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Welcome, Welcome. In this article, we are going to take a look at some great gardening affiliate programs. 

Whether you have an existing gardening blog and are simply looking for exciting new partner programs to help monetize it or you are brand new to the niche these programs can help you achieve your goals of a profitable niche blog.

Gardening as a niche is really taking off, both for the traditional flower gardening and the increasingly popular urban farming. 

Urban Farming is quickly becoming its own micro-niche but many of these programs will work for blogs in that area as well.

This IBISWorld report shows an upward trend for home gardening in the coming years. 

With the focus on fresh and organic foods, the home gardening space will continue to grow and prosper.  If you can position your blog at the head of this trend then you will surely reap the rewards.

So have a look at these affiliate partners and choose the ones that will work best for your specific audience. 

Just remember that any affiliate program has to line up well with your specific audience.  Don’t try and force one that doesn’t convert just because it has great affiliate terms.

Finding the right affiliate programs for your blog is only part of the process for building your own profitable niche blog. 

There Is Just Something About Running Your Own Business. About Being Your Own Boss. The Freedom That Comes With It. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

gardening equipment on a wood tablegardening equipment on a wood table

Gardening Affiliate Programs are programs designed to allow individuals to promote products and services related to gardening on their blogs, Youtube channels, or any other method of content delivery.

When someone uses one of these gardening affiliate links to make a purchase the affiliate marketer gets a commission from the sale.

Now that you have some great gardening affiliate program ideas you can start to create content that will draw in the traffic you need to succeed.

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Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program

garden tower icongarden tower icon

  • Company Name:  Garden Tower Project
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  16%
  • Tracking Cookie:  60-days
  • Niche:  Gardening
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

The Garden Tower Project is an incredibly interesting product for anyone interested in gardening.  Their product allows you to grow up to 50 separate plants in just a 4 square foot area.  It is vertical gardening at its finest. You can find more information on vertical gardening in our niche review article here.

This will be a pretty easy product for affiliates to promote due to its unique nature and it will help any gardening blog generate some great ideas for content just based around the vertical planters that they sell.

Some of the features that you can use to generate content are the Garden Tower’s unique and innovative rotating design.  It works as an all in one composter and a garden.  This product is great for both gardening and urban farming blog niches.

For more information on the Garden Tower Project affiliate program, you can check out my full review here.

The Affiliate Terms

Not only is the product good and unique but the affiliate terms are very nice as well.  Garden Tower Project offers a 16% commission for all sales through an affiliates link.  It is always nice to see a company reward its affiliate partners’ hard work with a great commission.

The tracking cookie offered up by this affiliate program is just as good as the commission.  Garden Tower Project offers its affiliate partners a 60-day tracking cookie. 

This is crucial for this program since the product is several hundred dollars and your readers will need a bit of time to decide on the purchase.

The 30-Day ShareASale Stats

The hits just keep on coming.  It should be no surprise that the ShareASale statistics are just as good as the affiliate terms.

  • The $284.90 Average Sale is great for a single product partner program and this gives your gardening blog a high-ticket item to promote.
  • The $27.67 Average Commission is right where you would expect it to be for this partner program.
  • The Earnings Per Click are very nice at $38.66 EPC

Closing Thoughts

This affiliate really is a must-have for just about any gardening blogger.  It is so unique and so interesting that it is worth applying for their program just for the content you can generate from it.  In addition to that, you have the outstanding commission and the long cookie.

There is really no weakness in this affiliate program.  You could build an entire section of your gardening blog around this single product.  Garden Tower Project is simply that good.

Definitely check this affiliate program out for your gardening blog.

Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

botanical interest screenshotbotanical interest screenshot

  • Company Name:  Botanical Interests
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  15% For Gardening Sites/ 5% for other sites
  • Tracking Cookie:  60-days
  • Niche:  Gardening
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

Botanical Interests is an online retailer of some of the highest quality seeds and gardening products around.  They offer a huge assortment of vegetables, flowers, and herbs for your readers to choose from.

They also have a decent amount of gardening products and tools.  From claw cultivators to seed starting kits they have got you covered.  But the selection of seeds is really their biggest draw and something you can really lean on for great content and promotional opportunities.

The Affiliate Terms

The affiliate terms for Botanical Interests are pretty great.  Starting with the 15% commission for gardening blogs. 

We love to see any commissions in the double digits for retailers of physical products as they tend to be lower than their digital counterparts.  A good start here.

They also offer a 5% commission for other non-gardening sites that wish to promote their products.

The tracking cookie follows the same path.  It is a robust 60-day tracking cookie.  It is really nice to see longer tracking cookies as the trend over recent years has been for them to get shorter and shorter.  Kudos to Botanical Interest for giving the little extra length on the cookie.

The ShareASale 30-day Statistics

The ShareASale Stats are a bit of a mixed bag, however.

  • The $32.11 Average Sale is good for this type of retailer.
  • The $2.46 Average Commission is a little low given the average sale.  However, these don’t always line up perfectly for a variety of reasons.  In this case, the lower 5% rate for non-gardening sites brings it down a bit.
  • The Earnings Per Click are $3.94 EPC.  This is not bad but does show some vulnerability in the conversion rate.  You might need to do a little extra promotion for this affiliate program.

The Wrap-Up

A pretty good affiliate partner for anyone in the gardening niche.  The added 10% commission for gardening blogs is great and the long tracking cookie is outstanding. 

The only real issue is the quoted EPC, but those numbers can be skewed from time to time.  Just keep an eye on it.

Overall, Botanical Interests is a good addition to your gardening blog’s affiliate arsenal.  But might not be big enough to use and the primary partner program.  Test it out and see how it converts to your audience.

Chelsea Green Publishing Affiliate Program

Chelsea green publishing title cardChelsea green publishing title card

  • Company Name:  Chelsea Green Publishing
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  15%
  • Tracking Cookie:  30-days
  • Niche:  Gardening
  • Auto-Approval?:  Yes

This affiliate is a retailer of a great selection of gardening books and related subjects.  It is a bit of a departure from many of the other affiliate programs on this list.  It provides a different type of service for your readers and this diversity is critical when choosing partners for your blog to promote.

Amazon also has a wide selection of gardening books, but these are much more specific and niche than many of the bigger mainstream publications.  Plus Chelsea Green’s affiliate terms are much more appealing than Amazons.

The Chelsea Green Publishing Affiliate Terms

Speaking of their great affiliate terms…

The commission for the partner program is outstanding.  They offer a 15% commission for all qualifying sales through their partner’s affiliate links.  Once again we see a great double-digit commission in the gardening niche.

Moving on to the cookie we find a standard 30-day tracking cookie.  This is probably the most common duration for a tracking cookie these days.  It is long enough for an affiliate program like this one since the prices of their products are not super high.

ShareASale Statistics

Next up is the ShareASale Statistics

These look good and are right where they should be given the terms.

  • The $32.55 Average Sale is pretty good for a gardening bookseller.
  • The average commission is $4.88, which lines up well with the commission percentage and the average sale.
  • A very nice earning per click of $11.89 EPC.

The Wrap-Up

This affiliate partner can really add some diversity to your partner program line-up.  Their huge selection of gardening books is fantastic.  They have many how-to and guides to gardening that your readers can use to improve their gardens.

As a blogger, these books can be very helpful to you as well.  They can provide you with many ideas and concepts that you can incorporate into your own content.  This will add to the promotion of the books supplied by the affiliate partner.

Classy Groundcovers Affiliate Program

classy title cardclassy title card

  • Company Name:  Classy Groundcovers
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  25%
  • Tracking Cookie:  90-days
  • Niche:  Gardening
  • Auto-Approval?:  Yes

If you need flowers and plants then this is the affiliate for you.  This is a must-have for any gardening blog.  Their selection of plants is unrivaled.  They have wonderful photos of each plant that show you exactly how they look.

Their products can be bought in bulk which means higher prices and better commissions.  It is the ideal affiliate partner for a gardening blog that focuses on flowers as opposed to food or herbs.  They have fast free shipping which you can use to help with promotion.

And you can use their features such as the packaging of their plants to really bring home the conversions. 

Each plant they sell is a potential gold mine for new content for your blog.  You could write an article detailing the pluses and minus of each plant in their stock.

I cannot say enough good things about this affiliate program.

But one last this is this.

They offer auto-approval through ShareASale.  This means you can jump right in and start promoting them.  Often affiliates will want to see great traffic numbers and other metrics before allowing you to join their program.

And there are some compelling reasons for that, but it is always nice to see a great affiliate allow newcomers to join and get their feet wet while promoting their products.

What Are The Affiliate Terms?

The Classy Groundcovers affiliate program hands you one of the best commission percentages in the entire gardening niche. 

A whopping 25%.  A full quarter of any given sale goes to you for your affiliate promotion.  There are not many physical product retailers that can even come close to this rate.

It doesn’t let up with the tracking cookie either.  It is equally as good as the commission. 

Weighing in at a robust 90-days the tracking cookie will ensure that you get paid for your promotion of this affiliate partner.

A Quick Look At The ShareASale 30-day Statistics

Classy Groundcovers has some of the best 30-day stats I have seen in a long time on ShareASale.

  • The $159.87 Average Sale is absolutely outstanding for a gardening retailer of this type.
  • The average commission is $40.12.  A truly remarkable commission but given the 25% rate, it should not…


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