How To Build Amazon Affiliate Website Fast In 2020

Worker (Current Employee) – California – May 14, 2020

Modern day slave labor. It seems great when you get $30 deposited to your account, until you realize you spent 8 hours combing the same page over and over, and then another 3 hours running the same few surveys for less than half min wage in some states.

I used to tolerate this until Amazon started putting in barriers to withdrawing the money that you rightfully earn; what was once a no minimum, instant withdrawal now follows a schedule (3 days at the soonest). This doesn’t seem bad, until you realize it is an ACH transfer, so when your transfer date falls on the weekend it’s another 2-3 days of waiting. This isn’t counting the day an ach transfer normally takes to post. Sometimes I’ll need a quick $20, do $20 worth of surveys, and have to wait 7 days to receive the money, even after it has been paid by those putting up the HITs.

Now combine that with the fact that Amazon can’t even manage to send the payments at the same time each scheduled day (I’ve seen as early as 12 am, currently I’m waiting on a transfer past 2 pm), that some work takes up to a full 30 days to pay, and that sometimes legitimate work will be rejected with no way to contest it, and you have a company that is taking advantage of you and wasting your time.


Very low pay, not very reliable


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