How To Build Amazon Affiliate Website Fast In 2020

Before we go into more detail, here are some simple rules you must follow:

  • Update your blog regularly
  • Use an analytics program
  • Use images
  • Make your content interesting
  • Make the design mobile-friendly

What to Optimize

There are lots of analytic programs available that will give you an idea where you can improve.

The page people enter on, the devices your customers use, the browsers use, and the customer demographics are all things that these analytic programs can show you.

You can also include surveys on your page, which will help you find out where you can improve.

Ask your audience what their favorite part of your site is, what they would change, why they clicked the link – all of these questions will give you a better idea of what your audience wants.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In 2020, search engine optimization is more complex than ever before. It’s more than just link building, content creation, and keywords. Understanding SEO is the key to being a successful affiliate marketer.

You must keep track of any new trends, any changes in the search algorithms, any changes to your audience and any advances to technology that could affect your site rankings. If you fall behind, then your competition will zoom ahead of you.


There are lots of tools available that will tell you the most popular keywords searched that you can use to get your site found.

You can also use common sense – if your niche is caring for dogs and you’re promoting a dog whistle, then “dog” would be an obvious keyword.

The products you’re promoting will also be a keyword. Then, use your imagination.
What are people going to be searching that will locate them to your site? “Best dog whistle” or “Where to buy a dog whistle” will be commonly searched in relation to the topic.


A backlink is a link to your page or website from another website. This is a great way to work with your competitors.

Some links are paid, and some site owners will exchange links with you. It’s a way to increase the traffic to your site – and Google will pick up on backlinks and increase it’s trust in your business.

The more trust Google has in your business, the higher your ranking will be!

Call to Action (CTA)

Having simple and clear CTA’s in your content is a way to get your audience to do what you want them to.
Some examples of CTA’s you can use in your content that will help you increase traffic are:

  • Click the product link
  • Share the post
  • Comment
  • Click on your page
  • Subscribe to the site
  • Bookmark the page


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