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“Who Else Wants To Make At Least $2,000 In Affiliate Commissions Every Single Month?”

“As a leading affiliate for one particular merchant with Commission Junction I was recently asked how I do it. Well this publication reveals it all…”

“Louis I must say I’m very impressed with the outstanding quality of your latest product Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed. Neil Shearing is a true genius when it comes to affiliate marketing and the amount of information you managed to extract from him is amazing.

As a leading affiliate for one particular merchant with Commission Junction I was recently asked how I do it. Well this publication reveals it all.

The inclusion of the audio’s with the transcript makes your product extremely unique and anyone interested in affiliate marketing should grab a copy ASAP.”

Allan Wilson

Dear Internet Friend,

If you become a super affiliate, you’ll be able to create money on demand literally.

Listen to this:

I know one super affiliate pulling in well over five figures in profits every single month. And even more amazingly a lot of that income comes in on auto pilot.

Perhaps that sounds crazy, but that’s what becoming a super affiliate can do for you you can literally choose the size of your monthly pay check, and then keep it coming in even if you choose to spend your days at the beach!

Sound good? Well, there’s just two steps you need to take…

Step 1: Learn first hand from a super affiliate

Step 2: Model your business on their proven marketing tactics

That’s it.

Whatever people may tell you, making money online is NOT rocket science … all it takes is learning from the right people.

And here’s one person I strongly recommend you listen to …

Introducing Neil Shearing …

Neil’s site currently makes well over $200,000 a year and amazingly he runs it all from a study in his home in the quiet English countryside.

And a good percentage of his profits come from affiliate commissions. In fact he tells me that he usually wakes up to at least a few ClickBank commission notices every single day.

And what’s even better, is that unlike some people earning a great living online Neil isn’t shy about revealing exactly how he does it. And I mean *Exactly*.

Get $3,180 Worth Of Coaching From Neil

I spent over four hours on the phone with Neil recently asking him about every single aspect of affiliate promotion. Exactly how he pulls in the big commission checks every single month, and how you can too whatever your current level of experience.

And let me tell you that Neil’s time doesn’t come cheap. He generally doesn’t consult anymore due to being busy running his business, but when he does he charges $795 an hour. Yes, you read that right.

But don’t worry, you won’t need to pay Neil $3,180 to find out his affiliate marketing secrets!

I’m making available to you the full four hour transcript of the affiliate marketing coaching I received from Neil. You get it in eBook format (for PC’s only) … plus, you get ALL the audio downloadable in MP3 format too. All 4 hours of it.

So as you listen to it, it’s as if Neil is right there in the room with you, showing you exactly how it’s done.

Here is just a taster of what Neil reveals …

  • Do you know what one of the most important factors to online success is? It’s the most obvious, but 99% of people won’t do it. Neil reveals what it is so you’ll have an immediate advantage!
  • Before promoting any affiliate program you must answer”Yes” to one question. If you can’t, you’ll be wasting both time and money.
  • Discover why multi level affiliate programs can lose you money hand over fist!
  • How to make sure you get credited for every single sale you refer to a merchant.
  • ‘Lifetime Affiliate Commissions’ may sound great, but they can in fact lose you money. They lost Neil hundreds of dollars in commissions. Discover how to avoid this affiliate pitfall.
  • There’s one particular moment when your visitors are much more likely to buy through your affiliate link. Know when it is? Neil reveals all. Knowing and applying this can truly make you a fortune.
  • How you can lose 30% of your affiliate profits (and not even know about it).
  • How to make your affiliate links a lot more likely to be clicked this trick will boost your commission checks!
  • Discover the secret to getting your affiliate mini site listed high in the search engines (even if it’s only one or two pages).
  • Neil reveals step by step how to use minisites to make serious affiliate income … and how to use them to create multiple streams of passive income.
  • Discover a quick and easy way to create a mini site (you could probably do this in less than an hour),
  • How to pick the most profitable niche for your minisite.
  • Neil reveals how he makes $400 in profits every month … from a web site he doesn’t touch at all … and how you can easily copy this proven minisite system. This really has to be one of the easiest ways to make passive income online …
  • Discover an accurate (and free) way to track all your affiliate campaigns and compare one ad against another.
  • Discover how Neil put together a free to distribute ebook in a day, got it out to thousands of people within a week, and just a couple of months later it is making him several affiliate sales every single day. And how you can do the same, even if you don’t currently have an ezine list, and without spending any money on advertising!
  • Discover the free to distribute ebook topics that are much hotter than internet marketing (knowing this can make you a fortune in affiliate income)
  • Neil reveals the truth about email training courses for making affiliate commissions (I’m sure you’ll be surprised)
  • How to build a content site that the search engines love, that gets flooded with qualified traffic, and that can make you a fortune in affiliate commissions! (And even discover how you can get scripts to write the site for you!)
  • Listen to the story of a woman who runs a web site from home … and it makes her over $1,000,000 a year in affiliate commissions!
  • How to choose the right subject for your ezine, build up your list, and turn it into your own perpetual affiliate income stream …
  • Discover one of the easiest ways to lose ezine subscribers. (So many experienced marketers make this mistake … it’s embarrassing! You’ll know better…)
  • Discover the quick and easy way Neil gets 100 new ezine subscribers every single day.
  • How to get at least 50 new qualified ezine subscribers every single day (even if you’ve currently got little or no traffic).
  • Discover how Neil added 10,000 qualified subscribers to his email list almost overnight legally and ethically.
  • How to make affiliate sales by syndicating your articles (you won’t even need a web site for this one!)
  • Listen to Neil’s proven tactic for turning old articles into thousands upon thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.
  • Why forums are one of the best affiliate training grounds online
  • Discover exactly where affiliate marketing should fit into your internet business plan if you’re serious about profits
  • Neil reveals his”Seven Vital Steps To Make A Living Online” (he follows this plan every day and it makes well over six figures a year you’ll be wise to follow it)
  • Discover proven ways to leave your thousands of affiliate competitors far behind. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank …

The Reviews Are In …

Just before releasing this eBook, I sent out review copies to experienced online marketers I knew. Now, they certainly don’t just attach their name to anything, and I’m happy to say the feedback was very positive. Have a read:

“Louis, You’ve done it again. I thought I had all the tricks down on mastering affiliate program profits… was I mistaken! On every page there are secrets that I wish I had when I joined my first affiliate program 5 years ago! There’s so much insider information you should raise the price!

PS. I really appreciate the 4 hours of audio, I’m able to learn while working on other things. I can even listen to it in my car!”

George Chapin

“Truly amazing! Your’Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed’ interview with Neil Shearing is one of the best behind the scenes looks at how super affiliates run their businesses!

What impressed me the most was the detailed information Neil reveals he doesn’t hold anything back. It’s pure gold literally a blueprint for success online.

I’m implementing one of Neil’s nuggets as I’m writing this, and know it will add significantly to my bottom line. Awesome interview Louis! I highly recommend it!”

Mark Idzik, Author of”Embarrassingly Simple Way”

“Louis, I’m very impressed with the Neil Shearing interview. Audio interviews like this add a new dimension to the internet marketing learning experience, and you’re a master of getting people to open up and reveal all the secrets of their success.

Listening to Neil talking about ways to increase your affiliate income is very inspirational and educational.”

Phil Wiley

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Pages : 20
Language : English
File Size : 400 KB Instant download after payment $17
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Short Description: Who Else Wants To Make At Least $2,000 In Affiliate Commissions Every Single Month? As a leading affiliate for one particular merchant with Commission Junction I was recently asked how I do it. Well this publication reveals it all…
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