Best ways To Promote Software Product In 2020

Affiliate marketing, when done right, can turn your bank account from upside-down to…downside up?

Wait, what?

What I’m saying is, affiliate marketing is a badass way to make money.


Is it easy? Can anybody earn coin as an affiliate marketer?

Hell yeah. Tons of people are earning online by promoting other people’s products. Including Pat Flynn, who consistently earns $50K+ every month in affiliate commission.

How do they do it?

How do the expert affiliates​ promote affiliate products so effectively?

Well, you’re in luck…

We asked a few dozen pros ​for their affiliate marketing advice. 24 got back to us with some awesome tips and we’ve put it all into this roundup post.

Let’s take a look at what they said.​

24 Pros Share Advice on How to Promote Affiliate Products Effectively

When asked how to effectively make money online with content and blogging, I always tell people to refer to my free make money blogging guide, which breaks down the process step by step. The process works like this…

First, you need to put in the time and effort to research your site focus and target audience. Once you have a niche market, you need to niche down again and make it even more focused.

The next thing you need to do is make sure you have a method for monetization (affiliate marketing, product or service).

After that, scope out the competition and see what they are doing… then do it better.

With this knowledge now in place, create some killer content for your site (3-5 articles is fine).

The last step in the process is to promote the heck out of it and to start ranking for keywords that zone right in on your demographic audience and monetization goal.

An extra bonus tip is to take advantage of expert roundup posts. In this link, you will see a bunch of examples of what’s working for sites in various industries today. Expert roundup posts are a great way to bring authority to your site, while also getting a ton of backlinks and social shares in the process — all while helping your site rank higher in the process

Great question. Here’s my take on it:

Do these three steps:

  • Try the product yourself,
  • Share your genuine opinion about it, and
  • Promote the product (with your review) to the right audience.

Say if you are promoting a workout program – try it yourself for 30 days and blog about your progress. If you are promoting a WordPress themes club, signup and try out the themes on your blog.

Hard selling and push marketing don’t work well nowadays. To success, we need to help the right people to find the right product with our content (in the form of guide or review).

Jerry Low, Founder of Web Hosting Secret Revealed. We signup and test the hosting service ourselves before publishing our host review

The easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing is to create review posts. I do it too.

The problem is, when you are in most niches, you are not alone. In fact, there is often a lot of competition. And the most powerful website or the one with the most links wins!

So, rather than trying to compete with yet another review post – which honestly is just you trying to sell the product (in most cases), why not try something different?

What people are really after is to see how you have used the product with success. If you have made good use of a product and gotten great results, perhaps it is worth buying, right?

My recommendation for affiliate marketing that beats your competition is to create content that is really helpful (like case studies or in-depth examples) that also recommends a product (or more) that can help achieve a result. These kinds of posts can rank for keywords no one else is competing for and also be a far more compelling sales page than a plain jane review!

Give it a try.

According to my understanding, the most effective methods to promote affiliate products on the blog are:

1. Writing unbiased reviews, comparison articles and tutorials.

The reason why these types of articles convert well is that they target commercial keywords.

People who search for these keywords are already in the buying state. You just need to hit the bull’s eye with your writing.

If you look at my Thrive Content Builder review article, you will notice that I have tried to cover each and every possible benefit of using this plugin.

This is the real game-changer. Tell your readers about the benefits of using those affiliate products and educate them by writing tutorials around them. They will trust you more and your affiliate sales will increase.

2. Having a Toolbox Page

If you are an affiliate marketer, then having a Toolbox page on your blog is must.

Tell your readers which products you use to successfully run your blog. If they trust you, they will purchase those products from your link.

Special tip: Provide some special offers to your readers on your Toolbox page. It will increase your conversions. Try this.

You can check out my Toolbox page to see how I am taking full benefit of it.

Affiliate marketing is all about testing, testing and testing. Keep trying different methods to increase your affiliate sales.

There are a lot of different ways you can promote affiliate products, but a few specific strategies have worked particularly well for me.

1. Write super in-depth case studies about how you used the product to grow your business. For example, I wrote a case study here about how I use SEMrush to perform keyword research for existing sites and capture quick organic traffic gains. The post provides value while promoting an affiliate product.

2. Use influencers to provide the most powerful form of social proof. One of the best ways to do this is strategically position expert roundups around affiliate product categories. For example, I recently put together an expert roundup where I asked 97 SEO professionals to rank their best SEO tools. Apart from being a tool junky and genuinely interested in what tools others were using, I was confident SEMrush (affiliate) product would fall somewhere on the list of the top tools. And, it did. So, not only am I vouching for the tool but over 30 other SEO experts are too. This social proof can help boost click-through and conversion rates.

3. Thrive Leads Smart Links – I wrote a monster review on the tool here. But, here is how it works. When someone signs up to an email list they often see the same opt-in offer the next time they click through from an email. This is redundant. Smart Links allows you to show different messaging on popups, sidebar widgets and all other form types to people who are already opted in to an email list. This is very powerful! If you have a segmented list, instead of showing a redundant offer (or nothing at all), you can promote targeted product sales or affiliate offers. When adding these smart links into automated email campaigns, you create a passive affiliate marketing machine.

4. Giveaways – This one is HUGE! Reach out to the company you are an affiliate for and ask for a free license to their product. Next, launch and promote the giveaway. At the end, you’ll have a list of people you know want the product. Create a separate list segment for these people and hit them up with a follow-up offer, and drip helpful content featuring the product over the next couple weeks. Again, smart links can be incorporated here too. If you want to see the full process I used to collect 1,178 emails in 10 days and generate affiliate sales using a giveaway, check out this case study.

All that said, I only promote a small number of products to my audience that I actually use to run my businesses. Others are more flexible, but that’s just how I operate with affiliates.

I’m going to be an old school here but if you really want to make big bucks AND get consistent revenue you need to find a way to get regularly in touch with the people in your niche.

That can be through a Facebook group, push notifications, retargeting or more classically an email list (the most powerful still).

It takes some initial investment and doesn’t pay back right away but that’s the only way to really compound earnings and get to the 5 or 6 figures monthly realm.

Once you start collecting emails, fans or members, make a schedule and regularly send them info about the niche you’re in. It doesn’t even have to be your content, it can be other people’s content. Just be their curator, mix with your own content, make it valuable. Do that 3 times a week.

Once that is set up, mix the curation with affiliate promos related to your niche.

Both in your content emails (say 1 promo item for 3 content items) and in dedicated promo emails (say 2 a week).

You now have a monetized newsletter. Use the money you make to grow your subscriber either by starting a blog and promoting your content or buying ads.

As you make more money, reinvest in growth / multiply the channels and voila, you have a successful niche business using affiliate marketing.

It really depends what the affiliate products are, but for most sites and niches, the best way to promote affiliate products is to use them yourself, and show people how to use them to get the results they want. For example, if I wanted to sell something like LongTailPro as an affiliate, I’d create case studies and examples showing how I used it to get the keyword research that I wanted, and how that resulted in the rankings and income I wanted.

If you let people easily see how they can use the product to get their desired result, that’s all you need to do.

I would highly recommend them to analyze the traffic on their blogs first. Which article is getting maximum traffic and what keywords are ranking in Google. Once I know the traffic on any particular article and the ranking keywords, now I can proceed to the next step, where I will find the best affiliate products in that category.

You can now proceed to and see what are the affiliate products in that category. If you find the products in that category, just join the relevant networks in the industry and put the affiliate products in the article.

Further, you can use the exit-intent popup on your blog to get more sales. Let’s say your article is about link building, as soon as your reader try to close the window, show them a popup saying “Download my free book to learn 30 link building techniques.” So he/she will download the book and later you can sell any link building related product to them via a mail.

I have tried different methods to promote affiliate products on my blog. You need to test a lot when promoting affiliate products. One great technique can be promoting affiliate products on About page & recommended tool pages of your blogs. Create a recommended page on your blog and then promote some great products you have used & keep testing the products you are recommending to your users.

Sometimes users might be interested in other offers too, use heatmaps and see how clicks are happenings. I use Hotjar to analyze the clicks on my blog.

Also, try recommending products to the sidebar of the blog it will help you to get more sales.

Have you seen my product which can surely help in recommendations, the free version will be out soon. I am sure the affiliate would make more money with it.

I have seen many top affiliate marketers in my list they have use recommendation feature very well. Try it and see conversions skyrocketing.



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