The 5 biggest affiliate marketing “secrets” are finally revealed but… How to become super Affiliate in 2020

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You’ve never earned a single dollar in affiliate marketing commissions

You’re struggling to make your first sale.

The experts, on the other hand, are banking huge commissions and enjoying fat paychecks every month.

Do you know why?

Because they have “secrets” they’re not sharing with you.


Don’t just take my word on this, see what many NicheHacks Mastermind members are saying.

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Your failure has nothing to do with you not taking action, not making enough mistakes and learning from them, not building an email list, not producing awesome content etc.


It’s all because of you not knowing the “secrets” that the gurus know.

Even Matthew Woodward, a six-figure affiliate marketer, couldn’t convince people otherwise.

So I’ve finally decided to give up, lay down my arms, and reveal the “secrets” Stuart, Matthew Woodward, and so many other successful affiliate marketers use to execute 5-figure product promotions on JVZoo and ClickBank, milk Amazon Associates for fun, and bank more money in commissions than you could ever make.

Stuart might fire me for revealing this but I owe this to the community because I want you to be rich and finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

So hang on tight and keep reading…

The Affiliate Marketing “Secrets” Revealed In This Post:

  • What the best affiliate marketers know that you don’t (this might surprise you)
  • How to differentiate yourself in the sea of mediocre affiliate sites (and blindly copying the affiliate sites you see online won’t work).
  • How to be an actual affiliate marketer (not a slimy car salesman-esque person like most affiliates).
  • The secret to repeat affiliate sales, over and over and over again, for years if not life (without ever “selling”).

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Before I Uncover The Secrets: Here’s 6 Things Successful Affiliates Avoid Like The Plague

Now that we’re openly discussing secrets, let me first tell you the things that all successful affiliate marketers avoid like the plague.

Newbies think these tactics work faster than the boring “give value, build a tribe” kind of advice.

But, in reality, doing any of these things will only set your affiliate site up for failure.

  • Killing Your Credibility With Overly Promotional Reviews

Everything in this world has pros and cons.

Nothing’s perfect; not even the product you’re promoting.

But when you sing non-stop praises of a product, instead of objectively reviewing its benefits and drawbacks, you come across as a cheap salesman desperate to make a commission.

By doing so, you not only lose credibility but also kill your chances of making a sale.

Because remember, people buy from people they trust.

  • Inviting a Google Penalty by Using Copied and Spun Content

If you think you can copy the content from a product’s sales page, spin it, make a few edits, and use it on your review site without anyone knowing it, you’re in for a surprise.

Google is smarter than ever before and it will catch you sooner or later.

But even if it doesn’t (just saying), have you ever read a spun article that made sense and was convincing enough to convert a cold lead into a customer?

Don’t waste your time and resources with these cheap and outdated tactics.

  • Promoting Every Product Under the Sun

When you target everyone, you end up serving no one.

You can’t promote hair dryers, welding machines, and weight loss supplements on the same website unless you’re BestReviews or Wirecutter.

These multi-million dollar sites are only able to cover so many unrelated products because they’re owned by huge media groups with million dollar budgets for content creation and advertising.

You don’t have any of that.

This is why for you the only way to succeed is to niche down, focus on a closely related set of needs, and promote products that fulfill those needs. This is how you brand yourself as a niche expert and this is how you build trust.

  • Slapping Banner Ads All Over Your Site

People hate banner ads. In fact, a study by Nielson shows most people don’t even notice banner ads anymore.

But newbies think filling your site up with banner ads somehow increases your chances of making sales.

It doesn’t work that way anymore.

  • Relying Solely on Google Search Traffic

Google is a huge traffic source for affiliate sites but it should never be your only source.

Otherwise, you’re just one algorithm update away from losing all your traffic and earnings.

Most newbies don’t understand this point until disaster strikes.

The experts, however, diversify their traffic sources so even if Google wipes them off it’s search index they’d still remain in business.

  • Creating an Amazon Specific Affiliate Site

Amazon Associates is the world’s biggest affiliate program with the most diverse product range anywhere on the web.

But it’s still just one affiliate platform, like many others, that you can use to monetize your site.

The mistake that newbies make, and the experts don’t, is creating a website based entirely around Amazon products.

Why is this mistake?

I’ve shared several reasons in this post. (Hint: not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket)

With this mandatory part out of the way, let’s move on to the real secret of selling affiliate products below…

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The “Secret” Strategy Affiliate Marketing Experts Use To Make Millions

I’d be lying if I say that successful affiliate marketers don’t know more than you; they do

But the things that you call “secrets” are not secrets at all.

The top marketers simply have knowledge of fundamental marketing techniques, hard-won experience and lessons learned from the countless mistakes they’ve made over the years.

There are no loopholes or hacks that can help you game the system.

There are however tried and tested strategies that are based on reliable frameworks.

They work 100% every time.

But you still have to execute them.

No genie or magic wand will do it for you.

So if you’re ready to do some hard work, here are 5 proven tips that will help you drive affiliate sales every time.

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Before you start creating content, choosing products, or even setting up your website, you need to ask yourself some key questions about your target audience.

  • What are their needs, problems, and challenges?
  • What are their aspirations and dreams?
  • What are their fears and doubts?
  • What is it about their lives that they want to change?
  • What are the products that can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals?
  • Why would they buy that product from me?

The expert marketers that you dream to emulate one day, spend hours upon hours understanding the real needs and wants of their target audience.

They don’t just create content out of instinct or gut feeling.

They research and find the problems that people are so desperate to solve that they’d spend any amount of money for it.

And once they understand the core needs of their audience and their reasons for buying a product, they create content that addresses those needs and focuses on the benefits of the products instead of promoting their features only.

Examples of Understanding The Needs Of Your Audience & Selling Solutions/Benefits

  • They don’t promote mattresses, they sell a good night’s sleep, an active workday, a high performing career, an enjoyable time with family. Again, not just a mattress.
  • They don’t sell weight-loss eBooks, they make their prospects dream of a perfect body.
  • They don’t promote matchmaking services, they make you imagine a life full of love, comfort, and cherished memories.
  • They don’t sell website hosting services, they promote better user experience and higher sales

Because people buy benefits, end results, solutions, escapism, and, convenience among other things (i.e. what they believe the product will do for them and their life), but they never buy “features”.

Take this article in the screenshot below, from a blog in the “ethical spending and environment-friendly products” niche, as an example…


This article promotes several brands and ethical apparel products. But both the title and the content of the post-stay focused on the benefits of the products and the needs of their target audience instead of promoting product features.

Here’s an even better example of how to write a product review while focusing on the customers’ needs and the benefits of the product you’re promoting, in this screenshot below from a pain blog…

Source: PainDoctor

Again, the content of this article focuses on the needs of the buyer and connects it with the features of the product it is promoting, not the other way around.

You can only create such content when you’re actually aware of your buyers’ needs and their decision-making process.

Expert affiliate marketers never make this mistake, but newbies often do.

This explains why most newbies write boring and ineffective product reviews that fail to engage their prospects – they have no insights on their target audience.

They fail to identify the real needs of their prospects and the reasons that motivate their average buyer to purchase a product. As a result, their content lacks depth and offers no actionable insights.

But you can avoid that fate.

Because I’ve recently written a super detailed post that’ll help you research the hell out of your audience and find their pain points.

Make sure you read it…

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People can buy whatever they need directly from Amazon, eBay, Walmart Target, or any other retailer.

Why do they buy from middlemen (affiliates) like you?

You need to understand this to fully appreciate the importance of your role in the affiliate marketing cycle.

As an affiliate marketer, you play the role of a bridge between the customer and the supplier.

Though that doesn’t simply mean you can just dump yourself down in the middle between a Google searcher and Amazon and hope to skim off a click via your affiliate link and net an easy commission for no work.

You can’t simply regurgitate product features, specifications, pros and cons, and other basic benefits that can be found already on Amazon.

No, you must learn how to give added value to the consumers so that they have good reason to go through your website instead of the direct source.

Here are some ways you can give value as a middle-man / affiliate:

  • By solving the problems of your visitors and connecting them with the best product for their situation over just hard pitching products at them.
  • By providing information or value that the end retailer like Amazon isn’t providing or making clear.
  • By offering bonuses on top of the product that compliments or extends the purchase.
  • By showing ways to use or benefits of the product that aren’t obvious.
  • By helping users find the best price or discount that they wouldn’t get by going directly to the end retailer.
  • By answering all their questions and objections around the product that are holding them back from purchasing.
  • By clearly showing how the pain, problem, discomfort, or inconvenience they are experiencing will be removed when they own the product.

Spend a couple of minutes studying this infographic as it explains affiliate marketing perfectly…

Source: PepperJam

You see…

You’re not stealing money from someone else by making a commission.

You’re an influencer that a certain group…


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