Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches That Are Beginner Friendly

Gaming Affiliate Programs - NochgamesYou have a gaming blog, YouTube Channel or are a Twitch streamer with a decent following, but now you would like to make money from them.

Where do you start?

I have the answer right here!

Gaming Affiliate Programs.

The first question most people ask before they start a gaming blog, YouTube Gaming Channel or Twitch Streaming is – Can I make money with gaming and how?

Playing your favourite games, create content about them and make money doing it sounds awesome.

The easy answer is ‘Yes’ you can definitely make money while playing video games, but only if you have gone through the important steps of creating a foundation to do so.

What do I mean by foundation? I simply mean that you should at least have some kind of following before you try and sell anything on your platform.


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Rather create quality content, promote your blog/channels and build your audience by giving them helpful and interesting information.

After you created a few quality gaming content pieces and start to see more people visiting your gaming…


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