Warrior Plus Review – You May Not Sell If You Are Being Honest…Top Affiliate Network To Work With In 2020

Warrior Plus is a focal point for any internet marketers who work on “MMO/Bizopp (make-money-online & business opportunities)” niche. It’s a marketplace where you can either sell your own products, find products to promote as an affiliate, or purchase useful products for yourself. It’s free to join. Sellers will pay a percentage of commission to affiliates upon each sale, but for others there’s absolutely no fees to pay. 

Warrior Plus Review

Warrior+Plus Review

Firstly, what I think is good about Warrior Plus is that you can join instantly to see what’s on offer first. If you like a product and become an affiliate, then apply for it. You might find some products that can help your business and purchase yourself. Or even just to take a look around and check what the top sellers are up to – you will find some pretty good, inspiring sales pages.

If nothing interests you, just leave. Switch off all the notification settings (in “Account Settings” > “My Account”) and you won’t hear from them.

And if you have your own products to sell, Warrior Plus provides a great platform to advertise them. You can simply promote them to potential customers, or also to affiliates and decide how many % of commission you want to pay upon sale.

MMO/Bizopp Related Products

Warrior Plus Top Sellers

Products that are sold on Warrior+Plus are generally online marketing related. There are quite a few products that I have actually bought myself and found useful (including “Open Rates Solved”). Some training courses are decent for sure.

On the other hand I also find some not-so-convincing products or sales pages. In other words – they can be misleading and scammy, it’s just a matter of choosing what you think is the right product whether you get it for yourself or decide to promote as an affiliate on the vendor’s behalf.

Pretty Transparent

In my opinion, the Warrior Plus network is fairly open and transparent. Some affiliate networks such as “CashNetwork” don’t reveal what kind of advertisers (vendors) they have to public, and they most likely offer a lot of hyper-scammy programs such as “Become a millionaire within X weeks”. Whereas as I mentioned earlier, Warrior Plus is free for anybody to join at any time, so you can browse to see what’s on offer first, then decide whether it’s useful for yourself or your customers/visitors/followers or not.

With all that said, there are some “million bucks sellers” who are notorious for producing similar products every month (if not more frequently!), all of which claim to earn thousands of dollars with free traffic. As an affiliate, you might want to be careful when choosing the Warrior Plus products to promote, otherwise you’ll lose your own reputation for being deceptive to your audience.

Promote Products As An Affiliate

Affiliate Menu

  • 1

    Go straight to “Affiliates” in the top menu, then choose “Offers”. It will come up with thousands of products.

Product List

  • 2

    Sort the list by clicking each header. You can check the latest offers (by Launch Date), which ones convert well (by Conversion Rate), which ones pay more per conversion (by Average Sale), etc. Click the product name to view the detail.

* Pulse Score and Refund Rate

The great feature is “Pulse Score” – the heart shape on the right in the header. The score is an indicator based on the overall sales numbers as well as the number of affiliates who have made sales in the past few months. The higher the better. So click this shape and check out the products with best affiliate performance.

You cannot sort by “Refund Rate” for some reason, but this is something that should not be ignored. If a refund is made to the purchaser, your affiliate commission will also be reversed. A product with 20% means 1/5 of the users regret purchasing it, that’s pretty huge and there must be a reason for it. The product may not be necessarily a scam, but the rate makes it appear to be one. You wouldn’t want to promote a product knowing that’s disapproved by 20% of the users.

Sales page view and affiliate request

  • 3

    You’ll get the product overview and the seller’s information. Click the blue button at the top-right corner to view the actual sales page. If it’s believable to you, it’s believable to whoever you are promoting it to – read the sales copy (or watch the video) and decide whether you want to become an affiliate based on your judgement as a user.

  • 4

    If you like the product and would like to promote it, send a request for approval to the product holder (seller) by clicking the orange button at the top. A small window will come up with a box where you can send a message to. Tell them briefly how you want to promote it, such as on your webpage, to your own subscribers, social media ads etc. You don’t have to, but you should, as a common sense!

Get Links

How long it takes for your affiliate request to be approved depends on the seller. It can be in a matter of minutes if they’re online, or it can take days. Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation from Warrior Plus by email. And your approved products are listed under “Get Links” menu, where you can get your unique affiliate link.

Earning Withdrawals

Withdraw Funds

Warrior Plus will pay either to your PayPal or Stripe account. You can set it up easy from your “Account Settings” > “Vendors/Affiliates” > “Merchant Accounts”.

When you first become an affiliate, you need to make sales to a minimum of 5 unique buyers before your account is eligible to make withdrawals. There will be a delay of payment due to the fund clearance in the beginning, but as you make more affiliate commissions and make a trust relationship with vendors, the payment delay period will be shortened. Some vendors may decide to pay you instantly (at their discretion).

Can You Make Money As A Warrior Plus Affiliate?

Now having said all that – it’s been a few years since I originally wrote this review, and many Warrior Plus affiliates have started to sell products in a particular way;

  1. Go to muncheye.com. This site displays a “future release calendar” – lists up all the products to be released in the future from Warrior Plus and JV Zoo.
  2. Pick a product, write a positive “review” based on the invitation page.
  3. Publish the review well before the product release date (7-10 days in advance, at least) so that your review goes to the top of Google search.
  4. Download some free PLR products/ebooks from a free PLR website, and offer the prospective buyers as a bonus. “If you buy this (Warrior+ product) from my link, I’ll give you 10 x amazing bonuses!”

As you can imagine, the majority of the “reviews” written before the release date are not real user reviews. Also the majority of the bonus products that these affiliates offer are outdated and unusable ebooks and videos. Obviously the tactics are not genuine and those reviews are often written with dishonest intent. But that’s what it is now, and you may struggle to make money if you wish to make money by running a campaign as a real user affiliate for Warrior Plus products.

Criticisms of Warrior Plus

We have seen criticisms and complaints – mostly from buyers – over the years and understandably, the majority of the complaints are about the refund requests that are not handled in a timely manner. And most of the time, the cause of the problem is misleading/deceptive sales page content (which Warrior Plus admin has no direct responsibility of). The buyers often ask for a refund when they feel the actual product is different from what’s been described on the sales page. Here are 3 of the main causes of the problem.

#1 Product That “Makes Money”

I can see the sellers’ dilemma though. They develop products after products that are innovative but not “revolutionary” enough to go viral for months to come. So inevitably, their target audience is internet marketing beginners. But beginners are not interested in “innovative web tools” such as video creation tools, for example. They’re only interested in making money and looking for magic words such as “6 figures in X weeks”. 

Video creation tools may help users increase their revenue, ultimately, not directly. But the sellers may have no choice but to emphasize the projected income when advertising. The majority of the bestselling Warrior Plus product sales pages are full of “commission screenshots” whether the product is an SEO keyword tool or a set of e-commerce manuals. Which is…misleading.

#2 Sellers and Affiliates Teaming Up

The big-buck sellers on Warrior Plus are also big-buck affiliates. They promote each other’s products to their leads to make more money. And they repeatedly appear on each other’s sales pages to leave testimonials. Nothing’s wrong with that if they truly recommend each other’s product every time. But many of us know that this makes the sales page less credible. (Google “Warrior Plus fake testimonials” and you’ll see what marketing experts say). Again, their target audience is newbies, so perhaps they don’t care?

#3 Fake Product Reviews by Affiliates

I’ve already mentioned it earlier – you’ll find a lot of complaints if you google “Warrior Plus fake reviews”.

#4 Dubious “Refund Guarantees”

Almost every Warrior Plus product sales page displays a 30-60 day money-back guarantee badge, and that’s one of the assurances for the buyers to make a purchase. They often seem to get into trouble when they claim a refund and the seller doesn’t respond quickly enough. (Some complaints can be viewed from here.)

Warrior Plus has its own payment clearance system, so the registered sellers don’t have to be involved with taking payments from the customers. But when it comes to the refund, it must be dealt with the sellers and Warrior Plus admin barely gets involved. That’s where the customers feel “unfair”.

Warrior Plus Review – Conclusion

As an affiliate, at least you can sign up for free and see what kind of products are selling and who the top sellers are. As I explained earlier, a top-selling product doesn’t necessarily mean the top quality, but it may be due to the pre-launch contest campaign. Typical top sellers on Warrior Plus tend to only approve affiliates who have a good sales history, anyway. Even if you’ve bought their product, your affiliate request may be rejected. My personal advice is to check the sales page and see what’s being said all makes sense to you first. If you like it, send your affiliate request to the seller, but if rejected, don’t dwell on it. Find the next product!

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