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To protect the privacy of customers’ original links, (formerly provides “link cloaking” function, which helps to hide the original long URL so that visitors can see only the short link in their browser’s address bar. This way, original URLs stay unrevealed.

This function stands in good stead in affiliate programs, which are well-functioning technologies of promotion campaigns. In affiliate marketing the brand owner (product merchant or service provider) makes a deal with the publishers (affiliates) about the reward for each visitor or customer brought to the necessary web-page. Its technical implementation is similar to UTM tags – spread links comprise special parameters with affiliate’s unique ID, so it is possible to count a number of clicks made on a link shared by every affiliate. Thus, brand owners can set various prices for different publishers and easily calculate the amount of payment for their service.

Participation in partner programs is a brilliant way for monetization of any kind of blog. But this approach contains some issues with protection of publisher’s profit. Malware and dishonest affiliate marketers can steal your ID from a URL to take away your commission. Additionally, users can sometimes manually cut out your ID from a link, what leads to commission loss. Thus, your affiliate ID itself and its presence in the URL are highly valuable. And “link cloaking” is the easy and shrewd way to safeguard them.

The “link cloaking” instrument lets users resolve a number of problems. Some services consider affiliate links quite harmful — for instance, social platforms can veil posts with these links and ban their authors; email services can put letters with affiliate links directly in spam folders hiding them from subscribers; search engines can notedly downgrade blog search rankings; and adblocks applications can hide affiliate links, regarding them as advertisements. “Link cloaking” allows you to improve social media platforms trust, increase email delivery rate, lower search ranking penalties and avoid advertisement blockers.

Finally, “link cloaking” usage increases URL click-through rates. Naturally, users tend to trust and are more inclined to click on short and intelligible branded links, while the link cloaker stashes long and unsightly URLs.

The “link cloaking” function is simple and comprehensive to use on (formerly Just open the “link cloaking” tab on the link management window and set the switcher to the necessary position.

Picture 1. Link cloaking on (formerly (formerly provides this tool for all users with the Personal Plan and higher price plans. Create (formerly account to share and monetize your affiliate links.

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