How To Build Authority Affiliate Marketing Website 2020

Good niche site ideas are crucial for your success.

After all, everything starts with an idea.

And if you are hoping to build an online business, you first need to start with some niche site ideas.  So, what I’ve created below is what I hope to be the most useful list of niche site ideas.  

If you are new to building niche websites (or even if you are more experienced), you are probably interested in seeing some specific examples of successful niche websites – even if it’s just to get some proof that you can still make a living online. 

What I’ve done is break down the niche site ideas as both authority site ideas (broader niche ideas) and smaller niche ideas (sometimes called micro niche sites).  So, a broad niche idea example would be camping.  You could build a massive site on the subject of camping that could cover thousands of articles.

Or if you narrow camping down to a much smaller sub-niche idea. We might consider starting a site that only covers hiking trails in Arizona or Tents.  

Sometimes, the advantage of building a more targeted micro niche site is that you can cover a topic much more in-depth and send lots of authority signals to Google that you should be ranking well for the terms.

So, if all you write about is tents, you will likely have more topical authority for that particular subject than if you were writing more broadly just about general “camping” topics.

Below you will find tons of broad niche ideas, but then I’ll break these wider niches into sub-niches that you can also build a website on.

I will also provide lots of real life successful niche site examples.  These niche site examples will allow you to get an idea of whether the niche is worth pursuing or not.

Overall, I hope this articles help you brainstorm lots of niche ideas to get your business off the ground!

Niche Site Ideas

The list below of niche website ideas is quite extensive.  So, feel free to look through until you see a niche idea that you are interested in.  I’ve really done my best to only include evergreen niche ideas.

These are profitable niche ideas that have plenty of opportunity for hard working bloggers and content creators. Just because a topic isn’t on here doesn’t mean it isn’t a good niche. But these are some of the best out there right now!

They cover a wide array of different categories, as well, so you should have no trouble finding something you can enjoy!

Arts & Crafts Niche Site Ideas

There are an amazing array of arts and crafts out there. This is a category of niches that has everything you want: passionate individuals, tons of products, and topics that are blog, social media, and YouTube friendly. 

Beading & Jewelry Making

Beading is one of the first hobbies many lifelong hobbyists start with. Created beaded trinkets and jewelry is a hobby that can easily become a lifetime practice.

This is a great niche. A simple crafting practice that is wildly popular with hobbyists of all ages, can be done anywhere, and can lead to a side hustle. In other words, there’s nothing not to like about the opportunities in this niche. 

  • Target Audience: Hobbyists or artistic individuals looking for a low pressure side hustle or hobby-related income stream.
  • Potential Challenges: If you’re going the pure Amazon affiliate route there are many products, but many are going to be low cost/low commission unless you go specialty. 
  • Special Opportunities: Aside from being very video & social media friendly, you can sell materials as an affiliate, create video courses, build a YouTube channel, and even sell your own products, creating multiple income streams.

Cross Stitching & Knitting

An incredibly popular hobby that has really grown the past two decades, there’s a lot here to love as a niche blogging idea.

If you’re going to dive into the cross stitching and knitting niche with a new niche site, you need actual experience. There’s enough “in language” that you need to be able to speak in knitting and cross-stitching terms.

  • Target Audience: Mostly females, but wide age range.
  • Potential Challenges: Really is a niche where first hand knowledge will trump even the deepest online research.
  • Special Opportunities: Creative designs have potential to explode on Pinterest & Instagram.

Craft Organization and Storage

Even before the lockdown crafts have been exploding in popularity. That can take up a lot of space. Something many of us don’t have.

Look at all the dozens of terms exploding on Google trends revolving around organization and smart space use from Marie Kondo to tiny homes.

Add in the explosion of new hobbyists with limited space and this is an evergreen niche that will be able to keep on giving. 

  • Target Audience: Crafters, hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts.
  • Potential Challenges: While display ads make sense, finding the next level of monetization will take some creativity.
  • Special Opportunities: DIY blog posts and YouTube videos on building shelves, gaming cabinets, book shelves, or other projects could find big audiences across multiple niches. Lots of opportunity here!


Scrapbooking is a search engine term that doesn’t see huge surges of demand, but it’s been a high traffic term since the 1990’s. This is an evergreen niche site idea that appeals to a lot of people and has remarkable staying power.

  • Target Audience: Families with children, people interested in genealogy, and a wide already-existing scrapbooking community.
  • Potential Challenges: There aren’t a lot of high cost or high ticket items in this hobby so you need massive traffic to make up the difference.
  • Special Opportunities: This is a niche unusually open to creativity and is ripe for new ideas, designs, or takes on a traditional hobby.


Go from crochet needles and yarn to sewing machines and thread. Otherwise just about everything that applies to the cross stitching niche applies here.

  • Target Audience: Generally women (mothers) though there is a small but devoted DIY community also re-learning useful “old school” skills like sewing.
  • Potential Challenges: If you’re new to this niche, there’s a lot to learn and that can be intimidating.
  • Special Opportunities: $175 for a beginner sewing machine is a very reasonable price. Good starting point for affiliate commissions.

Beauty Niche Site Ideas

Beauty is a self-care niche that is always going to have opportunities. Who doesn’t like looking their best? 

This involves a wide array of different products and treatments, making it a potentially lucrative niche site category.

Hair Care

There are all kinds of directions to go in this niche. Coloring, styling, hair health, maintaining popular styles, home hair care tools – there’s no shortage of options here!

Don’t forget hair care includes beards and moustaches, as well!

  • Target Audience: Very large mainstream audience who cares about their appearance.
  • Potential Challenges: Driving traffic will be crucial as high end purchases are rare and advanced monetization methods limited.
  • Special Opportunities: Very product heavy niche with room to grow a video channel for knowledgeable practitioners.


Makeup isn’t easy. The sheer numbers of searches asking for tips, tutorials, or advice for every type of makeup imaginable is stunning.

For someone who spends a lot of time with makeup and knows their stuff, this is an incredibly potentially profitable niche that has no lack of blog post topics.

That’s even before you get creative.

  • Target Audience: Female audience in general, many other groups focused on specialized makeup.
  • Potential Challenges: Even with a lot of opportunity, there’s a lot of competition in this niche, too.
  • Special Opportunities: Can you create your own brand for Amazon FBA purposes? Have experience in any type of specialty makeup to create an info or video product? There’s tons of space for some creative monetization options here.


There’s a surprising amount you can do with nails. You can recommend a wide array of nail care products.

If you want to focus on aesthetics there’s acrylic nails, nail polish, nail brushes, and other cosmetic tools. 

There aren’t many beauty niches that still have plenty of room, but nails is one that has potential.

  • Target Audience: Generally females, but you’d be surprised how many men can’t find good toe nail clippers.
  • Potential Challenges: Not a lot of expensive items to affiliate, is a niche you need to be really passionate about to write enough content.
  • Special Opportunities: YouTube tutorials of cool, unique, and beautiful nail designs could gain a massive following if done correctly.

Skin Care

Having nice skin is harder than it looks. Whether it’s moisturizing lotion, healing balms with aloe vera, or protecting yourself from UV rays and skin cancer, good skin care is important.

This is also a beauty/health niche that still has plenty of room for a good site to carve out a place.

  • Target Audience: Surprisingly large number of the general public.
  • Potential Challenges: There are a LOT of sub-niches in skin care you’ll need to cover to build an authoritative site on this topic. Be careful not to focus to much on YMYL topics like skin cancer or you’ll be fighting to move up Google’s rankings.
  • Special Opportunities: Organic, homemade, and traditional remedies are as interesting for many as modern products and give you extra keywords to explore.

Computer Niche Site Ideas

Computers aren’t going anywhere. If you have a massive amount of tech knowledge, why not use that by building a profitable niche site while helping millions looking for answers that you can provide?

This can be a super competitive field, and you need to be able to offer knowledge in a very specific area. 

Laptops & Tablets

While some of us still enjoy having the desktop setup at a home office, there’s no question the general trend is definitely moving to laptops and tablets. Mobile, increasingly powerful, and helpful, there is a high demand for both of these types of computers.

While a very competitive niche, when you drill down into the keywords there are plenty of opportunities to focus on longtail keywords and hyper-focused laptop topics or types.

  • Target Audience: Just about everyone under the age of 40, and many above.
  • Potential Challenges: Affiliate programs for computers often feature a dismal 1% or 2% commission rate.
  • Special Opportunities: Look for highly defined sub-niches like laptop gamers, home office laptops, or tablets for video editing.

PC Gaming Equipment

Gaming is not only one of (if not the) most popular forms of recreation out there, but also a very big business now. The number of millionaires whose job is “gamer on YouTube” is way higher than you would expect. 

There are specialty headsets, recording equipment, software, laptops, computer mouses, and more just for gamers.

This means plenty of opportunity because serious gamers read reviews.

  • Target Audience: Gamers (over 164 million in the United States alone!)
  • Potential Challenges: Limited affiliate options. Focus needs to be on gaming equipment versus games and consoles.
  • Special Opportunities: The audience is huge for reviews, blogs, and videos. Get an audience and game companies will offer many early access opportunities, or even pay you to play their games.

Printers & Scanners

An often overlooked section of computing equipment, this is a great potential niche to shoulder your way into.

  • Target Audience: Writers, home office workers, anyone who prefers a hard copy to PDF or JPEG.
  • Potential Challenges: Generally low affiliate rates on most printers & scanners.
  • Special Opportunities: Less competitive than many electronics or computer topics.

Video Recording Equipment

Video recording equipment is always in high demand.

  • Target Audience: YouTubers, small businesses, Twitch & YouTube streamers.
  • Potential Challenges: Need to be able to explain highly technical details in simple language.
  • Special Opportunities: The explosion of YouTube, Twitch, and online video means there will only be even more customers in the future.

Health Niche…


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