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How to make money using RevenueHits as an affiliate?

With RevenueHits referral program, you can refer publishers like bloggers, affiliate marketers and email marketers to sign up to RevenueHits for free and you can earn up to 10% of their earnings for an entire year (that is 12 whole months).

Once you’ve signed up with their referral program, you’ll get a referral link with your unique ID that you can share on your website or anywhere else on the web to start sending publishers to try their referral program. For each successful sign up, you’ll earn 10% of their revenue.

Quick note: For the first year, you receive 10% of the revenues made by referred publishers who earn more than $1,500 and you will earn 5% of the ones who earn less than $1,500.

You can click on this special link to sign up to RevenueHits affiliate program completely for free and start earning more money as an affiliate.

Here’s our earning report from RevenueHits affiliate program.

As you can see from the above, we’ve made the following stats using it.

  • Sent 1181 new people to sign up
  • Made $314 revenue from them

Why should you use RevenueHits?

The biggest reason to consider RevenueHit is gives you access to over 5,000 advertisers in different industries including Dating, Mobile, Shopping, Coupons, Travel, Entertainment, Gaming, Software and Lead Generation.

It also offers you industry leading commissions per click and the minimum payment threshold is $20 for PayPal and Payoneer and $500 for wire transfers.

Biggest benefits of using this RevenueHits Pay Per Click affiliate program:

Few reasons to use this RevenueHits PPC affiliate program.

  • It offers you a wide range of flexible pricing models: CPA, CPI, CPL and CPM
  • Over 5000 advertising pool to choose from
  • Industry leading payouts
  • Free to sign up and instant setup

How to sign up for RevenueHits PPC affiliate program?

Click here to sign up for RevenueHits to become a publisher on their platform and start earning more with your website’s traffic.


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