Marketing Mastery students end up achieving very little.

This is in stark contrast to affiliate marketing courses like The Authority Site System, Project 24 and Commission Hero, all of which show far more – and far more impressive – examples of students succeeding with their training.

Skeletons in Stefan’s Closet

In December 2019 a series of YouTube videos claimed that Stefan James has a history of selling fake medical cures online. Stefan seems to be aware of the criticism but has yet to address it.

The first video:

The video description on YouTube:

Recently an anonymous tip led me to discover Stefan James of Project Life Mastery’s start in ecommerce / making money online. He sold dubious cure systems through a network of pen names and marketed them as 3-day cures. He claimed to be a 5 year medical researcher of these diseases, some of them incurable and all but promised results to desperate sick people for the low price of $37.

The second video:

The claims made in those videos are pretty shocking on their own.

But perhaps even more shocking was Stefan James’ response…

In short, instead of actually addressing the criticism, Stefan brushed it off as “a few haters out there… spreading false information and attempting to defame me.”

Meanwhile, the creator of the videos (Coffeezilla) has stated multiple times that James is welcome to correct the record if any of the claims are untrue…

coffezilla stefan james invitationcoffezilla stefan james invitation

I take Coffeezilla at his word there, since he did acknowledge and correct multiple errors I alerted him to in a video he made about Sam Ovens (see here).

Regardless, to the best of my knowledge, Stefan James STILL hasn’t addressed the criticism.

It looks like he even deleted this popular comment from his YouTube channel…

stefan james youtube explanation requeststefan james youtube explanation request Source: screenshot from the 6:38 mark of the 3rd Coffeezilla video above.
This comment can no longer be found below Stefan’s YouTube post alluding to the criticism.

I fact-checked Coffeezilla’s evidence myself and couldn’t find any holes in it.

During my research I even found this old forum post by Stefan showing that a Google Adwords account for his “remedy website” had been flagged and disabled for “unacceptable business practices”…

But Stefan’s silence on this matter is the main reason I’m inclined to believe the accusations are true – if it was simply a big misunderstanding, surely he’d be able to prove so easily.

All that said, you could argue that none of the above criticisms should be a knock on Stefan’s AMM course. Maybe he did make a lot of money selling bad information in the past, but then decided to change his ways and produced a legit affiliate marketing training program.

Are you willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?

Or does all the above leave you hesitant to buy anything Stefan James is selling?

Let me know via the comments below.

Questionable Marketing

While Stefan James comes across very likeable and genuine in his videos, there are some questionable elements to the way he markets AMM and other programs.

Three examples…

“Affiliate marketing is the easiest and simplest way to make money online”

Stefan makes this claim about 30 minutes into his promo webinar for Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

stefan james affiliate marketing simple easy 1stefan james affiliate marketing simple easy 1

As of this writing, I’ve been working online for 10 years myself and have been doing affiliate marketing for 1.5 years.

And while my affiliate earnings are now up to $4000/month, it certainly hasn’t been easy to achieve. I’ve worked harder the past 18 months than I did at any previous business or 9-to-5 job.

Regardless, later in his webinar, Stefan gives an example of how “easy” affiliate marketing is:

stefan james affiliate marketing simple easy 2stefan james affiliate marketing simple easy 2

What he downplays here is that he was sending that email to almost 60,000 subscribers and had more than 2000 of them click through to see the offer he was promoting.

Make no mistake: building that big an email list, and gaining that much trust from your subscribers, takes a TON of work!

Only AFTER you’ve done that immense amount of work might you be able to sit on a beach, knock out an email in five minutes, and see $1000’s in affiliate commissions pour in.

Later still in Stefan’s webinar, he shows the following on-screen while saying, “that’s not that hard to do.”

stefan james affiliate marketing simple easy 3stefan james affiliate marketing simple easy 3

Actually, that is hard to do.

Collecting a $500 commission usually means selling a $1000 product, and selling a $1000 product over the internet ain’t easy.

(I managed to do it…


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