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CPA verse, CPS affiliate marketing what is the difference and which is the fastest method of getting to two hundred and fifty dollars a day in affiliate commissions from scratch before begin. If you’re trying to build a passive income online business from the comfort of your living room sofa, this blog is for you. Let’s shuffled in I’ll show you exactly what you need to know about CPA, verse, CPS, affiliate marketing.


What you’re looking at right here is actually a hybrid affiliate marketing offer. So this particular affiliate network actually lets you select between getting a CPA, which is basically how much you get paid, guaranteed per sale or a commission percentage split. That’s the CPS for this particular offer. It’s like a wart removal offer. It allows you to the option. Is either to get a 50 percent payout on all sales or you can get a $ 35 CPA. So what I found with these types of offers is it actually depends which what type of offer you’re selling that matters?


Let me just run some math here, and hopefully, this will help you just to understand what I’m talking about. Now it’s going to another route here, a lot of people, think of CPA as these types of things where you get paid per lead – and these are great – this is a great way to make money. We’ll talk about this a second but right now I want to focus on these types of commissions here. So let’s say you have the option of you got your one bottle your three bottles and your six-bottle. So one bottle pays out right here at four: it’s a $ 59 bottle so say $ 59. That would be for 50 %. Commission’s would be, let’s just around make it simple $ 25, a sale, that’s roughly what it is.


Second, one is a package for three. So that’s a $ 99 total that gets you $ 50, a sale IV, rounded out to 50 % Commission. I don’t know why I’m putting a dollar sign over there. All right number six gives you one hundred and fifty dollars in sales. Let me just fix this because I did it right wrong $ 150, all right, so that happens on that behalf of yours. So it’s 75 bucks off sale all right so, depending on the offer – and I found this out to be true with these types of things – sometimes it’s more profitable to go with the commission percentage, and sometimes it’s more pop profitable to go for the CPA. So the CPA at 35 bucks would be worth it if, for example, ninety percent of people pick the first single bottle, because that means instead of getting twenty-five dollar sale, you’d be getting an average of thirty-five. So you get ten more dollars. So in this situation, this is basically when this is a situation where most people buy number one.


It usually means it’s a market, that’s not as hot the buyers aren’t as hot or rabid, in other words, there’s not an embarrassing problem or there’s a lot of competition or anything like that. So people are kind of skeptical and they’re like you know, I’ll just buy the one bottle. Let’s see how that works, so I’ve actually found it in other markets. With this model, some markets actually go for the six pay right off the bat, so you’ll, 90 % of your Commission’s – will literally be this $ 75 sale. So this depends on many factors like I said, the style of the market, and your ability to pitch the customer or your viewer on getting the upgrade rather than just getting one. So you can say things like yeah. This is one of the top products in the market.


We recommend that you buy the six-pack because if you do they give you two bottles for free. So do you want to be able? You want to be on the spare side just to make sure that you have enough left over? If something of that nature is, why is it one way to pick it so when 90 % of people are picking the $ 75 offer, it makes sense to go with the CPS rather than the CPA, because if you were to go CPA, you’d still only get Paid 35 bucks of sale all right so, but from my experience to get the $ 250 a day is really easy, especially when you’re getting you to know an average 250. You know you pop a 50 every once in a while. You get three of those a day, so three times 75 would be three sales with $ 75 is really easy. It’s not hard at all, so three times 75. That puts you at what’s that, like 225 plus the 50 you’re plus 250, that puts you at like 275 you’ve already passed the $ 300 a day threshold. It’s pretty easy!


So that’s one example: now a lot of people think of CPA differently. So this is, there is a different way to look at it. It’s still kind of the same thing if you think about it, but not quite so, a lot of the common thought of CPA is how much paid per email submit and zip submit. So let me just pick one of these out of here. We got a what’s that wall, it’s at! It’s, not that cool. It’s cool is something really simple kind of clear cut. Here we got an Amazon gift card, a dollar sixty Max bounty, so max bounties, a reputable affiliate network. Basically, all you need to do is get the person to fill out their name and email addresses. So let me confirm that converts on single opt-in and three pages usually one three hundred dollars, alright, so literally every time you get something to fill out this form, it’s like it might be like two or three questions. If that might just be it’s probably just the name and email you get paid a dollar sixty, so that’s kind of more the traditional CPA that people are thinking out.


These types of offers are better for recuperating paid advertising costs, especially if you’re dealing with solo ads. So, for example, what you can do is one style. I’ve done this in the past. It’s pretty successful. Let’s say you have your squeeze page here, you’re sending solo ad traffic or any kind of pay-per-click traffic, so labs are basically just an email blast in someone else’s list, some guys charge like $ 150 for 30 clicks some charge a little less. That’s basically, 300 dollars. 300 or to your site alright, so if you have a 50 % conversion rate, which is pretty typical, we need a little bit higher 50 to 60 % to compete in solo ads. So that’ll get you roughly 150 people to opt into your program, alright, so whatever that is so this is the sales page. But after that, on the Thank You page, this is basically when they enter their emails, you’re gonna load up the Thank You page with these CPA offers. So let’s say they go to the Thank You page.


You get the free bead, the states of the article, an e-Book or something like that underneath that you’re gonna start plugging these CPA offers, so that means that and the reason why is because it’s getting easier to get people to take action on just like an email, opt-in form rather than buy so for the people that don’t buy here. Let’s just say, 3 people, buy here. You still have like a hundred. Let’s say: 3 out of 150 go through the funnel here, 3 end up buying, which is not that unreal. So $ 25 product you know whatever. That is, let’s say your zone. This is 75 bucks which, what is it’s not unreasonable, $ 75. It gets you about 225, so you’re running at a profit. Realistically, it’s probably two, so you probably breaking even on the front here – and this is a Simona coup and here with the CPA, the dollar fit these submit.


Here you can, you can plug a couple of these and start pulling in some profit from that. So that’s! That’s the best way to run those CPA’s. In my opinion, some people send right to the opt-in page for the CPA offer. So you can mail. You could technically mail directly to these offers, but these are best suited to be a side income. In my opinion, all right, so this is socially like cheaper traffic of solo ads alright. So that said, that’s my thoughts on pulling in profit like that with CPA and versus CPS. If you want to learn how to do this, you can approach it two ways either with my tube tycoon system. That’s too tycoon calm or I have a free guide available and you can get that at deadbeat University, dot-com, slash, guide art, so this for you gotta walk. You are step-by-step on how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch. Assuming you have no prior technical experience. So I’m sure you how to work with the networks like Amazon, affiliate marketing.


This is a CPS network and if you want to do CPA, that’s what we’re really dead-set on just going to our vault or some of these other health networks that payout, like here’s, one pays out. I saw these words like just four hundred dollars: CPA somewhere. It was like a Bitcoin offer. One CPA lead was right here, 400 bucks. So that’s crazy! Now, I’m not really! You know the Bitcoin is what you think I don’t you know they could do with it as you, please, all right. So that guide, you can start with that.


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