Best ways To Promote Software Product In 2020

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So, you’ve chosen affiliate marketing for your blog. It’s quite possible you’ve made some sales in the few days. But, are you using all the methods to promote affiliate products on your blog? Well, if you aren’t still using the smart techniques, I’m going to help you today.

Here at shemeansblogging, I share several ways to make money from blogging. I continue to write in-depth guides that help you make an extra income from blogging.

how to promote affiliate products on your blog, affiliate products, affiliate marketing

how to promote affiliate products on your blog, affiliate products, affiliate marketing

Considering all the blog monetization methods, affiliate marketing sits on the top. The reason why people promote affiliate products on their blog is simple. As a blogger, you use multiple online products, accessories, digital tools, physical products, and services. Even, if you are not using products for your blog growth you might use it in your personal life. And, affiliate marketing is all about promoting the affiliate products online. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and make a purchase then you will earn a small commission. Some affiliate programs also offer special coupons and discounts that help in boosting the sales.

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To get the most out of affiliate marketing, you’ve to win trust from readers and then, promote affiliate products on your blog. In my opinion, your content is the key to winning consistent readership. It doesn’t really matter what niche you have.

What really matters is the content and the engaged audience of your blog.

In some other scenarios, the affiliate products and the right placement of affiliate link do the trick and the marketer enjoys a good amount of sales. This is where an affiliate marketing strategy comes in. Well, it was just my personal opinion. If you agree then I’d believe my readers have got the same thinking.

Even if you don’t agree, I still respect your opinion.

The way you look at your blog might be totally different than how I look at my blog.

So, I’m just sharing affiliate marketing tips that might help to increase your affiliate marketing income. In this post, I have explained some efficient ways to promote affiliate products on your website.

And, if you have not still made your decision to start a self-hosted blog, then this tutorial will show you the exact steps I took to create this blog. It’s time for you to start a blog and make money blogging!

How To Promote affiliate products on your blog

Some posts in the links are affiliate links. That means, if you click and make a purchase, it will make me a small commission. Thanks for supporting my blog. 

By far, you’ve joined a few affiliate marketing programs that you’d like to promote on your website.

If you have not joined any program then I’d recommend starting with ShareASale. It has programs in almost all niches. You can easily find affiliate products for your blog.

Here are some tips to promote affiliate products online.

Bonus tip: Always try and test different methods to analyze the clicks and conversion rate on affiliate links.

Let’s get started.

1- Write a product review post

A product review is the most read post on any website, online store or blog. When a potential buyer is interested in a product, he/she will search for a review. That’s very common. Ask yourself. What do you do when you’ve to make an online purchase? If you ask me, I do read reviews before I even purchase an online book, digital tool or an outfit.

Let me share some stats with you.

According to Capterra, ‘92% of consumers prefer to read an online product review before they make a purchase’. The statistic report also showed that 44% of consumers say that a review must be recent. It should be at least written within one month to be relevant.

These stats explain that product reviews are so important in increasing your overall sales. Whether you sell your own product or promote affiliate products on your blog, the visitors are always interested in reviews.

Your readers will trust more if you write an unbiased product review. Tell your feedback as a user. Your honest feedback can actually get you more sales.

The same research also showed, ‘30% of consumers assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews’.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve to be negative for no reason. It just indicates that a buyer would like to see both sides of the image. Whenever you’re writing an affiliate product review, explain the reasons to buy and reasons not to buy.

So, choose an affiliate product. Put some extra efforts and come up with a great product review. Most importantly, write your review in a personal tone. Look at my Elegant Themes Review.

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2- Compare two products and the features

Another idea to promote affiliate products on your blog is writing a comparison post. Start with selecting two products. It can get you more results if you’ve personally used the product. It will certainly help you write a detailed comparative post on your affiliate product.

Pick two products and compare them. Mention all the features of the product. Include the negative things about the product. Maybe, it’s little expensive or doesn’t have a return policy etc. Include customized images. Add your personal opinion in the end. It’s obvious to add affiliate links but don’t overuse them. It won’t look nice if you add 12 affiliate links in one post.

The comparative post gives a crystal clear idea to the visitors. They will find out the pros and cons of using an online tool or any product.

If you look at my post on vs, you will see how I have compared both the platforms.

3- Sprinkle affiliate links throughout your blog content

It might look easy and smooth to insert an affiliate link on your blog. But, try to place your affiliate links only where they’re required. If you’re promoting an essential oil on your blog, you cannot just place it on every blog post you write.

In fact, you need to place it on the targeted posts.

For example. Write a post on ‘how to select the best essential oil to alleviate pain’. Here, you can share your personal opinion on using Xyz essential oil. In the end, you can add a line saying, ‘I personally recommend Xyz essential oil’ (Place your affiliate link)

Try to place affiliate links smartly on your blog. Remember, you want people to click on those affiliate links. Otherwise, your efforts go in vain if nobody clicks.

And, you don’t want that, right?

4- Place affiliate banners

Many bloggers don’t use affiliate banners on their sites. They don’t want their visitors to navigate to some other websites. Banners might distract the visitor from the actual purpose of the content. I understand.

Even, I also think that way.

But, I also believe that relevant banners give you new information, ideas, and tools to try. I often click on those affiliate banners if I’m interested.

So, you can add affiliate banners on your blog at different places. But, don’t make your blog look cluttered. Your website design should not be turned into an e-commerce store where you have got a variety of products display.

Utilize the sidebar efficiently.

Place your most favorite affiliate products.

For example, I promote Traffic Transformation Guide because it’s definitely AMAZINGGG!!! I also promote this Pinterest Ebook because I have read this whole ebook, and I’m amazed by the valuable content.

Just be transparent with your review and tell your readers why they should and why they should not buy any product.

Knowing your audience’s problems will help you identify what products they will be interested in.

5- Create a resource page

I made a mistake and did not create a resource page earlier. I also regret jumping into affiliate marketing too late.

But, I don’t want you to do that!

Another idea to promote affiliate products on your blog is to create a resource page. Basically, the purpose is to let your visitors know about your favorite products. You can include your personal products and affiliate products. Even, if you’re not an affiliate, you can still add those products to help your readers. It’s all about giving value to your visitors.

If you look at my resource page, you will find great blogging tools and resources I often recommend to my followers. I have added my personal favorite web-hosts, social media tools, several blogging tools, email marketing tools, books etc.

I often update my page so that my readers get the new recommendations.


Ready to make money with affiliate marketing? Learn to find out 7 most profitable ways to promote an affiliate product on your blog and make money online! I just shared most money-making ways to increase affiliate commissions and make money blogging. Click to find out! #makemoneyblogging #moneytips #bloggingtips

Ready to make money with affiliate marketing? Learn to find out 7 most profitable ways to promote an affiliate product on your blog and make money online! I just shared most money-making ways to increase affiliate commissions and make money blogging. Click to find out! #makemoneyblogging #moneytips #bloggingtips


6- Prepare an expert roundup post about the affiliate product

As online shopping trends are increasing day by day, the number of online shoppers are also increasing. Chances are that you’re not the only one who’s using a certain product. Find other customers of influential bloggers in your niche and conduct an expert roundup post on one product.

For example, A lot of businesses use lead capture software to increase subscribers, sales, and conversions. OptinMonster is a great tool. It lets you create unlimited gorgeous forms on your blog. The tool also allows A/B testing. It can be integrated with any email autoresponder tool like Mailerlite, MailChimp etc. I can ask a number of bloggers who have used OptinMonster to share their experiences. Have they noticed a better conversion rate? Have they really found the web forms gorgeous? Is it really helpful for bloggers and small businesses?

You get the idea, right?

The roundup post can include expert opinions on OptinMonster. I think that’s a great idea to conduct a roundup post and it will give an overall feedback to my visitors.

7- Create a how-to post on the affiliate product

I’m a fan of ‘how-to’ posts. Maybe, I like reading and writing long posts. I really appreciate detailed posts that explain each and every step. For instance, you’re a craft blogger, tech blogger, or beauty blogger, you can simply create ‘how-to’ guides. These blog posts get most of the traffic as you’re teaching how to do something.

That’s why tutorials are most watched online.

So, create ‘how-to’ posts about your affiliate product. Create a step by step tutorial on something. Teach your followers, ‘how to create a gift basket for your BFF’. Maybe, write a post on, ‘how to take beautiful photographs’.

You can recommend your affiliate product in the post and tell your followers how to use the product.

The idea is, you cannot just tell your visitors to buy the product.

You’ve to tell them the story or ideas to use the product.

Show them the benefits of using the product. Add your personal story. All these ideas will help people make a decision about the product. It’s not necessary that they will make a purchase every time they visit your blog. But, you can use these ideas to increase your affiliate income.

If you…


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