Pure Selects Complete Home Bundle. • ALL NATURAL • HYPOALLERGENIC • No Dye • No aded Fragrance • Plant Derived

Price: $389.87
(as of Nov 29,2020 22:23:45 UTC – Details)

This Amazing Pure Selects Whole House Bundle contains: 1 Quart of each Concentrate of: Multipurpose Cleaner (makes 64 spray bottles) Glass Cleaner (makes 64 spray bottles) Kitchen & Bath Cleaner (makes 64 spray bottles) Laundry Soap bottle (makes 1 Gallon) will do up to 128 loads of laundry. Dish Soap (makes 1 Gallon) cleans 800 sink loads of dishes! Auto Dish Gel – you do not dilute the Auto Dish Gel – 1 Quart does 200 loads of dishes Foaming Hand & Body Soap Concentrate – (makes 64 8oz Dispensers) Conditioning Shampoo (makes 8 bottles) Hydrating Body Wash (makes 8 18oz Bottles) Each quart comes with the matching mixing/dispenser bottle. Most of the products you buy in the store contain large quantities of water; quit paying to ship water, buy concentrates! This is an Amazing value of Clean Green Safe Hypoallergenic Home and Personal Care products with no added fragrance or dyes. Always ALS, DLS, and DEA free. Perfect for anyone with allergies, sensitive skin and those who want to preserve the earth. PRICE COMPARISON based on the average cost of similar products sold on Amazon Multipurpose cleaner – 1 quart makes 64 spray bottles (1024 oz) average cost per ounce 20 = $204 Kitchen & Bath cleaner -1 quart makes 64 spray bottles (1024 oz) average cost per ounce 25 = $256 Glass Cleaner -1 quart makes 64 spray bottles (1024 oz) average cost per ounce on 20 = $204 Dish Soap -1 quart makes 128 ounces average cost per ounce 50 = $64 Auto Dish Gel – 1 Quart (does not dilute) does 200 loads of dishes – average per load 20 = $40 Laundry Detergent – 1 Quart makes 1 gallon – does up to 256 loads – average per load cost 25 – $64 Foaming Hand Soap – 1 Quart makes 64 8 oz dispensers average price per 8 oz dispenser $3.50 = $224 Body Wash – 1 Quart makes 7 18 oz bottles – average cost = $80. Conditioning Shampoo – 1 Quart makes 8 bottles – average cost per bottle $15 = $120 $1256 WORTH OF PRODUCT

This package will SAVE YOU money! Please read the complete product description for more information. This is the BEST VALUE in natural cleaning products! Complete Home Bundle includes: Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, Auto Dish Gel, Multipurpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Kitchen & Bath Cleaner, Foaming Hand & Body Soap, Body Wash & Conditioning Shampoo. Mixing/Dispenser bottles for each included
All of the Pure Selects Products are concentrated and ready to dilute (Auto Dish Gel does not dilute) – we ship concentrated soap solutions, you add your own water. Don’t pay for products that are up to 80% water; Buy our super concentrates and add water to save!
All Pure Selects products are biodegradable NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS Use Environmentally Sustainable packaging Made in a carbon neutral facility GREEN CLEAN SAFE
Contains NO Phosphates, ALS, SLS, Nonylphenols, Chlorine or Optical Brighteners

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