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Besides traffic, all this adds to your influence and authority.

The best part? You don’t even have to be good before a camera to make a killing with video.

Pat Flynn made $37,500 last month in affiliate commissions from BlueHost. A bulk of this came from a single video – “how to build a blog in less than 4 minutes”.

This video is just a simple screencast of Pat walking the viewer though the blog setup process. It required just a screen recording tool (Camtasia has a free trial), a microphone and a few minutes of effort. 

Pat didn’t even have to do any complicated editing before publishing it.

You can create such videos easily yourself. For inspiration, check out some of our videos on the Skyscraper technique, finding long-tail keywords.

13. Offer to Answer Questions

There has never been a better time to ask, and to answer questions.

From Quora to Reddit AMAs, there are countless platforms and opportunities for you to answer questions.

Three things happen when you do this:

  1. You establish authority. In most people’s minds, if you have an answer to a question, you must be an authority in your field. Ryan Hanley relied largely on Quora to establish himself as a marketing expert.
  2. You gain search engine visibility. According to Blue Nile Research, 27% all search queries are in question format (“How to…”, “Why does…”, etc.). When you answer a question, you have a higher likelihood of showing up in SERPs for these searches.
  3. You establish trust. When people see questions, then the questions being answered, they trust your expertise more. This trust translates into more sales.

There are a number of platforms where you can answer questions. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer a detailed answer on your own website or blog (“How to create free images for your blog”). You can then drop the link every time someone asks a related question online with your affiliate links in the post.
  • Create a video answer and share it on YouTube (ex: “How to find affiliate offers on Clickbank”). Tons of people look for how to’s on youtube and will gladly buy through your link.
  • Answer questions in your niche on Quora. Follow this post to get started and to learn what a helpful Quora answer looks like. Be careful with affiliate links on quora but linking to a related blog post is totally fine.
  • Start a short daily/weekly podcast answering reader questions. For inspiration, check out Ask Pat by Pat Flynn. He drops a ton of affiliate mentions in the podcast and it’s a great way to both help and earn.
  • Respond to comments on your own blog and other blogs. As Neil Patel discovered (after writing 50,696 comments), responding to questions in comments increases both traffic and sales.

These are a lot of options and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Just pick one platform such as Quora, stick with it for a couple of months and see the results.

14. Offer Alternatives

Have you ever been suspicious when a site repeatedly promotes the same product, without ever once talking about its alternatives?

You’re not alone.

A lot of your users will question your motivations for only promoting a single product on your site. They might think you have vested interests, or maybe you’ve been paid by the product creator.

There’s a simple way out of this conundrum: offer multiple alternatives to a product.

This has four distinct benefits:

  1. It shows that you are not partial to any product, and that you are only recommending one because of its superior quality.
    It shows that you have the users’ best interests in mind.
  2. You care about them getting the highest quality product, not the product that nets you the best commissions.
  3. It increases your sales. You can add affiliate links to the alternative products as well. People who wouldn’t have bought your initial offering might buy the alternatives.
  4. It improves your conversion rate. Offering alternatives changes the question in the buyer’s mind from “should I buy this?” to “which of these should I buy?”. This is a powerful sales psychology tactic that can dramatically improve conversion rates.

To maximize the impact from this tactic, make sure to mention free alternatives as well. This confirms to your audience that you have their best interests at heart. It also weeds out stragglers who weren’t going to buy anyway.

For a great example of this tactic, check out this post from IMImpact that compares OptimizePress against its alternatives. does the same by recommending a single product against 9 other alternatives.


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