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It is also much richer than either, the lower stage being a mass of niches and pinnacles, with angel corbels below.

The Puritan soldiers did much injury to the statues which filled these niches.

The round stones lying in the niches were whitened somewhat with sea-sand which the wind had no doubt driven through the door.

The Capucins themselves are disposed in niches, and each has a text from Scripture over his cowl.

The bottom of these apartments still retains pediments of niches and tabernacles, the supporters of which are destroyed.

The exterior of apses is sometimes rendered pleasing by tiers of blind arches, or of niches and pilasters.

High up in the interior of the centre dome are four niches, which I hope to explore on some future occasion.

The face which was turned towards us formed a dark cliff, with ferns and brambles growing in its niches.

I think this is the only church I have seen where there are any statues still left standing in the niches of the exterior walls.

Between the stalls, elaborately pierced and carved scroll-work runs up to the canopy level, where little figures stand in niches.


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