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You can make a money claim if you think a person or organisation owes you money and will not pay you back. You’ll have to pay a fee.

Your claim, including your name and address, will be sent to the person you say owes you money. They’ll get a chance to respond to your claim.

Make a money claim

To make a money claim in Welsh, download and fill in form N1.

Return to an existing claim

Sign in to your account to check updates, manage a claim or make a new claim.

Help claiming online

There are 2 online claim services. The phone number or email address you use depends on how much money you’re claiming.

If you need help claiming less than £10,000

Contact Civil Money Claims (CMC).

If you need help claiming between £10,000 and £100,000

Contact Money Claim Online (MCOL).

Claim by post

Download and fill in a claim form.

Send it with a cheque for your claim fee to the County Court Money Claims Centre.

County Court Money Claims Centre
PO Box 527
Greater Manchester
M5 0BY

Help claiming by post

Contact the County Court Money Claims Centre.


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