Affiliate marketer Gadget 2020 you want to make money online here in South Africa? I did too!

I knew that people were making money online in America and in the UK. However, I didn’t personally know anyone making substantial money online in South Africa.

I was pretty sure it was possible so I started trying quite a few different things and you can read all about my online money failures at and my network marketing experiences at my experiences page.



It was my bank manager who said “Dianne, you must either spend less or you must earn more!” and as I LIKE spending, I had no choice but to research and find something that would give me an income every month.

After thousands of Rands and a couple of years, thankfully, I finally found the solution!

I now receive money EVERY MONTH on the 20th of the month which is really useful as my dayjob pays me on the 30th. I LOVE having two salaries to spend. 🙂

I joined this business on 01 October 2006. Dad and I have been in profit from 20 October 2006 and EVERY MONTH our EARNINGS INCREASE.



I also wrote an ebook on Making Money in South Africa. It is free to download and I don’t even ask for your email address 🙂

Just please just let me know how the book helps you!

RIGHT CLICK HERE and select “Save As” or if you are using Mozilla Firefox (great programme 🙂 ) then select “Save Link As”.

Then remember where you saved it!!

and finally, PLEASE READ IT!!! and then EMAIL ME



Whether you like it or not, you have to take responsibility for your own financial situation ! You are responsible for where you are financially right now and likewise, you will be responsible for where you are financially in the future.

Try this little test: The next time you go shopping or spending money, ask yourself “Will this make me richer or poorer?” Ok so I confess … I do ask myself that question but I still buy the thing I WANT but don’t NEED!!!


Changing your future is all up to you!

You can change your financial future by firstly making time to act on changing your future. No, none of us have exra time – we all have 24 hours a day and they are full. You have to MAKE time and you will have to do one of the following:

Get up an hour earlier every day or

Give up one hour of television in the evening because watching TV doesn’t make you rich!!!!!

Secondly, devote that hour to doing something that will make you richer!

Initially, “doing something that will make you richer” may mean reading everything you can get your hands on. Later on, it will include setting specific business goals, making a plan of action, then creating lists of contacts, and finally emailing, writing and phoning people to extend your business.

“If it is to be! . . . IT’S UP TO ME!”

You can join this business and take that first step to changing your financial future by making money online!

Email me for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


I hate these websites that you visit that tell you “join us and make R10,000.00 per month.”

The website tells you nothing about the business so to get more information, they make you fill in a form.

Then you find out it’s Herbalife or Golden Products – sorry – GNLD, Multisure, SDL or Amway and you get inundated with auto-responder messages from them about how rich you can be plus you could be stuck receiving spam for the rest of your life as some of them even SELL your email addresses!

So I’m not going to do that to you!

All the information you need to know is right here in these pages. First off, this business is not about selling milkshakes, insurance or cleaning products. You will not have to buy thousands of Rands (or even hundreds of Rands) worth of stuff.


The start-up cost is R175. Do this business right and it becomes a once-off fee! For your own business, that is a really, truly affordable start-up fee 🙂

Here you can download the application form and a brochure. Please feel free to mail me and ask questions. You don’t have to worry – I won’t send you tons of messages because I don’t have the inclination to “bully” people into joining me.

I answer each question individually so mail me your questions!


Very best regards



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