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Learning how to promote affiliate products on Pinterest is very important for affiliate marketers who are trying to target more people. Pinterest is one of the best platforms to promote affiliate products because most people who make use of it are there to find information about products before they buy them. By creating pins about your niche and having a link to your articles, affiliate products, or landing pages you can easily increase your page views and get more commission and money from ads. 

Promoting affiliate products on Pinterest can be done in a couple of different ways. You can link directly to the affiliate product, a Youtube video or you can link to an article where you give a more in-depth explanation about the topic. I recommend not linking directly to the product because most of the time this doesn’t convert as much. Instead, you want to focus on linking to an article, landing page, or a Youtube video you might have about it. 

About affiliate marketing

Before diving straight into the topic, i want to first talk a bit about affiliate marketing for if there are any beginners here who don’t know of it. 

Affiliate marketing is a method in which companies give access to other people to promote their products. This can be a product from Amazon or even a service from a company online. 

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to pay anything to get started. As long as you find the right affiliate program that you can join, you can start promoting products from companies that need to find customers. 

Now, for each sale you make you will be earning a share of the profit called a commission. The commission can be from 1% to even 100% sometimes and it all depends on what kind of product you are promoting and from which company. 

There are many affiliate programs out there and there is a lot to choose from. Sometimes it can become quite difficult to choose a good product to promote. 

It is important that you do some research to see if the affiliate program you are trying to join is a good one or not before you start finding products to promote. 

Make sure that you also choose a niche that you like and is profitable. Do some research before starting with affiliate marketing in a specific niche to see if it is good. See what people think about the products in the niche and what the commissions are from Amazon, Clickbank, and other affiliate programs. 

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Why Pinterest

The main reason you want to be using Pinterest to promote affiliate products is because of the number of people that visit it monthly. Pinterest has over 320 million people every month who are searching for information and topics in different niches and that is very huge. The crazy thing is that it keeps increasing every month. 

How many people are on Pinterest every single month - over 250 million people on Pinterest

Just imagine the possibilities if you could get a share of all that traffic to your blog, affiliate link, Youtube channel, or landing page. It would help you increase your sales enormously. 

By having a Pinterest page in a niche and providing value to people who are looking for topics in your niche you will be getting a lot of traffic. Besides that, you will be building an audience that will keep on checking out your content and your pins. 

Now every time someone checks out your link you will get traffic to your affiliate links and you will be earning money for each sale you make. By creating good pins with SEO tactics, anytime someone searches for a phrase that you are trying to rank for, there is a high chance that your pin will show up. This means that you will be getting new visitors every month who will see your pins and click through if they are interested.

Pinterest is just like google but for visual content. Every time someone is interested in a topic and wants to find images about it they can easily go to Pinterest to find more about it. Pinterest is a great platform to promote affiliate products because you can actually show people a great image that triggers emotions. 

By having a great example of a product that gets attention, you can easily get a lot of people to your articles where you promote your affiliate products. You can also have a Youtube video explaining more and making those people more interested in buying what you are trying to promote. i will show you exactly how you can get started and promote affiliate products on Pinterest the best way possible.  

Does Pinterest allow affiliate links?

Starting off it is important to know if Pinterest allows affiliate links or not. A quick answer to this question is yes, Pinterest does allow affiliate links but you need to make sure that it does not violate their policy which you can read here

I myself don’t like to be reading every single guideline and to make stuff easier for me i make use of a blog. In my blog, i write articles about a topic in which i convert traffic into potential buyers by giving a good reason to buy a product. 

The only thing i then have to do is use Pinterest to drive traffic to my articles. This is also stronger than only sending visitors to the affiliate offers because they can get to learn more about what you are promoting before they buy it. 

Finding topics for your pins

By now you should have chosen a niche and have created an account on Pinterest to start creating your pins. I don’t want to go much into details of creating an account or choosing a niche, you can find more about that in other of my articles. 

I do highly recommend you choose a decent paying affiliate product to promote. You don’t want to be making sales and not earning enough because you chose a product/niche that has no potential and is not profitable enough. 

Make sure that the niche you choose has enough monthly searches and that there are affiliate programs which you can join to promote products or digital courses if needed. 

You can make use of Ubersuggest to see the amount of people who are searching for your niche every month. You want to choose a topic that is searched at least 10k a month or more. I recommend it should be higher but at its minimum you want it to be 10k searches a month in the United states. 

Create a board 

By now you should have your account ready and you should be able to start creating your boards. Boards are like categories in which you will be putting your pins on. 

You should think very carefully about which categories you want to have for your pins. You should research the different topics in your niche and create different boards of each of them. 

It is very important that the name of the board is a topic in your niche because it helps with SEO. This means that when someone is searching for that topic, there is a high chance for your board to show up. 

This will not only increase the number of people who find you but it will also increase the number of clicks you get on your pins. SEO is very important and you want to do it as well as possible to get people to find you. 

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog - Creating a board

You can go to create a pin and on the top right you will see the select where you can create a new board.

Create pins

When finishing your boards of categories in your niche you want to start creating pins. Pins are images that are specially made for Pinterest. These images are super long and have a different dimension than many other normal images. That is why we will be using one of my top used websites to create images for my website and other purposes. 

We will be using and here you will be looking for a template that is called a Pinterest pin. The dimension of a pin is going to be 1000 x 1500 px and this is why you will be using canva because it already has a lot of templates that you can use for your pins. 

Affiliate marketing with Pinterest - Pinterest graphic

You don’t have to use Photoshop or any special software to create your amazing pins. By just selecting Pinterest pins on you will see a lot of presets that you can use for your own amazing image pins. 

 Now, there are a couple of important things that you want to consider when trying to promote affiliate products on Pinterest. You want people to click through to your links and that is why you need to give a bit of information on your pins or use an image that sparks interest with some text on it. 

This is something you will have to try a lot to see what works and whatnot. I myself can’t teach you exactly how you should do it but you need to test a lot of images yourself, every niche is different and people like different things. You need to be testing images promoting the same article or the same affiliate product and you want to check which ones perform the best. 

Pinterest Analytics - promote affiliate products on pinterest

The best way you can see how your pins are performing is by making your account a business account. This will give you access to the analytics where you can find all the information about your pins and which ones are performing the best. 

Canva - Pinterest templates - promote affiliate products on pinterest

I highly recommend you create around 5 pin images a day when trying to promote affiliate products on Pinterest. There is no way you will get a lot of traffic if you only create one image for each article or each product. 

There are tons of other people using this method and the only way you can get ahead of them is by working more than them and smarter by applying better SEO tactics than they are. 

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is really important when trying to rank on search engines. Search engines are websites where you can search something based on a keyword, this can be Google, Youtube, Pinterest and Bing. 

Understanding what SEO is, is really important for when you are trying to create content for search engines. Because Pinterest is a search engine where people look for pins, you also need to understand what it is and how you can make use of it. 

SEO is a method that is used to show higher on search engines. By using keywords or phrases that people are looking for in your content, you can easily rank higher than other people. This is what SEO is and you should focus on one to three keywords when trying to rank higher on Pinterest. 

Making use of SEO to optimize your pins is one of your top priorities when trying to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest because you want as many people…


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