How To Create Blog Content Fast In 2020

Coming up with the best blog post ideas that’ll bring the right kind of readers to your blog is a challenge many bloggers, marketers and website owners face. But landing on the right blog post ideas doesn’t need to be so difficult.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to come up with your best blog post ideas that’ll actually bring in more of your target readers (and customers), then you’re in the right place.

Blogging remains one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and drive them to action today—making the blog post ideas you choose to pursue (and spend your limited time & financial resources on), extremely important.

201 Best Blog Post Ideas That’ll (Actually) Drive Traffic in 2020

  1. Blog Post Ideas That Inspire Your Readers to Take Action
  2. Blog Post Ideas That’ll Entertain Your Readers
  3. Blog Post Ideas That (Tastefully) Promote Your Business
  4. Blog Post Ideas That’ll Teach and Instruct Your Audience
  5. Blog Post Ideas That Update, Notify and Inform Readers
  6. Blog Post Ideas That Are Controversial & Shake Things Up
  7. Bonus: 7 Proven Ways to Amplify Your Blog Post Ideas and Drive Traffic

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Research shows that companies who choose to learn how to start a blog and actively produce quality content get 67% more leads than those that don’t publish content & act on their team’s blog post ideas.

On top of that, inbound marketing close rates are 8 to 10 times higher on average compared to outbound selling efforts—making the right blog post ideas an investment that pays off big time.

But it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. There are an estimated 500 million blogs out on the web today. At last count, 17 new blog posts are published every second.

With that much competition for eyeballs, how do you stand out and drive traffic to your blog?

The answer is—pursuing unique and interesting topics that deliver real value to your readers. Consistently churning out great content is no easy feat, even for the most seasoned bloggers that already have an editorial calendar packed with the topics you’ve done your keyword research on.

So to help you find the best blog post ideas for your target audience, I’ve put together this collection of tried-and-true blog ideas that’ll help you drive meaningful traffic to your site.

But first… who am I to say which blog post ideas will be the “best” or worst for your blog?

Well, I’ve been blogging here for nearly 6 years learning how to grow a blog, and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to come up with content ideas that already have proven demand online. And last year alone, I drove well over 4.4 Million readers to my blog with the blog post ideas I’ve written about.

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I’m also hired as a consultant to generate high-converting blog post ideas and write content for Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Google and Zendesk, as well as some of the world’s top startups like Fundera, Gusto, Close and dozens more. So when it comes to blogging, it’s safe to say I know what I’m doing

Now first, if you’re totally new to blogging today, I’ve put together the ultimate guide to getting started with creating your blog. Actually getting your blog online and well-optimized is the first step to learning how write compelling content, and my 25,000 word guide to starting a blog will position you best for going on to bring thousands of readers to your blog in the near future.

If you haven’t yet gotten your blog off the ground yet, then head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

Still Need to Start Your Blog First?

Check out my ultimate guide: How to Start a Blog (on the Side) Today.

Now, let’s dive into our first section—blog post ideas that are designed to get your readers taking action ️

Blog Post Ideas That Inspire Your Readers to Take Action

Blog Post Ideas That Drive Traffic How to Write Best Blog Ideas on ryrob

The real hallmark of successful content isn’t just ranking well in organic search results, or getting thousands of readers. It’s whether or not your readers actually take action and create measurable change after consuming your content. Here are some blog post ideas that’ll help them do exactly that.

1. What’s your schedule? Give people a peek into your average day

Blog Post Ideas Share Your Schedule

Your daily routine may not seem interesting to you, but try pulling back the curtain and share how you spend an average day. Exposing a little bit of your personal life is an authentic blog post idea that’ll make your readers feel closer to you, gather helpful insights about how they could improve their own routines, and will also make them more invested in your mission as a whole.

2. How did you get started in your career? How did you start and grow your business?

Blog Post Ideas Career Advice

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years. Scientists have only recently discovered why storytelling is so powerful. It turns out that well-crafted stories cause our brains to release oxytocin, a powerful neurochemical that helps us feel more connected to others. Take this blog post idea and tell the story of how you got started, the journey to growing your blog traffic, what it took to get your business off the ground, and the difficult journey to raising money for your company. You’ll forge a powerful connection with your audience that can pay off for years to come.

3. Explain the meaning of your personal or company values

Blog Post Ideas Personal Values

Every great brand is built upon strong values that guide everything the company does. Share the values that form the bedrock of your brand and you can create loyal fans for life. Even if you’re a solopreneur, knowing what guides your actions and decision-making will inspire your readers to get behind you no matter what you pursue—plus it’ll likely fuel many more new blog post ideas that spring out of further conversation with your readers.

4. What is your mission statement?

Blog Post Ideas Mission Statement

In simplest terms, a mission statement defines the goals and purpose of a company, organization, or individual. If you haven’t come up with a mission statement around why  you’ve chosen certain ways to make money blogging and serve your readers, a blog post is the perfect way to get started. This makes my list of the best blog post ideas because unveiling your mission to the world and explaining what the future holds for you or your brand, can be the perfect way to forge more meaningful connections with your readers.

5. Share your goals for the year and lay out your plans for achieving them

Blog Post Ideas Share Goals

Most people understand how important it is to set goals, but only a small percentage of us lay the proper foundation for achieving them. Make your goals known to your readers by leveraging this blog post idea format and share how you plan on tackling them this year. One example of this here in practice, is my in-depth guide about how to create a blog business plan, which includes a free planning template that helps new bloggers work through the process of planning their approach to building a profitable site. You’ll benefit both your audience and yourself. Your readers will get inspiration and a blueprint for success, while you’ll benefit from the feedback and accountability they can provide. Plus, this’ll likely lead to many more new blog post ideas after fielding their feedback.

6. Review the goals you set last year and report on your progress

Blog Post Ideas Review Goals

Productivity experts like Tim Ferriss and James Clear advise that conducting yearly reviews are just as important, if not more so, than coming up with New Year’s resolutions. A yearly personal audit can ensure you continue to make progress towards your goals and demonstrate that you hold yourself accountable for your own success. Review last year’s goals, then highlight which ones you’ve achieved and which ones are still in progress. This is one of my top blog post ideas because your audience may even be able to help you with some of your more ambitious endeavors after learning about them.

7. Describe where you see yourself or your business in 25 years

Blog Post Ideas Share Your Vision

Nobody really knows what the future holds and that’s what make predictions so interesting to read. Star with writing a blog post outline to sketch out your plans and share your vision of where you see yourself or your business heading over the next few decades with this blog post idea. Revisit it every few years to see how you’re measuring up.

8. What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? How did it help you?

Blog Post Ideas Best Advice

Everyone wants to get their hands on their industry’s version of the best blogging advice (for bloggers) or the best business advice (for aspiring entrepreneurs) and learn the keys to success within their fields. If you’ve been given some life-changing advice, why not pay it forward and dispense some wisdom to your readers? Blog post ideas like this help you break down a few pieces of advice that have impacted your career over the years and explain how they helped you think and act differently.

9. What were the most beneficial things you learned last year?

Blog Post Ideas Things Learned Last Year

Did you have any breakthroughs last year that you can share with your audience? What about failures? With a growth mindset, anything and everything can be a learning opportunity. Good or bad, you and your readers will be able to benefit from your experience through mutually beneficial blog post ideas like this one.

10. Make a list of the best and most insightful quotes about your niche

Blog Post Ideas Best Quotes

Scroll through just about any social media feed and you’ll see that people are obsessed with quotes. A cleverly worded piece of wisdom from a well known figure can inspire and motivate us at the deepest levels. This is one of my most successful blog post ideas I’ve executed on in multiple formats by compiling a list of the best quotes around my niche for an evergreen piece of inspirational content. Pick a niche to blog about and you can do the same in your space too.

11. Sit down with an industry influencer

Blog Post Ideas Industry Influencer

A well-written interview can have the power to make the reader feel like they’re having an intimate conversation with the subject. Reach out to influencers in your niche and invite…


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