How To Start Affiliate Marketing In The Right Way step by step In 2020

1. Social Media Channels

This option has the most choices for affiliate marketers looking to make money online without a website or blog. Social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Vine Camera,, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Meetup, Classmates and many more.

Several of these platforms allow you to place your own affiliate links on your posts, comments, and profiles. The key to this option is to know the rules of marketing of each platform, by reading the guidelines and policies on each, then following them to avoid ticking off the other users and worse yet getting outright banned from the platforms. Remember that you don’t own your social media accounts, you’re simply a visitor.

The key to social media marketing success is posting compelling, interesting or valuable content. If you do this, your audience will be eagerly anticipating more from you. It’s OK to sell on some of these channels but focus on being contributor first and adding value to the community before asking for anything in return. And that’s where to hard work comes in.

Only the best contributors make the big affiliate marketing bucks when it comes to social media channels.

2. Email Marketing

You don’t need a website to sell products and services via email. Although having one does make it easier to collect subscribers to your list.

Regardless, if you have a list of customers, prospects and fans you can pre-sell and send them to a third party affiliate partner landing page that closes the deal for you.

If done right, email marketing will provide you with the highest return on your investment. In fact, effective email marketing should bring you $1 per month for each active subscriber on your list. Especially if you offer a ton of value up-front first, and ask for your subscribers to buy second.

The key to email marketing is the provide a valuable lead magnet that they will gladly exchange their email address for.

3. Create A Video Channel On Sites Such As YouTube

Making your own videos is simple today and if you can create instruction videos, tutorials, lessons and/or entertainment that your target audience would find valuable they will find you.

YouTube is the best platform to start with since it gets the most attention and traffic. Share videos that are relevant to the products and services you are promoting. You can then post your affiliate links on these platforms underneath your videos.

It’s important to note that, depending upon your market, you’ll likely find a lot of competitors that are trying to accomplish the same thing. That’s OK, you don’t have to be a video superstar with millions of views to make money with affiliate marketing on sites like YouTube.

Just focus on creating or sharing videos that provide actionable tips and content on your topic that are interesting, helpful and on point.

4. Revenue Sharing Social Networks

Revenue sharing social networks allow you to make money by sharing content, socializing, writing reviews, and posting videos and photos.

The revenue sharing content model started with sites like HubPages, but have grown beyond just text-based-content since then to include Daily TwoCents, Techulator, Infobarrel, Tsu, GetGems, BonzoMe, Bubblews,
RedGage Pond5, Byte and Persona Paper. These platforms are looking for new eyeballs on your site, so are happy to part with some money to get them.

This model is not without controversy since many content contributors complain about constantly changing payment models, payments lower than expected and problems with late payments.

The key is to do your due diligence and read reviews and opinions from actual users then track your results.

5. Promoting Affiliate Products Directly Via Paid Advertisements

Some Pay-Per-Click ad platforms allow you to create advertisements that land directly on affiliate marketing website offers.

The PPC landscape changes so often that I will not post which platforms offer this service since it may not be up to date when you read this.

While on the surface this income model sounds like the easiest way to make money online with the least amount of effort, that’s not necessarily true. The PPC game is extremely competitive and requires near constant testing, tracking and tweaking to make it profitable. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, this is the fastest way to bankrupt your online business.

But if you can find a winning combination of conversions and income vs expense you can make a lot of money using this method.

6. Blog Comments And Forums

This old-school method can still work but with all of the other options available is tough road to online success.

It involves simply posting comments and feedback on third-party blogs and forums and using your affiliate link in your signature. It’s far from effective and not a very good option today.

Especially because most website owners will quickly identify and delete any third party affiliate links since they can cut into their own income.

I don’t recommend you spend any time on this outdated technique.

7. Create Your Own Information Product And Promote From Other Platforms

Creating a simple ebook that offers valuable information on a topic is still a great way to make money online.

The best part of this online model, that will allow you to make money without a website, is the incredibly low overhead involved. Once the ebook is complete you can duplicate and sell it again and again without limitation. There are no printing, storage, fulfillment or delivery costs involved since the product is delivered digitally.

The key to success selling ebooks online is to choose a hot topic that people are eager to learn more about then create compelling original content that sets you apart.
You can embed your own affiliate links into the ebook and even use it to start building you own list on your topic.

There are several platforms that can help you create your ebook including Sqribble.

You can sell your ebook on platforms such as Clickbank and eBay or offer it as a gift or bonus on social media platforms or topic-related third-party sites.

If you’re lucky, and the information is very good, it could go ‘viral’ and find its way all over the web in a relatively short amount of time.

8. Write Reviews Or Snippets On Classifieds Websites

Classifieds websites allow you to sell virtually anything online. The most well known is Craigslist. But there’s also Yakaz, eBay Classifieds, StumbleHere, Loot, Geebo, Recycler, Oodle and Backpage to name a few.

Consider writing short information snippets and reviews for affiliate products and posting them with your affiliate link. But like everything else, make sure you know the rules in advance to avoid getting banned from these sites.

This isn’t the most effective ways of making money without a website, but it can work. If you’re on a bootstrapping budget, you can certainly give this a try.

The key is using as many as sites as possible to test and track where your conversions are coming from. But try not to spam these sites.

9. Retargeting

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, allows you to keep your offers in front of ‘bounced’ traffic after they leave a particular website.

This is a very effective strategy since 97% of people who visit a website for the first time, leave without making a purchase.

Most retargeting strategies involve having a website. Retargeting without a website is a little more complicated – but it can be done.

If you want to explore this option, I recommend finding a course on this topic.


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