Best Affiliate program To Join In 2020

Let’s have a real talk for a moment.

If you are promoting Amazon affiliate products right now it’s time to make some changes.

Maybe you are scared and think that selling a high-ticket product is just too hard and no one will buy from you.


Think about it.

If someone is searching for a mattress online, is it feasible to say they are probably going to buy a mattress at some point, even though it has a higher ticket item?


It is no harder to sell a mattress to somebody looking for a mattress then it is to sell a book to somebody looking for a book.

Pushing high-ticket affiliate products is one of the most lucrative forms of affiliate income that exists in 2020. And it’s simply not that much harder than low-ticket selling.

This is why I get SO frustrated when people say the Amazon affiliate program is the best way for beginners to start with their measly 4% commissions and low-ticket physical products.

*Update. Amazon just lowered that 4% to 1%.

Enough rambling.

Here is a list of the best high ticket affiliate programs you can promote in 2020.

Commission: 40%
Niche: Online Business
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $ 1997

ClickFunnels is a funnel building tool and one of my favorite products to promote because it’s so valuable and offers a killer 40% commission.

Even better, when you sign as an affiliate they give you an insane amount of free training. They have training from 30 6-figure affiliate marketers and give you all the training for free.

Join Program [Free] For Access to Bootcamp

Their affiliate program allows you to promote a variety of low-ticket and high-ticket products valued up to $1997 with an impressive 40% commission. So you can make up to $798 on a single sale.

My favorite part about their affiliate program is the lifetime cookie. Just get someone to put in an email address and you can make commissions for years.

Another thing that’s unique about ClickFunnels is that you can join a special program where they’ll buy you your dream car if you succeed as an affiliate. (For real, I actually won a car that way!)

ClickFunnels also has the best training for their affiliates I’ve ever seen a program put out. It is called the affiliate bootcamp. Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels founder literally went out and interviews dozens of the best affiliate marketers on planet earth and asked them one question.

“What would you do if you had to start over and had 30 days to get your entire business back up and running?”

Then he turned their responses into a powerful training on selling high-ticket affiliate products.

You can sign up for the bootcamp here (even if you don’t promote ClickFunnels!).

Spencer Mecham recurring commissions

Spencer Mecham recurring commissions

ClickFunnels has been my number one money-maker for 3 years in a row.

If you want to learn how I promote ClickFunnels, watch my webinar.

Watch Webinar

Commission: $10 + 10% for 12 months
Niche: Anything
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $150

Now before you take out the pitchforks, just hear me out on why I love this program.

First is that every needs it and it can apply to any business.

Second is that even though the highest affiliate  commission on a single product is $150, you can earn MUCH more than this by choosing the $10 + 10% model.

Because Fiver is ADDICTING. When you show someone Fiverr for the first time, they will buy gig after gig after gig.

Ffiver lets you choose to take $10 + 10% of everything they buy in a year.

To put in perspective – I have spent almost $3,000 on Fiverr this year.

Join Here

Commission:  40%
Niche: Make Money Online
Buy to join: Some products
Highest commission on single sale: $4,000

This is another one that I just started working with. They have a very lucrative program that’s simple to understand. There’s basic and pro versions. The basic plan allows you to earn between 5 and 30% commission, while the pro plan allows you to earn 40% commission on products up to $8,000.

The best part about legendary marketer is they provide tons and tons of training. I would hop on to the pro version plan. It is $30 a month and dramatically increases your commissions.

Legendary also offers a 15-day challenge for $7 where they help you set up your entire affiliate business step by step. It is one of the best products I have ever seen to not only LEARN affiliate marketing, but to promote.

Joining and completing the challenge also increases your chances of getting accepted as an affiliate dramatically.

Learn About The Challenge

I also love them because they sell multiple products, and if you can get anybody to even put an email address they will be cookied to you. This means if they buy something down the road you get paid.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sold a low $1 product and months later made a high-ticket commission of $1,000 off that same customer because of this cookie.

high paying affiliate programs 2019

high paying affiliate programs 2019

Commission:  50%
Niche: Amazon
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $ 2500

Amazing Selling Machine is one of the best affiliate programs to make money on Amazon.
I don’t personally promote this program but I have a lot of friends who successfully promote it.

It’s one of the core courses out there that teaches you how to crush it on Amazon. They pay 50% on a $5000 course. So just drive one sale and you’ll get a commission comparable to what most people earn in a month.

Amazing Selling Machine is probably the truest high-ticket affiliate product you can promote.

Two sells in a single month is enough to make a full-time income.

Commission: 30%
Niche: Instagram
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $397

This affiliate program involves promoting an Instagram marketing masterclass by Josue Pena. If you haven’t heard of him, just know this guy runs the Instagram accounts of like half the influencers you see on the internet today.

So he knows exactly what he’s doing, which makes promoting his product to interested subscribers really easy. The affiliate program offers a 30% commission on a $1000 course.

Despite being expensive, his products are really easy to push and make commissions from because they’re so valuable. Thousands of people search the internet for ways to make money with Instagram every month. You just need to catch a few.

Josue sells via a free webinar that has been refined dozens of times and has extremely high conversion rates. Josue’s course is one of my favorite high-ticket affiliate products because his students all love him and I feel good promoting his course to my audience as a true win-win situation.

Instagram course affiliate

Instagram course affiliate


Commission:  $250-$1,000
Niche: Business
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $ 1000

Hubspot has one of the great free affiliate programs where you can earn up to $1,000 in commission for each product purchased. How much you earn depends on the product tier: $250 for basic, $500 for professional, or $1,000 for enterprise. Hubspot also offers a generous 90-day cookie window, so you have plenty of time to nurture leads into purchasing a high dollar product. There really is no tool out there that compares to Hubspot’s capabilities, so promoting it to the right audience should be a breeze.


Commission:  35%
Niche: Hosting
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $200

WPEngine is one of the best affiliate programs to make money because you can promote their managed hosting platform as well as their premium WordPress themes.

They offer $200 minimum commissions for WPEngine sales and 35% for StudioPress theme sales. Promoting these products to your audience is easy using their pre-made assets as well as exclusive offers, custom discounts and promotions.

You can also earn progressively higher payouts by referring more customers to the WP Engine platform. The longer you have an affiliate relationship with them, the more opportunities there are to earn significant income from commissions.

While WPEngine isn’t technically high ticket, they are on my favorite list because literally every business on planet earth needs a host, and if your audience is business owners it’s a no-brainer sale.

Commission:  40%
Niche: Make money online
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $600

Genius Webinars is one of the high ticket affiliate programs in online sales. Their program involves promoting an online course that teaches you how to do webinars and online sales in general. It’s a $1500 course with 40% commission. So do the math and see on how much you can earn by getting even one successful referral with this program!

Commission:  30%
Niche: Private Jets
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $5,000-$10,000

I’ve never promoted Villers Jets before but I know people that do. It’s essentially a private list of jets you can charter. So if you have a list of well-to-do subscribers you can make a lot of money promoting the Villers Jets service. It makes my high ticket affiliate programs list because of the commissions. You can earn $1,000’s for every flight book, as well as 30% profit share and recurring commission for the lifetime of the client.

This means that just a few sales to the right people can result in a lifetime of recurring high-ticket commissions.

Sure, it would take some work getting the assets in place online to make that work, but if you focused on search engine traffic like I teach in my webinar it is totally possible.

highest paying affiliate programs list

highest paying affiliate programs list

Commission:  3% (of total investment)
Niche: Hosting
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $100 per email address

I just signed up for this affiliate program recently. Click Again is in the asset management niche. So if you have clients with a lot of assets or if you have a website that teaches about asset management, this is a great affiliate program to look into. You can make up to $30,000 from both sales and leads. You get up to $100 for each verified email you refer, up to 3% of their total investment amount, and an additional 1-2% on all sales referred by brand partners you sign up. That’s lots of earning opportunity!

Click Again is the highest-ticket affiliate product I promote. I’m still waiting for my $30,000 commission to come in, but where else can you make $30,000 for a single referral?

Commission:  35%
Niche: Hosting
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $200

Hostgator is one of the great free affiliate programs out there because of its simplicity. It has one of the smaller programs but it’s still on the list because you can get $200 per sale. The cool thing is that people who sign up for Hostgator only have to pay $20 to sign up, then you as an affiliate automatically get $200. So you don’t have to convince your audience to purchase high-dollar products to get a nice commission from Hostgator.

Commission:  Set Cost
Niche: Financial Management
Buy to join: No
Highest commission on single sale: $800

Plus 500 has one of the best high ticket affiliate…


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