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dagarmin wrote:

Does the weather show live local radar?

With the $5 one-time subscription for Premium Weather, you have:

-weather radar (with or without animation)
-weather alerts
-road conditions

Live radar is not included, and my fear is that live weather radar could eat up a lot of a cell phone’s monthly data allotment as well as stressing the nuvi’s processor which is also trying to navigate a route.

The weather radar can be a single recent view (maybe 0-20 minutes old) or can be animated (from 0-20 minutes to about an hour ago) but live radar is not an offering.

With my Premium Weather while driving a route, the nuvi will offer an Alert if there’s nearby bad weather on your route and lets you click the alert to see where the weather issues are.

The free weather (with the free SmartPhone Link app) I think offers only the forecast and current conditions, although I may be wrong here since I haven’t seen the free weather since updating to premium paid weather.


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